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10 Epiphany 2nd Sunday After

10 Epiphany 2nd Sunday After

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Published by Ty Andor

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Published by: Ty Andor on Jan 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GOSPEL: John 2:1-11
On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee,and the mother of Jesus was there.
Jesus and hisdisciples had also been invited to the wedding.
Whenthe wine gave out, the mother of Jesus said to him, “Theyhave no wine.”
And Jesus said to her, ‘Woman, whatconcern is that to you and me? My hour has not yetcome.”
His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”
Now standing there were six stone water  jars for the Jewish rites of purification, each holdingtwenty or thirty gallons.
Jesus said to them, “Fill the jarswith water.” And they filled them up to the brim.
Hesaid to them, “Now draw some out, and take it to thechief steward.” So they took it.
When the steward tastedthe water that had become wine, and did not know whereit came from (though the servants who had drawn thewater knew), the steward called the bridegroom
andsaid to him, Everyone serves the good wine first, and thenthe inferior wine after the guest have become drunk. Butyou have kept the good wine until now.”
Jesus did this,the first of his signs, in Cana of Galilee, and revealed hisglory, and his disciples followed him.
 And there were set there six water pots of wine, after themanner of the purifying of the Jews.
John ii.6.The six water-pots of stone which the Jews performedtheir ritual washing are the books of the Old Testament, whichthrough Law and Commandments cleansed the Jewish peopleonly outwardly. Therefore the Evangelist says that the potsstood there after the manner of the purifying of the Jews, as if he would say: it means purification through works without faith,which never purifies the heart, but makes it impure still. .To turn water into wine to make lovely hisunderstanding of the Law, which is brought about as follows:Before the Gospel comes every man understands the Law asmeaning, that it demands works, and that we are to fulfill it withour works. From such understanding come, either stubborn andarrogant hypocrites, harder than any pot of stone can be, or anxious and uneasy consciences. But the Gospel transfiguresthe Law in that it demands more than we can do, needing a manvery different from us to fulfill it. That is, it calls for Christ,driving and pointing towards Him, that through His grace wemay first by faith be made like Him and other Christians, andthen really do good works. So the gracious Gospel comes andmakes the water wine. Yes, it is now a precious thing, and has alovely taste, for the Law is at once so deep and lofty, so holy,true and good, that it is praised and loved for evermore becauseit demands such great things. Thus, that is become sweet andeasy which was previously hard and difficult, yes evenimpossible, for through the Spirit it is now alive within theheart.
Sermon on the second Sunday after 
W.A. 17. II. 69 f.
 Epiphany, 1525.
the book:
Day by Day We Magnify Thee
by Martin Luther 
age 61

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