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Liberty Newsprint Jan-15-10 Edition

Liberty Newsprint Jan-15-10 Edition

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Liberty Newsprint is America's daily E-Reader News Edition. News that matters. Subscribe Now!
Liberty Newsprint is America's daily E-Reader News Edition. News that matters. Subscribe Now!

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Jan 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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E-reader News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewsprint.com14/01/10 - 15/01/10
Submitted at 1/14/2010 1:57:01 PM
About the only thing that hasgone right in the Haitianearthquake is the weather.The dry, warm nights have beenkind to the multitudes of homeless, injured and terrifiedHaitians sleeping out in streets,parks and pavements all over thenation. Not to mention the ever-growing legion of foreignrescuers, aid-workers and journalists who — like the locals— fear sleeping indoors becauseof still-rumbling aftershocks.Apart from that, it has been asheer nightmare for millions of Haitians, and for aid-groupswanting to help them, after theworst disaster on record in theWestern hemisphere’s poorestnation. No one knows the death-toll, and many bodies still lieuntouched in the street, butclearly thousands, or tens of thousands, have perished. TheRed Cross here estimates 45-50,000 dead, and 3 millioninjured and homeless.It could not have happened to amore vulnerable nation.Battered by storms in recentyears, and still suffering from along history of political turmoil,Haiti has struggled in the past tocope with far lesser disasters. Itsgovernment has precious fewresources and the collapsed roof of the white presidential palacein downtown Port-au-Princesymbolizes its impotence. Andof course many officials andpolicemen are too busy huntingfor friends and relatives of theirown, and picking through therubble of their own homes, toturn their attention to any sort of nationwide rescue effort.Local aid groups are decimatedtoo. Many organizations —including the United Nations,which has 9,000 peacekeepershere — have suffered damage totheir buildings and lostpersonnel, equipment andsupplies. That makes it far harderfor the many foreign groupspiling into Haiti with lots of enthusiasm to help, but no one towork with.U.N. staff look as stunned as theHaitians. I spoke to a group of Chilean soldiers who arrived fortheir tour of duty just a few daysbefore the earthquake struck.“How unlucky was that?” one of them said, sitting on a tractor infront of a mound of rocks he wassupposed to move.Aid is coming into Port-au-Prince airport fast now, but thereis no structure to order, transportand distribute it. So manyHaitians are still feelingabandoned, and are without themost basic necessities — water,bandages, shelter — as theypopulate makeshift refugeecenters all over the capital.”Of all the places for this to havehappened, Haiti is the probablythe least able to respond,” said anAmerican rescue worker, whoidentified himself simply as Johnand said he was a veteran of disasters around the world.“I’m a pretty hardened sort of guy, but I haven’t seen much likethis. It’s nasty, real ugly.”Reuters photos by KenaBetancur and Jorge Silva.For more multimedia coverage,seehttp://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE60 B5IZ20100114For relief efforts, go tohttp://www.alertnet.org/ 
2E-reader News Edition
Submitted at 1/14/2010 12:41:58 PM
If anyone was looking for WallStreet executives to say “sorry”at the financial meltdownhearing, they would have beendisappointed.If anyone was looking for theJustice Department to offer afirm “Yes” to theFinancialCrisis Inquiry Commission’srequest for sharing information,they would have beendisappointed. (Attorney GeneralEric Holder did pledgecooperation).But one commission memberdeclared “this is the happiest dayof my life” (we’re thinkingperhaps he needs to get outmore).Doug Holtz-Eakin thanked thepanel of regulators for resolvingwhether the “uptick rule matters,whether short sellers ruined theworld, and how much mark-to-market accounting matters. Ihave been waiting for this dayand look forward to yourreports. It’s going to bewonderful.”But another commissionmember was totally unimpressedwith the “uptick rule” and askedthe SEC chief for a memo fromthe agency’s economist on it.“Many people care very deeplyabout it on both sides,” SECChairman Mary Schapiro said.“Right. And I can’t figure outwhy,” commission memberKeith Hennessey responded.OK then.(In full disclosure I am not anexpert on the uptick rule, but mycolleagues tell me it was adoptedafter the 1929 stock market crashand abolished in 2007 by theSEC which concluded it wasineffective in restraining certaintypes of trading.)The White House believes WallStreet firms owe an apology forthe financial mess.White House spokesman RobertGibbs said on Wednesday aboutthe Wall Street officialstestifying at the commissionhearing: “It would seem to methat an apology would be theleast of what anybody mightexpect.”President Barack Obama onThursday, inproposing a feeonthe biggest banks to recoup thefinancial bailout, said Wall Streetfirms should roll back bonusesfor top earners and executivesand “embrace, rather than fight,serious financial reform.”Let us know where you stand onthe Obama bank fee, the uptick rule, and a Wall Street apology.Photo credit: Reuters/JasonReed (Attorney General Holderpreparing to testify atcommission hearing),Reuters/Jim Young (Obamaurges Wall Street to roll back bonuses)
Submitted at 1/15/2010 1:00:00 PM
Filed under:Newsletters,Stocks to Buy"Geron (GERN) is developingfirst-in-class biopharmaceuticalsfor the treatment of cancer andchronic degenerative diseases,including spinal cord injury,heart failure and diabetes," saysTom Bishop.In hisBI Researchadvisory heexplains, "The company is alsoa, if not the, world leader in thedevelopment of humanembryonic stem cell-basedtherapeutics." Here's his in-dethanalysis of the company. Continue reading Geron (GERN): 'First in Class' in StemCell Research Geron (GERN): 'First in Class'in Stem Cell Researchoriginallyappeared onBloggingStocksonFri, 15 Jan 2010 13:00:00 EST.Please see ourterms for use of feeds.Permalink |Email this| Comments
By Matt Burns ( CrunchGear  )
Submitted at 1/15/2010 8:40:59 AM
This is awesome news.IronMan 2will be Marvel’s firstIMAXmovie when it hitsscreens on May 7, 2010. Too badthat the whole movie wasn’t shoton IMAX’s 70mm film. It willget The Dark Knight treatmentand some, if not most, of the filmwill be remastered for the hugeformat. [CBRviaio9viaGiz]
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3E-reader News Edition
Submitted at 1/14/2010 12:07:23 PM
Good news! We’re onesymbolic minute further awayfrom total annihilation!TheDoomsday Clock ,createdin 1947 to dramatize thenuclear threat, was reset today tosix minutes before midnight,back from five minutes beforemidnight — midnight being thesymbol of the Ultimate BigKaboom. Or as the board of theBulletin of the Atomic Scientistsputs it, “the figurative end of civilization.”The board, which includes 19Nobel laureates, has onlyadjusted the clock’s virtual hands18 times, most recently in 2007when the board moved it forwardby two minutes. They citedNorth Korea’s test of a nuclearweapon, Iran’s nuclear ambitionsand a renewed U.S. emphasis onthe military utility of nuclearweapons.President Barack Obama gets abit of credit for the latest moveaway from midnight. So dodevelopments on nuclearweapons control and climatechange. Learn more about ithere.So it’s not as late as you mightthink, in terms of anyapproaching apocalypse.As Washington tacklesseemingly insoluble problems —fixing the U.S. healthcaresystem, tracking down al Qaeda,sending aid to earthquakeravaged Haiti — there is somecomfort in knowing that there’sone symbolic minute more towork with.What should the U.S.government spend that extraminute on? And what would youdo? Let us know.For more Reuters political news,click herePhoto credit: REUTERS/KieranDoherty (Big Ben, behindenvironmental protesters on theroof of the Palace of Westminster, October 12, 2009,London)
Submitted at 1/15/2010 7:57:37 AM
Former President Bill Clinton,who is helping to coordinateglobal relief for Haiti withformer President George W.Bush, says the quake-strickencountry could bounce back muchmore quickly than people mightthink.Clinton toldNBC’s Today showthat Haiti had made it onto thepath to modernization when theearthquake struck on Tuesday.But he denied claims that thedevastation may have set theimpoverished country’sdevelopment back by half acentury.“Because they started from a lowbase, we can reconstitute wherethey are quicker than everyonethinks. I just do not agree thatthey’ve been set back 50 years,”he said. “If we go back to work,we’ll be all right.”Clinton, whose wife Secretaryof State Hillary Clinton is at theforefront of U.S. governmentrelief efforts, also made animpassioned plea for donationsto meet the immediate needs of people thrust violently into ahellish existence.“Think how you would feel if you lost everything, you werewandering around streets at nightthat were all dark, you weretripping over bodies living anddead, and you didn’t have waterto drink or food to eat,” hetoldCNN.“That’s why giving money nowin small amounts … even if you just have $5 or $10 to give, thisis a big deal,” added Clinton,who is alsothe U.N. specialenvoy to Haiti.“They have made a decision toclaim the future for the first timein my lifetime. We can do this, if we can survive the next week ortwo.”Photo credits: Reuters/LucasJackson (Bill Clinton);Reuters/U.N. handout (A Familyin Port-au-Prince); Reuters/U.N.handout (Bodies of the Victims)
Submitted at 1/14/2010 1:08:00 PM
An updated Google Mobile Appnow launches phone calls, SMSmessages, and e-mail repliesfrom its search app forBlackBerry.Originally posted atTheDownload Blog
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