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Chapter 4 Trisha as Demi

Chapter 4 Trisha as Demi

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Published by _TrishaKellogg_

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Published by: _TrishaKellogg_ on Jan 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Camp Rock: Behind The Scenes and Beyond
Chapter Four:
Trisha as DemiThere was no one else who had seen her in her full Mitchie costume, except for Kevin, even though hedid not see the whole ensemble, so everyone was surprised when Trisha walked on stage.“Oh, my goodness! Demi, I thought you where never gonna make it! Go tell Trisha she doesn't have toget ready.” Matt said as he greeted her.Trisha laughed. “Matt, it's me, Trisha!”Almost everyone at once turned and looked at her with their jaws on the floor.“What's everyone looking at?” She heard at the back of the room. Turning around she saw was Joe whohad just walked in from outside; he had been on the phone with Demi who called to tell him that shewas still two hours away. He looked center stage and thought he first saw Demi. He moved his headand looked at Kevin, who had a big grin on his face. Nick looked a little flabbergasted. “Is that Demi?”He shook both boys out of their stairs with his question. Kevin was the first to respond. “No, that's mygirl.”“That's Trisha?” was all Joe could get out after sputtering for a few seconds.“Yeah, it's amazing what they can do in makeup today.” Trisha said as she walked up to the group.“You like?”“I just can't believe it's you. You look like you could be Demi's twin.” Joe said.Changing her voice so she sounded like Demi, Trisha said, “What do you mean my twin? I am Demi.”as if they had insulted the real Demi. Joe's jaw visibly dropped. Kevin walked over and pushed Joe's jaw up as everyone just cracked up.“Joe,” Trisha asked in her voice, ”are you okay?”“Yeah, I'll be okay. Just gonna take a minute or two to wrap my mind around this,” he said, rubbing hiseyes as if he was trying to rub the sight of Trisha as Demi out of his mind, hoping it wasn't real.Some of the other actors and extras walked up and was admiring Tracie's work. After a few minutes,Drew came to get everyone back in order. “Okay, guys, let's get back to work. We've got a movie toshoot.” Everyone went back to what they were supposed to be doing.Joe walked outside after seeing Trisha looking just like Demi. He pulled out his cell to call Demi. Itrang twice. Demi picked up. “Hey, my Jo Bro.”

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