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Published by ice
Learn and understand Telepathy.

Thanks to Azeemia Foundation
Learn and understand Telepathy.

Thanks to Azeemia Foundation

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Published by: ice on Apr 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Khanwada of Azeemia sufi order
 This book is dedicated to those lively-heartedfriends who want to reach the pinnacle of humanity through service to mankind and tothose scientists who would adorn the Earthanew after 2006A.D. 
His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya writes in his valuable work 'Tazkira Tajuddin Baba"(An Account of Tajuddin Baba Auliya)."Human beings are conversant with the act of 'articulation' from the very beginning. Intalking, the sound waves with predetermined meanings convey the information to thelisteners. This method is a duplication of that communication style which takes placebetween the waves of Ego. It is a common observation that a dumb person conveyseverything with a slight movement of his lips and those who are versed with lip-reading;understand every thing which he desires to convey. This too, is a replica of the samemethod. Animals convey their feelings to their fellows without producing any sound. In thiscase, too, the waves of Ego are operative. Trees also converse and communicate with oneanother regardless of the distance existing between them. This conversation not only takesplace amongst the nearby trees, but the trees at far off distances also take part in it. Thesame law is valid for the minerals as well. Stones, pebbles and the dust particles alsonegotiate with one another exactly in the same style."
Single Unconscious
Many events of prophets and people with spiritual powers are evident that only one and thesame Unconscious is actively functioning in the whole universe. Every wave of the Seen andthe Unseen understands the meanings of the other thought, even if they are located at theopposite poles of the universe. Understanding the significance and meaningfulness of theSeen and the Unseen is the life essence of the universe. We, with a consideredcontemplation about this life essence, which is our own life essence as well, can explore theconditions and situations of other planets besides that of our own planet. We can discoverthe thoughts of men and animals, can acquaint ourselves with activities of angels and jinni, and know the internal stimuli of plants and mineral. Continuous concentration transmutesthe mind into Cosmic Unconscious and the artificial self—adopted shell of our personality isemancipated from the clutches of Ego and begins to observe it in the conscious. Thetargeted aim of the lesson of Telepathy that were started in Roohani Digest, Karachi in 1979 was that the sagacity pertaining to the significance and meaningfulness of the universecould be revealed upon the unpolluted minds and hearts of the young generation.It is an occasion for rejoicing and gratefulness that our efforts have seen the light of success. The experiences of the students of Telepathy as reported in the following pages are

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salaam ,,i need this book in urdu please can u send me in urdu ,,i want to learn telepathy ,,my e-mail is peter_fazele@yahoo.com
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