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Polish Language Courses Index

Polish Language Courses Index



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Published by esevin
Polish language courses - 12 lessons and index, 13 files
Polish language courses - 12 lessons and index, 13 files

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Published by: esevin on Apr 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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623TOPICAL GUIDE TO CONVERSATIONSalcoholic beverages 9. suppl. C.animals 10.C.1., 10.C.2.apartment 4.E.asking about a mutual friend 4.A.asking about food 7.E.1asking about someone's car 1. suppl.asking about someone's family 3.B.,3 suppl. Aasking about someone's fiancé(e) 6suppl. B., 9.A.asking about the time 5.E., 8.E.asking about vacation plans 11.A.asking about work 3.C.asking for advice 10.A.1., 11.E.asking for directions 9.B.asking for money 10.A.1.asking how old someone is 12.suppl. B.asking how someone likesPoland/America 7 suppl. Casking how to say something 8.D.2.asking someone out 5.A., 6.C., 7.C.asking someone to close thewindow, door 7.E.2.asking someone's opinion aboutclothing 7.D., 7. suppl. D.asking what kind of dog it is 10.B.asking what someone is doing 4.A.asking what something is 1.C.asking what something means 2.E.asking what the difference is 9.suppl. C.asking where someone is from 3.E.asking where someone was 5.C.asking whether someone is at home9.D.asking whether someone is free 5.B.asking whether something works2.D.asking who someone is 1.D., 6.A.,6.B., 9.C., 10.E.at the university 3.B.automobile 1 suppl., 6.E.. 9. suppl.A. being bored 8.D.1., 11. suppl. A. being hungry or thirsty 9.E. being late 8.E. birthday 10.D. borrowing money 10.A.1 buying and selling 11.D.1., 11.E,calling for a taxi 5.E.camping car 11.E.Christmas 6. suppl. A.cleaning 7.A.1.clothing 4.B., 7.D., 7. suppl. D.coffee and tea 8. suppl. C.colleagues and friends 3.D.colors of clothing 4 suppl. B.coming by for someone 6.C.commuting 6.D.congratulations 12. suppl. C.cooking 4 suppl. A., 7.A.1., 7.E.1.,12.D.dancing 7. suppl. E.delicatessen 11.B.1.doctor's visit 11.C.2drawing, painting 5. suppl. B.dressing warmly 11. suppl. D.,11.suppl. E.eating 9.E.eating out 12.A.1.examinations 5 suppl. C.farm 10.C.1.fiance(e) 9.A.first names 2.B.food store 12.A.2.food 12.A.1., 12.A.2., 12.B.1., 2.C.,12.D.fruits and vegetables 6.A., 12.B.2.gardening 6.A., 12.b.2.getting married 12.E.getting ready for a party 11.C.1.
624getting ready to go out 3.A.getting up 8. suppl. A., 8. suppl. B.giving directions 9.B.going on a walk 2. suppl. A., 11.suppl. A.going to bed 8. suppl. B.greetings 1.A., 2.A.guests 11.C.health 11.C.2.helping someone clean up 11.C.helping someone look forsomething 10.A.2.helping someone with a heavyobject 11.D.2.hobby 10.C.1.home and apartment 4.E., 8.A.home cooking 12.D.homesickness 7. suppl. C.hotel 3 suppl. C.household help 11.C.1.husband and wife of 9.C.introductions 1.E., 2.B., 3.D., 3.E.,4.D., 8.B.invitations 7.C.keys to someplace 11.D.2.kiosk 12. suppl. A.living, working, studying 2.A.looking for a lost item 4.C.looking for a lost item 7. suppl. A.,10.A.2.looking for a place 8.B.looking for a present 9. suppl. B.making a train 8.E.making money 3. suppl. A.meeting someone 3.D., 3.E., 4.D.,8.C.milk bar 12.A.1.money 11.D.1.movies 6. suppl. C., 7.C.moving 8.A.music 7. suppl. E.nameday 10.D.neighbors 6.A., 8.C., 10.D., 10.E.old friends 8.B..ordering food. 12.C.parties 5.C., 7.A.1., 8,D.1., 10.D.,11.C.1.personal appearance 6. suppl. B.,10.E., 12. suppl. B.pets (dogs) 4 suppl. C., 10.B.plans for the day 7.B.plans for the future 12.E.problems with tradesmen 8.A.putting in storage 11.D.2.reading something 7. suppl. B.recommending a movie 6. suppl. C.renting a summer home 11.B.repairing something 11.C.1.restaurant 12.C.retirement 6.B.riding the bus or trolley 1.E., 5.E.,6.D.right and left 3.D.school 3.B.seashore 11.A.selling and buying 11.D.1., 11.E,shopping 1.A. for clothes 4.B., for apresent 9. suppl. B., 12.A.2.,12.B.1., 12. suppl. A.sickness 3 suppl. B.singing, playing the guitar 2 suppl.Csleeping 8. suppl. A., 8. suppl. B.smoking 5 suppl. D.speaking Polish 2 suppl. B.sports 5 suppl. A.studies 8.A., 12,E.summer home 11.D.surprise meeting 8.C.sweets 12.B.2.taking one's car 6.E.taking the bus or train 6.E.taste in food 8. suppl. C.telephone conversation 9.D.television 5.D., 7.B., 11. suppl. A.trains 6.E., 8.E.
625vacations 11.A., 11.B.visiting someone at work 10.A.1.waiting for a bus 1.E.waiting for someone 2.A., 6.C.watching television 5.D.weather 11. suppl. A., 11. suppl. B.,11. suppl. C., 11. suppl. D.,11.suppl. E.what would one do if one wererich 11.D.1.wine, vodka 9. suppl. C.work 3.C.zoo 10.C.2.

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