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20 Reasons Not to Attend the Motu Proprio Mass

20 Reasons Not to Attend the Motu Proprio Mass



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Published by StThomasAquinas
This article is a list of reasons why a Catholic should avoid attending the indult Mass or the motu proprio Mass and instead attend the traditional Mass offered by traditional Catholic priests who do not compromise with the modernists.
This article is a list of reasons why a Catholic should avoid attending the indult Mass or the motu proprio Mass and instead attend the traditional Mass offered by traditional Catholic priests who do not compromise with the modernists.

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Published by: StThomasAquinas on Jan 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Twenty Reasons To Avoid The
 Motu Proprio
Mass(And To Attend the Non-Indult Traditional Mass Instead)
By attending a
motu proprio
Mass, a person implicitly shows that heaccepts the new mass because the
motu proprio
Mass is allowed onlyunder this condition.
Here is a hypothetical example to illustrate thepoint: Suppose a rich man announced that he would distribute free food inthe town plaza, but he invited the participation of only those persons whoacknowledge that the devil is God. By his presence, while silentlyparticipating in this food giveaway, a person implicitly indicates hisagreement that the devil is God.
motu proprio
Mass is offered by priests who commit thesacrilege
of offering the new mass.
Would you attend the
motu proprio
For example, Pope Benedict XVI wrote in his July 7, 2007 letter: “Needless to say, inorder to experience full communion, also the priests of the communities adhering to theformer usage cannot, as a matter of principle, exclude celebrating according to the newbooks. The total exclusion of the new rite would not in fact be consistent with therecognition of its value and holiness.” And again: “[T]he new missal will certainly remainthe ordinary form of the Roman rite … on account of the juridical norms”.Further: “The faithful who ask for the celebration of the
 forma extraordinaria
must not inany way support or belong to groups which show themselves to be against the validity orlegitimacy of the Holy Mass or the Sacraments celebrated in the
 forma ordinaria
….” Para.19, May 13, 2011
Instruction “Universae Ecclesiae” on the implementation of the Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum
.”Cardinal Camille Perl, Secretary of Ecclesia Dei Commision: “In the original documentgranting permission for the traditional Latin Mass,
Quattuor abhinc annos
of 3 October1984,
the Church made a condition for the concession of the use of the 1962Roman Missal that one must not “
call into question the legitimacy and doctrinalexactitude of the Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 1970.” 
While theother conditions required by that document have been modified in the light of the ApostolicLetter
Ecclesia Dei
of 2 July 1988,
that first condition retains its full effect. Thosewho are unwilling to recognize the legitimacy and doctrinal exactitude of thepresent Roman Missal are not entitled to the celebration of the so-called"Tridentine" Mass. This is a very serious and non-negotiable matter.
Quoted in:http://www.sspx.org/motu_proprio/legitimacy_of_quo_primum_today.htm
A “sacrilege” is the “irreverent treatment of the sacred”.
IIa IIae, Q.99, a.1.This definition certainly fits the new mass because it is inherently harmful to souls and tothe Catholic Faith.
See, e.g 
., Pope Benedict XVI's July 7, 2007 apostolic letter,
Summorum Pontificum
, Art. 2, requiring use of the new mass on some days.
Mass offered by a priest who also offers a Black Mass? If not, then whyaccept a priest who ever offers the sacrilegious new mass?3.
motu proprio
Mass is offered only by priests who refuse tocondemn the worst religious errors infecting the Church in ourtimes.
If the Catholics of the Fourth Century were right to follow St. Athanasius and avoid priests who refused to condemn Arianism (even thoughthey offered the very same Mass), then we should not attend
motu proprio
 Masses, which are offered only by priests who refuse to condemn the mainreligious errors infecting the Church in our times!
If a person attends a
motu proprio
Mass in a church that is also usedfor the new mass, then he willingly uses for worship, a place which isalso set aside for the commission of sacrilege.
A place used for sacrilegeis far more unfitting for Divine worship than a “neutral” place not set asidefor Divine worship.5.
By attending a Mass set up under the pope’s 7-7-07
motu proprio
, aperson implicitly affirms the falsehood that the pope’s
motu proprio
 (or the 1984 or 1988 indults) is/was needed for the traditional Mass.
 When the traditional Mass and the new mass are both offered in onechurch, people entering that church for the traditional Mass willgive the impression that they also attend the new mass
, because it isreasonably foreseeable that they will be seen entering the church by personswho will not take note of the time of entry. (This foreseeable scandal issimilar to that caused by persons attending an innocent bingo game in alocation shared with a business offering pornographic entertainment, even if the bingo game occurs at a time when that porn entertainment is not offered.)7.
For hosts not consecrated at that particular
motu proprio
Mass, itmight be unknown if they are valid and whether their consecrationoccurred in a sacrilegious new mass.
The priests offering the
motu proprio
Mass come from the conciliarchurch. Their ordinations might be doubtful.
By attending a
motu proprio
Mass (the “extraordinary form”), aperson implicitly shows that he accepts the new mass (the “ordinary”form) as good.
The new mass cannot be the “ordinary” option (or even anoption at all), unless it is good.
 Attending the
motu proprio
Mass cuts you off from theuncompromising doctrine and sermons of heroic traditional priestswho offer the non-
motu proprio
 Attending the
motu proprio
Mass causes the gradual tendency to goto the
motu proprio
priests for the new rite of confession and othernew sacraments (each of which has conciliar “taint” and otherserious problems).
 Attending the
motu proprio
Mass makes other conciliar compromiseseasier and more likely,
., recitation of the “Luminous” mysteries of the rosary.
 Attending the
motu proprio
Mass makes you comfortable with otheraspects of the novus ordo milieu,
., conciliar church architecture
,with a detached tabernacle and a Protestant/conciliar table instead of analtar, to emphasize the mass as a meal (as Luther and Cranmer did).14.
 Attending the
motu proprio
Mass causes a gradual tendency to viewthe
motu proprio
priests as a source of good advice.
Thus, you will getadvice from priests who consider the new mass and Vatican II to begood and consider uncompromising traditional Catholics to be in schism.15.
Donating money at a
motu proprio
Mass financially promotesharmful conciliar causes.
Even when your donations are stated to be for aparticular unobjectionable cause (such as paying for a new roof on thechurch), such donations still indirectly promote harmful causes because yourdonations free up other money to be used to promote those harmful causes.(This indirect effect is similar to donating money to a Protestant organizationwhich both teaches classes in Protestantism and also teaches cooking classes.If you donate money with the stipulation that your money be used only forcooking classes, your donation merely frees up other money to be used toteach Protestantism.)16.
 When one attends the
motu proprio
Mass, he fails to give his moraland financial support to non-
motu proprio
priests who arecourageously fighting for Catholic tradition.
 You advance the conciliargoal of siphoning-off support from those uncompromising priests.17.
Priests offering the
motu proprio
Mass are often so far from aCatholic mindset that they often prefer the new mass and offer the
motu proprio
Mass only because they are assigned to do so.

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