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Free Press Fall 2009 Newsletter

Free Press Fall 2009 Newsletter

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Published by Free Press

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Published by: Free Press on Jan 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 te Fre of eNews in DenverCrowdsorcin: CreaiveMovemen BidinExosin eFake grassroos
Historic Moment or Net Neutrality 
 octr, th FdralCmmicatis Cmmissi t a majr stp tward sagardig thp Itrt y prpsig w nt ntrality rls.nt ntrality is th lgstadig pricipl that prhiits Itrt srvic prvidrs li AT&T adCmcast rm discrimiatig agaist li ctt ad applicatis. Thprpsd rls ar w p r plic cmmt ad ar xpctd t falizd xt sprig. Th grwig mmtm tward nt ntrality — a c scr sjct — has  imms, with pliticalladrs ad plic fgrs alildig thir spprt.Prsidt oama has rpatdly xprssd strg spprt r nt ntrality. “o y t strgthig dcati, trprrship adivati i cmmitis … ist harss th ll pwr  thItrt,” h said i Sptmr.“That mas astr ad mr widly availal radad — as wll asrls t sr that w prsrv thairss ad pss that ld t thrishig  th Itrt i th frst plac.”nw that th FCC has prpsd wnt ntrality rls, Fr Prss is
plishd y 
free press
Volume 4Number 2Winter ’09
“Thomas Jeferson amouslysaid that given a choicebetween government withoutnewspapers and newspaperswithout government, he ‘wouldnot hesitate to preer the latter.’I he were here today, I think he’d see the Internet in muchthe same light.”
- Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.)
NEt NEutRAlIty:
Your stories
 th pblc ha bndng savhinn.cm, h   F P’N Naly campagn,wh h   hwN Naly ac hlv. Analy Vlyn san Fancc cdd an pninn wh allwng hm  a h wnwa cnlng bn hly amgang m h ukan.Ban Flaly, a “bddngpdca” m Gga,xpd cncn hah ably  a h hwwld b n jpadywh N Nalypcn. And Mchgan’Dn Kl ad h wa gal ha hinn mad  pbl  p hbachl’ dg a a52-ya-ld mh  w wkng ll m. inall, m han 1.6 mllnppl hav cnacdCng and h FCCab N Naly.
continued inside...
magi i wh y ght a dstpcmptr, y als had t sig a tw- yar ctract with a Itrt srvicprvidr. Imagi i that prvidr, r ISP,had th pwr t dcid what stwar y cld istall  yr w machiad what W sits y cld visit —pls thy chargd y 10 cts r vry mssag y st r rcivd. Thy’dals charg y $200 i y dciddt chag ISPs r yr tw-yar ctract was p, ad i y switchdayway, y cld’t s yr xistig dstp cmptr with th w srvic. Y’d hav t y a w .Sds crazy? W thi s, t, t thisis stadard pratig prcdr r th wirlss idstry. Dspit th act that th mil Itrt is th astst grwig  way r Amricas t accss th W,th wirlss idstry cllds t crtailivati, crippl applicatis adiat prics.Fr Prss’ FrMy Phcampaig watst chag thstats q adgiv vry thrdm t sthir phs as thy chs —  ay twr, sig ay applicati.Mch  th campaig has  csd th iPh, which is prhaps thdvic that rigs s clsst t “thItrt i yr pct.” Appl ad AT&T, th xclsiv carrir  th iPh,hav rjctd applicatis that cmpt with thir w srvics. Fr Prss is wrig with Cgrss ad th FCC plicis that wld crag mrcmptiti, allw csmrs t sthir phs  ay twr, ad prtct th p Itrt, whthr y accss it at hm r rm yr ph. Fid t mr at rprss.t/rmyph
Fr Yr Ph!
Community media are an essential part o our public media landscape. And this allhas been a banner season or opening upthe radio dial and securing space on thetelevision airwaves or public access media. The Local Community Radio Act — a billthat would put hundreds o new LowPower FM (LPFM) radio stations on the air— advanced in the House in October. As itcleared a key subcommittee, the bill gainedthe support o three legislators who hadpreviously expressed serious doubts aboutthe legislation. And just a week later, thebill passed unanimously out o the HouseCommerce Committee. This is huge news. A vote in the ull Houseis right around the corner, and with enougho a groundswell, we could be celebratinga victory by the end o the year. Free Presshas been ortunate to work on this issuealongside an incredible group o allies,including the Prometheus Radio Project,the Future o Music Coalition and theMedia and Democracy Coalition.Meanwhile, the Alliance or CommunityMedia and the National Association o  Telecommunications Ocers and Advisorshas succeeded in getting a bill introduced(HR 3745: The Community AccessPreservation Act) in the House that wouldprotect local public access, educational andgovernmental (PEG) channels. These public access channels serve as someo the only resources or communitieslooking to get local voices on television. They are training citizen journalists,providing Internet access, producing livetalk shows and creating programming thatyou cannot nd anywhere else on your TV.
he closing o the
Rocky Mountain News
earlier this year sent shock  waves through an already uneasy industry. The
was nearly 150 years old, older than the state o Colorado itsel.Six months ater the paper closed,more than 200local citizens,current andormer journalistsand community leaders crowded into the ColoradoHistory Museum to debate the uture o news in Denver and beyond.Beneath an exhibit that included therst and last editions o the
, localnonprots and journalists led creativeand insightul discussions on issueslike reinventing public media, socialnetworking and the news, and citizenjournalism. The event also eatureda panel discussion with ormer 
 editor and publisher John Temple;Colorado Public Television CEO Wick Rowland; award-winning investigativereporter Laura Frank; ormer stateSenator Polly Baca; and syndicatedcolumnist David Sirota.“SaveTheNews.org’s rst big public meeting o journalists and community members was clearly a success insounding the alarm about the declineo serious public interest journalism,” wrote veteran journalist Steve Outing, who acilitated one o the small groupdiscussions.It’s not enough just to sound the alarm,however, and we are happy to report that local journalists and organizers arealready planning a ollow-up event or early 2010.
 Th Ftr  th nws i Dvr 
Da Fnd, thank  y — whh y’ an acv  a dn ( hplly,bh) — h mda m mvmn n Amca  makng hy.A ya  ghng  kp h inn   cpagakp, day w and n h bnk  cng N Nalync and  all. o cny’ p lad hav nally mad NNaly a py, and w’ nw  cl  a maj vcy hapm  agad cnmc nnvan, dmcac pacpanand  pch nln.in addn  h ga d w’v mad n  inn campagn, y’ll nd  ab hgndwk w’ layng   jnalm and pblc mda campagn. M han 25,000nwpap mply l h jb la ya, and m han 8,000 nw jb w c n h  mnh  2009. s  wk  dvlp nw mdl  h nw cld n b m mly. tak a mn n h llwng pag  m m  h ppl bhnd h cn — anacv, a dn and n   nw a mmb. W dpnd n hm —
and on you
  cc. thank y  bng by  d dng h vy xcng m.onwad,Jh slvexcv DcF P & h F P Acn Fnd
Free press
Maach ofc40 Man s, s 301Flnc, MA 01062Ph 413.585.1533Wahngn ofc501 thd s. NW, s 875Wahngn, DC 20001Ph 202.265.1490www.p.nn@p.n
Free press and Free press Acion FndBoard of Direcors
 tm W,
Chair Columbia University Law School 
Macy Cay
Carsey Werner Company 
olga M. Davdn
Wellesley College
Jam Cn ealy
Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Km Gandy
Resident Fellow, Harvard Institute of Politics
Man Kaplan
University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication
rb W. McChny
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jhn Nchl
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What is the No. 1 priority or your work at  Free Press?
It’s my job to nd the legal underpinningsor policies that we think will serve thepublic best. Even the best-laid plans will all by the wayside i they’re oundunconstitutional or otherwise in violationo the law. So that’s basically my job —it’s to make sure the stu that we envisionas being great or our community isactually sustainable on a legal basis.
 Aside rom the legal research, what kindso tasks fll your day?
 A large part o my job is strategizing withmembers o the policy and programteams about how to engage the public and decision-makers on our advocacy goals. This may entail coordinating outreach to press, Free Press members andother groups, and guring out ways toeectively message our issues and inspirepeople to take action.Our allies are critical to the work wedo at Free Press, so we coordinate withthem whenever possible. There are lotso terric, smart people in the mediaadvocacy community.
 Do you have any hobbies?
Food — not cooking it, just eating it. I’malso a huge an o old radio shows romthe 1930s and 1940s.
What is one way that you wind down ater a hard day at work?
 To counteract my compulsion toconstantly check my Blackberry or things I may have orgotten to do, Ilike to sit down with a glass o wineand watch trashy television. Thank  you, CW network!
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