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AP Bio Lab 1

AP Bio Lab 1

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Published by Paul Jones

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Published by: Paul Jones on Jan 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Laboratory 1
Diffusion and Osmosis
Paul Jones
Exercise 1A: Diffusion
Table 1.1 Analysis of Results
1.Glucose is leaving the bag, while Lugol’s solution is entering the bag. Theindigo blue color of the bag proves Lugol’s is entering the bag. We provedthat glucose diffused by testing the beaker, and found there to be glucose.2.The results show that IKI moved from the beaker to the bag, and this ishow the color of the dialysis bag changed. This happened because itwants to reach equilibrium. Conversely, glucose moved out of the bag.Thus, everything except starch (for it is too large) diffused to reachequilibrium.3.In order to find how much water diffused into the dialysis bag, one wouldneed to calculate the percentages of each substance, and then recalculatethe percentages afterwards. Then, one would need to compare thepercentages with one another.4.Water, glucose, IKI, membrane pores, and then starch. I know thisbecause starch did not leave the dialysis bag because the outside of thebag did not turn blue. Thus, membrane pores are smaller than starch.Then, I compared the atomic mass of the molecules in question.5.If the experiment started with the glucose and IKI solution inside the bagand only starch and water outside, glucose and IKI would want to moveout of the bag to reach equilibrium, and thus changing the color of thecontents of the beaker. The starch, however, would still not move throughbecause it is too large.
Presence of Glucose in Water Through Dialysis Bag
Initial ContentsSolution ColoPresence of GlucoseInitialFinalInitialFinalBag15% Glucose & 1%StarchClearIndigo blueYes(1000+++)Yes(500++)BeakerH
O + IKIGoldenorangeGolden orangeNo(100)Yes(175)
Exercise 1B: Osmosis
Table 1.2: Dialysis Bag Results: Individual Date
Percent Change in Mass of Dialysis Bags –Group Data
Contents inDialysis BagInitial MassFinal MassMassDifferencePercentChange inMass0.2 M Sucrose25.3 grams26.3 grams1.2 grams4.7%0.4 M Sucrose25.3 grams26.4 grams1.1 grams4.3%
Table 1.3: Dialysis Bag Results: Class Data
Percent Change in Mass of Dialysis Bags–Class Data
Dialysis BagGroup 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Class AverageDistilled Water2.7%-1%0%0.2 M Sucrose6.9%4.7%5.8%0.4 M Sucrose4.3%6.27%7.3%0.6 M Sucrose14.17%5.86%10%0.8 M Sucrose6.64%11%13%1.0 M Sucrose17%15.19%16.4%10a.) Molarity 10b.) Class average
Graph 1.1
Molarity Compared to Class Average0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%16%18%

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