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A cure for all deseases

A cure for all deseases



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Published by MATEI ANI
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Great info's! Start using Supergreen and Prime PH

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Published by: MATEI ANI on Apr 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Causes Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma,Heart Attacks, Strokes, Atherosclerosis,Diabetes, MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis,Osteoporosis, Dementia, Parkinson's,Alzheimer's, AIDS, ALS, Autism, Hepatitis,and the list goes on and on and on?A rise in the alkalinity of the blood abovepH 7.365 (alkaline phosphate)--any rise--isa result or a compensatory reaction dueto over-acidity in body tissues (latent tissueacidosis) as the blood attempts to maintain thepH at 7.365.There is no exception for the rule of alkalinity.The body will ALWAYS overcompensate for the excessacidity in the tissues by over-alkalizing the bloodto maintain homeostasis.I call this the "teeter-totter" effect.Along comes the traditional medical attendantand perceives that there is too much alkalinity,when really there is not.This is an important concept to grasp, so let'soversimplify a bit. The tissues have become acidic.The blood "knows" that.So, it pours out extra alkalinity or alkalinephosphate into the blood and the blood pH spikesup to a higher than normal pH.It's like when we get the bejeebers scared outof us by something innocent, we over-react.When suddenly alarmed, a person might scream,holler, faint, get mad, strike out, drop the vase,kick the dog, or even have a heart attack. Theblood does the same thing. A knee-jerk reaction...well, actually, a blood-jerk reaction.Alternatively, how many times have you heard of acar going off the shoulder of the road and thedriver over-reacts, jerks the wheel back, andflies into the other lane of oncoming traffic.It happens all the time. Incidentally, if thatdoes happen to you, you're better off not tointerfere. Stay on the shoulder. Letthe wheel stay there for a moment. Slow the cardown. But don't overreact.Mainstream medicine, not understanding the cause
of the excessive alkalinity pouring into theblood, may try and stop the rushinghyper-alkalization. But that's the wrong move.We're better off not to interfere.Once more. When your little boy falls down, seesmama going out the door, or is scared of theboogey man, what happens? He not only cries, buthow often do we see a child go into a big, fatover-reaction?Sometimes, they really get worked up. It's anatural over-reaction to a typical situation.Now it's Dad's turn to over-react. Along comesDad and says to keep quiet, don't be such a littlesissy, put a lid on it, grow up, stop that crying,OR ELSE...Since I have digressed to make a point, I may aswell digress all the way. Wrong move, Dad. If you do that often enough, the message you send toyour child is don't have feelings, don't expressyour feelings, you are not acceptable, don't actlike a child even though you are a child, and don'tbe who you are. So don't over-react Dad. Betterto let the child get it out, stay in the room,validate their feelings.Strong feelings can come and go...or come and stay.If you're really klutzy, you could be orchestratingchronic emotional issues for a lifetime.Gee, thanks Dad.Now, back to the blood.Tissues are acidic. Here comes a flood of alkalinity--even so much that the pH risesand concerns the western medical establishment.But whatever it was that caused the pH toover-react must be understood. Acidic tissuesmean problems ahead, correct?Not only do we need alkalinity but lots of it.The acidic tissues will soon even out the rise inblood pH, and we will need additional alkalinityto wipe out the acidic tissue problem.Cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. arenot diseases of alkalinity but are diseases of acidity!
The body uses the calcium of the bones as wellas other buffers (bicarbonate, hemoglobin, sodium,etc.) to chelate acidity! That is why there arealways micro-calcifications in the liver, pancreas,breast, bowels, bladder, bones, prostate, muscles, joints, blood vessels and brain before the liver,pancreas, breast, bowels, bladder, bones, prostate,muscles, joints, blood vessels and brain cancer tumorshows up.Why prior to the tumor?Because the body will always try and protectand preserve itself by buffering acids with thealkalinity of calcium. The bones are alwaysaffected in any cancer, heart condition, stroke,diabetes, etc. because the bones are an excellentsource of calcium for buffering dietary and metabolicacids.So is Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke or Diabetes thedisease?No!Then is the loss of bone mass the disease or thecalcium deposits in the liver, pancreas, breast,brain, etc. the disease?NO! NO!Is the increase in the alkaline phosphates thedisease?NO! NO! NO!These are all symptoms, not disease!Then the disease must be the over-acidity?Well yes, and well no.Then what is the disease?The "yes" part I call acidosis or hyper-acidity.That is an acceptable term for the condition.But it is really much more.The "no" part is that it's more than acidity.It's a psychological disorder. It's a sociologicalmalaise. It's a cultural-anthropologicalphenomenon. And once people understand the truthand the scientific foundation of "New Biology"TM,

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