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Part and Mold Design Guide (2005)[1]

Part and Mold Design Guide (2005)[1]

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Published by naitikpanchal

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Published by: naitikpanchal on Jan 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Design Guide
 Part and Mold Design
Engineering Polymers
The manual focuses primarily onplastic part and mold design, but alsoincludes chapters on the design process;designing for assembly; machining andfinishing; and painting, plating, anddecorating. For the most part, it excludesinformation covered in the followingBayer companion publications:
 Material Selection: Thermoplastics and Polyurethanes
: A comprehensive look atmaterial testing and the issues to considerwhen selecting a plastic material.
 Joining Techniques
: Includes infor-mation and guidelines on the methodsfor joining plastics including mechanicalfasteners, welding techniques, inserts,snap fits, and solvent and adhesivebonding.
Snap-Fit Joints for Plastics
: Containsthe engineering formulas and workedexamples showing how to design snap-fit joints for Bayer thermoplastic resins.
 A product of the Bayer Design Engineering Services Group, this manualis primarily intended as a referencesource for part designers and moldingengineers working with Bayer thermo- plastic resins. The table of contents and index were carefully constructed toguide you quickly to the information you need either by topic or by keyword.The content was also organized to allowthe manual to function as an educationaltext for anyone just entering the field of  plastic-part manufacturing. Conceptsand terminology are introduced pro-gressively for logical cover-to-cover reading.
Contact your Bayer sales representativefor copies of these publications.This publication was written specificallyto assist our customers in the design andmanufacture of products made from theBayer line of thermoplastic engineeringresins. These resins include:Makrolon
High-Heat PolycarbonateBayblend
Polycarbonate/ ABS BlendMakroblend
Polycarbonate BlendTriax
Polyamide/ABS BlendLustran
and Novodur
ASA, AES and ASA/AESWeatherable PolymersDurethan
Polyamide 6 and 66,and Amorphous PolyamideTexin
and Desmopan
Thermoplastic PolyurethanePocan
PBT Polyester
This publication was written to assistBayer's customers in the design andmanufacture of products made fromthe Bayer line of thermoplasticengineering resins. These resinsinclude:-Makrolon
high-heat polycarbonate-Bayblend
polycarbonate/ polyesterblend- Texin
and Desmopan
thermoplastic polyurethaneFor information on these materials,please call 1-800-662-2927 or visithttp://www.BayerMaterialScienceNAFTA.com.The following additional productshighlighted in this publication are nowpart of LANXESS Corporation:-Cadon
ASA, AES and ASA/AESweatherable polymers- Durethan
polyamide 6 and 66, andamorphous polyamide-Lustran
and Novodur
PBT polyester-Triax
polyamide/ABS blend
For information on these 
please call LANXESS in North America at 1-800-LANXESS or visit: 
http://techcenter.lanxess.com/sty/ americas/en/home/index.jspforstyrenic resinshttp://techcenter.lanxess.com/scp/ americas/en/home/index.jspforpolyamide resins
: Software containingsingle and multi-point data that wasgenerated according to uniform standards.Allows you to search grades of Bayerresins that meet a particular set of performance requirements.
BayerWeb site containing product informationon-line.This manual provides general informationand guidelines. Because each productapplication is different, always conducta thorough engineering analysis of yourdesign, and prototype test new designsunder actual in-use conditions. Applyappropriate safety factors, especiallyin applications in which failure couldcause harm or injury.Most of the design principles covered inthis manual apply to all of these resins.When discussing guidelines or issuesfor a specific resin family, we referencethese materials either by their Bayertrade names or by their genericpolymer type.The material data scattered throughoutthe chapters is included by way of example only and may not reflect themost current testing. In addition, muchof the data is generic and may differfrom the properties of specific resingrades. For up-to-date performance datafor specific Bayer resins, contact yourBayer sales representative or refer to thefollowing information sources:
 Bayer Engineering Polymers PropertiesGuide
: Contains common single-pointproperties by resin family and grade.
 Bayer Plastics Product Information Bulletin
: Lists information and propertiesfor a specific material grade.In addition to design manuals, BayerCorporation provides design assistancein other forms such as seminars andtechnical publications. Bayer also offersa range of design engineering servicesto its qualified customers. Contact yourBayer sales representative for moreinformation on these other services.

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