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AJApr11 08

AJApr11 08



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Published by ASIAN JOURNAL
Asian Journal April 11, 2008 print edition. San Diego weekly serving the Filipino American community of Southern California and beyond. Contact us at asianjournal@aol.com or visit our website at www.asianjournalusa.com.
Asian Journal April 11, 2008 print edition. San Diego weekly serving the Filipino American community of Southern California and beyond. Contact us at asianjournal@aol.com or visit our website at www.asianjournalusa.com.

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Apr 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution No Derivatives


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Oakwood mutineers plead guilty
GMA KAPUSO Network and its stars led the honoreesat the 1st Annual Filipino-American Visionary Awardsheld Friday, March 7, 2008at the prestigious and worldfamous Kodak Theater, homeof Hollywood’s biggest event.The grand star-studdedgala event akin to the Os-cars® and the Latin Almawas produced by NuVisionWorldwide Media, a newly-launched multi-entertainmentcompany involved in interna-
 Priscilla Meirelles (left), 2004 Miss Earth winner from Brazil and aresident of the Philippines, holds a copy of Playboy Philippine edition,together with Filipino ‘playmates’ and a ‘bunny’ during the magazine’slaunch recently. Bishops slammed the publication. Photo by AP 
The military has taken theinitiative to include the remotePag-asa island in the disputedSpratly group of islands in theSouth China Sea among thecountry’s top tourist destina-tions this summer.Armed Forces of the Phil-ippines (AFP) chief Gen. Her-mogenes Esperon Jr. said themilitary is planning to bringlocal tourists to the island,located some 285 nauticalmiles off Puerto Princesa Cityin Palawan, and promote theisland as a summer getaway.Esperon said a Navy shipwould regularly bring visitors
 PhilStar, 04/08/08
Human trafcking chargeshave been led against three
Filipinos in Los Angeles,California for illegally bring-ing job seekers from the Phil-ippines into the United States,a report on abs-cbnnews.comsaid yesterday.Rodolfo Demafeliz, 39; hisassistant, Rolleta Riazon, 28,and Evelyn Pelayo, 51, arenow facing prosecution beforethe US District Court in LosAngeles after criminal com-
 plaints were led against them
 by federal agents.The report of the US Immi-
 By Michael Punongbayan Philstar, April 3, 2008
 Nine of the 31 military
ofcers accused of taking part
in the failed 2003 Oakwoodmutiny pleaded guilty to thecrime of coup d’etat yester-day.As the hearing was aboutto end, lawyer Roberto SanJose manifested to the MakatiRegional Trial Court branch148 that his clients have de-cided to change their plea toguilty.
The nine military ofcers
are Captains Alvin Ebreo,Gerardo Gambala, MiloMaestrecampo, John Andres,Albert Baloloy and LawrenceSomera; Lt. Christopher Bryan Yasay, and 1st Lieuten-ants Cleo Dunggahas and
 By Edu Punay, PhilStar 
Stick to your promise.Archbishop Ricardo Car-dinal Vidal offered this adviceto his close friend, deposedPresident Joseph Estrada, ashe discouraged the pardonedleader from seeking the presi-dency anew in 2010.Vidal admitted he was sur- prised by the reported
GMA network andstars win big at theVisionary Awards
The triumvirate of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon (shown withtheir partners) was given the Legend Award for Television Hosting.
Spratlys: Thenext summergetaway
 By James Mananghaya PhilStar, 04/05/08
 Vidal to Erap: Keep yourpromise to stay out of politics
Three Filipinos sued for
human trafcking in US
gration and Customs Enforce-ment said Pelayo entices jobhunters in the Philippines towork in her two elderly carefacilities in Long Beach, Cali-fornia.However, upon their ar-rival in the US, the victims arethen forced to work nearly 24hours a day to pay for their travel expenses.“The charges allege thatthese victims were forced intodebt bondage under threat of arrest or deportation, so the
defendants could prot. TheHuman Trafcking Task Force
tional as well as mainstream
music, lms, soundtracks,
videos, live events, concerts, promotions, sales and market-ing.This year’s Visionaryawards night was envisionedto give new vision and ap- preciation of Filipinos to theworld, particularly in theentertainment industry.“We want to make a differ-ence in this industry and byawarding those who have
by Conrad RelojSan Diego Asian Journal Senior Writer 
The outstanding service of LU’S Japanese Car Special-ist, an auto repair shop in SanMarcos, has been a well-keptsecret for the past 20 years.However, it is lately com-ing to light as evident by thecustomers’ letters as well asawards and recognitions therepair shop has received thatare now proudly displayed in
its ofce. One testimonial
Mr. Lu in front of his Auto Repair Shop at 755 San Marcos Blvd. in SanMarcos, CA
Lu’s Japanese Car Specialists receives
compliments from satised patrons
 Joseph Estrada
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Cadets of Class Baghawi throw their caps during the PhilippineMilitary Academy graduation rites at Fort del Pilar in Baguio Cityrecently. Photo by ERNIE PEÑAREDONDO
April 11 - 17, 2008
Riz A. OadesBill LabestreEntertainment
Common Sense
 Ramiele says goodbyeto American Idol 
Villa Manila:
 A Success Story of Perseveranceand Filipino Pride
 A Karetela in front of the Aristocrat Restaurant in Manila.
During that particular morning, another type of customers was busy eating at therestaurant:
like them. One could see entire clans, about twelve totwenty people seated in a long table. At one end would be the grandparents, theaunts and uncles, the children and the driver of the jeepneys used to pick up thenew arrivals. At the other end would be the family of the
, identiable
 by their American accent, and the
herself, the one picking up the taband telling everyone to order all the food that they want to eat.
See story on page 5
 Philippine Visit 2004 
Breakfast at Aristocrat’s
Page 2 April 11 - 17, 2008 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
240 Woodlawn Avenue, Suite 3, Chula Vista, CA 91910
We can help you on complicated individual tax preparation 
 For free consultation:
Bus. Tel: (619) 420-5823Cel: (619) 913-2027
Rental IncomeSmall BusinessSales of ResidenceCapital Gain on Stocks/InvestmentsPension AnnuitiesEducational CreditsIRS NoticeIndividual 1040 for Short and Long Form
Business Administration in Real EstateMaster of Science in TaxationNational University, San Diego, CaliforniaFilipino-American Community Business PersonTulao Realty/Mortgage Co-Notary PublicLicensed California Tax Practitioner since 1977
Licensed Tax Practitioner Lic. No. A012789
 BULL MARKET, BULL SHEET  By Wilson Lee FloresMonday, April 7, 2008
Government’s view of the econ-omy could be summed up in a fewshort phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. Andif it stops moving, subsidize it. — Ronald ReaganWe can achieve faster than seven percent economic growth this year.Instead of just cursing the mon-strous political corruption, we, thesilent majority of decent, optimisticand civic-minded citizens, should be proactive, push reforms to transformour society and save it from our many depraved politicians. I urgethe following workable reforms, sothat we can ensure faster Philippineeconomic growth in these times of global uncertainty:
• Force open the half-billion-dollar 
 NAIA 3 airport. What in the world iswrong with our imbecile politiciansand bureaucrats that they cannotforce open immediately and withoutany more delays that German-builtand most modern NAIA 3 airport? Isuggest President GMA appoint her foe, Senator Ping Lacson, or DavaoCity Mayor Duterte, or Senator Dick Gordon, or Metro Manila De-velopment Authority chief Bayani
Fernando, to use iron-st tactics to
forcefully kick open and kickstart
The government has nobusiness being in business
that new airport immediately — noexcuses, no alibis!
• Tax-exempt all teachers andoverseas Filipino workers. Not only
is teaching the noblest professionon earth, teachers in the Philippinesare also so unfairly overworked,under-trained and underpaid — oneof the reasons why our educationalsystem is a shambles. Let us exemptall teachers from taxes, not only tosupport them economically, but also
to honor them. The millions of over 
seas Filipino workers (OFWs) who
support the Philippine economyshould also be exempt from all kinds
of income taxes. They should be
granted special tax incentives, too,if they remit foreign exchange for new business ventures here.
• Enforce the law equally, and give
the death penalty to corrupt VIPsand the Abu Sayyaf. We still havethe death penalty in our legal sys-tem. Let us swiftly put to death allcorrupt big-time politicians, gener-als and the Abu Sayyaf bandits whoare insufferable, disgusting pests inPhilippine society. Let us enforce
the law equally to all or none at all;let us punish the big sh so there
will be more order and disciplinenationwide!
• Dismantle all squatter families
and relocate them to rural farms.Government should relocate all
urban squatter families from their 
wretched, subhuman and unhealthyliving conditions, then transportthem en masse to the rural provincesso they can till the vast arable lands
there. The millions of urban slum
dwellers in Metro Manila are an in-dictment of the disastrous failure of the national government to deliver social justice, decent livelihoods and
the promise of democracy. Squatters
in our cities cause economic, social,health, moral and other problems.
We must boldly solve the squatter 
• Lease idle land and use jail con
-victs as forced labor for farms. Withor without land reform, I urge thegovernment and Congress to enactspecial legislation for the state toforcibly take over idle lands in our  provinces, pay leases to their own-ers, then mobilize all jail convictsto till those lands for rice and other 
crops (along with the relocated mil
lions of urban squatters)! There is no
logical reason why the Philippinescannot feed its people with our vastarable lands nationwide!
• Declare martial law on MetroManila trafc. Impose martial law in
the chaotic streets of Metro Manilaand enforce draconian discipline,so we can save our economy bil-lions every year in lost productivityand time, and save billions more inimported fuel costs by unclogging
our notoriously frustrating trafc
• Transfer Malacañang Palace and
Congress outside Metro Manila.
If government could sacrice theFort Bonifacio military camp in
the name of economic progress by giving way to urban renewal in
The Fort, with its high-rise ofces,
commercial and residential projects,why doesn’t government move out
of overcrowded Malacañang Palace
in Manila’s San Miguel district to anewer, bigger city somewhere near Clark in the north or Laguna in the
south? Lease out Malacañang Pal
-ace to SM Group or Robinsons as anew museum/mall complex. Also,move the Senate from Pasay andthe House of Representatives fromQuezon City so that we can createa new government center like Ma-laysia’s Putrajaya project or Brazil’s
Brasilia. This will stimulate mega-
investments, massive urban renewalof old parts of the metropolis anddecongest Metro Manila.
• Invest in vital infrastructure, not
waste. Instead of wasting taxpayers’money, foreign loans or officialdevelopment assistance on hare- brained schemes like a so-called National Broadband Network or 
Cyber Education, or wasting money
on basketball courts, waiting sheds,grand municipal halls, frivolous
new government ofces or subsidiz
ing beauty contests and estas, the
government should invest more innew highways, public schools, pub-lic libraries, rural health centers, bet-ter airports, bigger seaports, damsand other vital infrastructure!
• Reallocate billions of rice importfunds to support Filipino farmers.
Instead of our Philippine govern-ment spending so many billionsevery year subsidizing Vietnamese
and Thai farmers by buying their 
rice at high prices and selling themcheaply to the Philippines, why notuse this massive, multi-billion peso budget for importing rice to instead
subsidize and support Filipino rice
and other farmers to modernize their farms? Also, whatever happened tothe government’s so-called fertilizer funds for farmers?Why is the government so stub- born in its non-stop importation of foreign rice —in effect subsidizing
Viet/Thai farmers? Then, if there
are rice-supply problems like whatwe might be confronting soon, the politicians blame the usual favorite
scapegoats of rice hoarders. There
should be no reason for anyone tohoard rice if there is no shortageor perceived threat of a rice short-age, because if the Philippines istruly overflowing with abundantrice supplies, hoarders would go bankrupt because any oversupplyof rice would bring prices crashingdown and would impoverish anywould-be hoarders!
• Privatize NFA, MMFF, andPAGCOR. The government must
focus only on upholding peace andorder, enforcing laws, collectingtaxes and delivering basic social
services. The government should
not be in the rice-import business
through the National Food Au
-thority, or mess up show businessthrough the mismanaged Metro
Manila Film Festival. Government
should also bid out all casino opera-tions to major investors, similar tothe Singapore or Macau systems.
The government has no business
 being in business!
“Any man who is under 30, and is not aliberal, has not heart; and any man who isover 30, and is not a conservative, has nobrains.”- Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 11 - 17, 2008

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