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Mediatrix Volumes IV - VI

Mediatrix Volumes IV - VI

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Journal for Utopian Observations
By: A. Q. R.All material written by A. Q. R.(unless otherwise noted)Copyright 2004 – 07Abridged and revised 2007
Against the Revolution
The American Revolution was an idea seeded by the wealthy merchants who wereultimately caught up in their own selfishness. By that time, Britain had already becomethe folly of Europe, opening itself up to wide scale revolt by the collapse of the monarchyin exchange for democracy, an unprecedented move, which introduced this fallacy of “representation of the people.” If the monarchy did not represent the people then surelyhow might a band of snobbish plutocrats? Instead of solving any problems which mayhave then been a bother, the foolish transition merely caused more disunity andcorruption, which of course was thinly painted over by meaningless slogans. All the whilesuch a move succeeded in perpetuating the very worst of the false (puppet) monarchy inthe exceeding destruction of the empire through foreign infiltration of peoples andpractices, which eventually even eroded the core values of the common religion.All this becomes clear when directly after the revolution ended in victory the Americanplutocrats indulged themselves in the dirty practice of the stock market which ran up anddown Wall Street. There they traded stocks amongst themselves as if they werethrowing around pieces in a board game. Nothing was taken seriously by this scum buttheir own selfish greed which dripped like a poison in their blood.Without democracy seeding the idea of a “new representation” which we may accuratelycall a “new world order” it would have been impossible for all of the cancers of themodern world to have developed. And only in a sufficiently Christianized world coulddemocracy have been seen as a viable alternative, rather than as something so absurdand so crazy that it was as a tragic illusion devised by the devil.Moreover, the American moguls were predominantly Freemasons whose motto rang“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” To the “founding fathers” this revolt had an even deeper meaning and was not merely a dispute over representation, but of a greater spiritualwar—such that this revolution was a revolt against the old order of things, namely, of monarchy (of which its idealism and traditionalism was, and is, embodied in therightwing). Hence, in order for a new world order of liberalism, humanitarianism, andoutright anarchy, which we know today as Communism, to indeed be accepted by thepeople, it was first necessary to demonize the old order, which is the true reason for allof the ridiculous propaganda against the monarchy.Add to that the French involvement in their aid to the American revolutionaries which leftFrance bankrupt, that being an ideal circumstance in fueling civil unrest to trigger theFrench Revolution, and we have a long trail of the conspiracy. For the bloody revolutionof France, and its motto once again, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” must not be thought of as occurring by happenstance, but as a carefully planned global revolution, anoverthrowing of all traditional civilizations in which nations fall like dominoes to the neworder of liberalism, socialism, anarchism and communism.It is such that the 1897 text
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
seems to be quiteaccurate if only in its assessment of this longstanding subversion. Indeed, one passageeven goes so far as to claim that, “When the King of Israel sets upon his sacred headthe crown offered him by Europe he will become patriarch of the world.” We can onlylook at this today in complete astonishment. And yet we are reminded of Freemasonryand its mish-mash of morality plays, which the world would do well without, and find that
one shouldn’t be so surprised after all. Was it not the anti-hierarchical and anti-traditionalFreemason, Albert Pike, who detailed in his
Morals and Dogma
how Freemasons whoessentially hold the Qabalah in highest esteem were responsible for much of the liberaldoctrine and socialist movement, including but not limited to the American Revolution,French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution? Pike was also not ashamed to admitthat Freemasonry’s goal is none other than that of the Templar’s, which was to build theTemple of Solomon as the ruling centre of the world. Now this could only be a counterfeitof Templarism as Masonry today is nothing more than speculative. And for that reasonone must unwaveringly be opposed to the degeneration of this Order and its moderngoals.
The Philosophical Death
By: DietrichThe concept of death plays a prominent role in mythology as it reflects the seasonalcycle and natural life. The forces of nature are creative and destructive, each of whichcompliment the other. The death or destruction of certain natural or cosmic bodiesmakes way for new life. It is the key of evolution. The shedding of old, dead skin revealsa new, stronger layer. The defeat of the old, false idea submits to the new, truer idea.The weak are torn apart and consumed as prey to the hunter so that the wise and strongmay live. Thus the law of the strong assumes dominance over the false and the timid. Inthe human, the spirit or higher consciousness reigns supreme. Thus does the normal or natural consciousness submit to the higher. And so as the higher or subtle body isactioned by a silent stillness, or a surrendering of one’s consciousness unto the divinematter, so does the mythological death have its significance. For it is not a physicaldeath at all, but a turning into oneself, a purer state. Many occurrences of death inmythology have been misinterpreted to mean a physical act or of something that is notsymbolic to a much greater function, which has led to what are wrong theories andbeliefs. This talk of a paradise or nightmarish realm one is transported to once their bodydies is the most popular of these misinterpretations. And when attention is paid to thisfalse idea all focus is turned away from the spiritual or magical progression while in life.Attention is instead reverted to what one must do while in life in order to gain acceptanceinto paradise after death. Some new traditions have even turned the original and trueidea on its head by demanding that spiritual progression through magick runs counter toproper earthly behavior required to gain acceptance into this paradise. But what kind of paradise is this that would be constructed in order to keep us down? And so this newage talk has become nothing but sheer nonsense.In
Introduction to Magic 
, Evola writes of the magical or immortal body being an analogyto “designate the ‘seats’ that consciousness may assume, according to a possibilitywhich, however, transcends that of the overwhelming majority of human beings. Hencesuch a doctrine, like all esoteric doctrines, is true only in an initiatic context. To speak of it in relation to ordinary man has no sense at all; for him there are no three, or seven, or nine ‘bodies,’ or however many are fancied by Theosophy, but simply the human state of consciousness, conditioned by its relation with the physical organism that everyoneknows.”

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