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Published by: mariosisa on Jan 17, 2010
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1. Which type of wave requires a material medium throughwhich to travel?(1) sound (3) television(2) radio (4) x ray2 The sound wave produced by a trumpet has a frequencyof 440 hertz. What is the distance between successivecompressions in this sound wave as it travels through air?(1) 1.5 × 10
m (3) 1.3 m(2) 0.75 m (4) 6.8 × 10
m3 The diagram below represents a light ray striking the boundary between air and glass. What would be the angle between this light ray and its reflected ray?(1) 30.° (3) 120.°(2) 60.° (4) 150.°Base your answers to questions 4 and 5 on the information below.One end of a rope is attached to a variable speed drill andthe other end is attached to a 5.0-kilogram mass. The ropeis draped over a hook on a wall opposite the drill. When thedrill rotates at a frequency of 20.0 Hz, standing waves of the same frequency are set up in the rope. The diagram below shows such a wave pattern.4 Determine the wavelength of the waves producing thestanding wave pattern.5 Calculate the speed of the wave in the rope. [Show allwork, including the equation and substitution with units.]6 Compared to the speed of a sound wave in air, the speedof a radio wave in air is(1) less(2) greater(3) the same7 If the amplitude of a wave is increased, the frequency of the wave will(1) decrease(2) increase(3) remain the same8 Which unit is equivalent to meters per second?(1) Hz×s (3) s/Hz(2) Hz×m (4) m/Hz9 Which characteristic is the same for every color of lightin a vacuum?(1) energy (3) speed(2) frequency (4) period10 While playing, two children create a standing wave in arope, as shown in the diagram below.A third child participates by jumping the rope. What is thewavelength of this standing wave?(1) 2.15 m (3) 6.45 m(2) 4.30 m (4) 8.60 m11 A television remote control is used to direct pulses of electromagnetic radiation to a receiver on a television. Thiscommunication from the remote control to the televisionillustrates that electromagnetic radiation(1) is a longitudinal wave(2) possesses energy inversely proportional to its frequency(3) diffracts and accelerates in air (4) transfers energy without transferring mass12 A wave of constant wavelength diffracts as it passesthrough an opening in a barrier. As the size of the openingis increased, the diffraction effects(1) decrease(2) increase(3) remain the sameA stationary research ship uses sonar to send a 1.18 × 10
Hz sound wave down through the ocean water. Thereflected sound wave from the flat ocean bottom 324meters below the ship is detected 0.425 second after it wassent from the ship.13 Calculate the speed of the sound wave in the oceanwater. [Show all work, including the equation andsubstitution with units.]14 Calculate the wavelength of the sound wave in the oceanwater. [Show all work, including the equation andsubstitution with units.]15 Determine the period of the sound wave in the oceanwater.16 The time required for a wave to complete one full cycleis called the wave’s(1) frequency (3) velocity(2) period (4) wavelength17 The diagram below represents a transverse wave. Thewavelength of the wave is equal to the distance between points (1) A and G (3) C and E(2) B and F (4) D and F
18 When a light wave enters a new medium and isrefracted, there must be a change in the light wave’s(1) color (3) period(2) frequency (4) speed19 Which equation correctly relates the speed v,wavelength l, and period T of a periodic
wave?20 .The diagram below represents a transverse wavetraveling to the right through a medium.Point A represents a particle of the medium.In which direction will particle A move in the next instantof time?(1) up (3) left(2) down (4) right21 The product of a wave’s frequency and its period is(1) one (3) its wavelength(2) its velocity (4) Planck’s constant22 A periodic wave having a frequency of 5.0 hertz and aspeed of 10. meters per second has a wavelength of (1) 0.50 m (3) 5.0 m(2) 2.0 m (4) 50. m23 An electromagnetic wave traveling through a vacuumhas a wavelength of 1.5 × 10
meter. What is the period of this electromagnetic wave?(1) 5.0 × 10
s (3) 4.5 × 10
s(2) 1.5 × 10
s (4) 2.0 × 10
s24 Which diagram best represents the shape and directionof a series of wave fronts after they have passed through asmall opening in a barrier?25 The diagram below represents a periodic transversewave traveling in a uniform medium.On the diagram draw a wave having both a smaller amplitude and the same wavelength as the given wave.26 The diagram below represents a transverse wave. Thedistance between which two points identifies the amplitudeof the wave?(1) A and B (3) A and E(2) A and C (4) D and E27 What is the period of a 60.-hertz electromagnetic wavetraveling at 3.0 × 10
meters per second?(1) 1.7 × 10
s (3) 6.0 × 10
s(2) 2.0 × 10
s (4) 5.0 × 10
s28 What is the speed of a radio wave in a vacuum?(1) 0 m/s (3) 1.13 × 10
m/s(2) 3.31 × 10
m/s (4) 3.00 × 10
m/s29 A ringing bell is located in a chamber. When the air isremoved from the chamber, why can the bell be seenvibrating but not be heard?(1) Light waves can travel through a vacuum, but soundwaves cannot.(2) Sound waves have greater amplitude than light waves.(3) Light waves travel slower than sound waves.(4) Sound waves have higher frequency than light waves.30 As a transverse wave travels through a medium, theindividual particles of the medium move(1) perpendicular to the direction of wave travel(2) parallel to the direction of wave travel(3) in circles(4) in ellipses31 A straight glass rod appears to bend when placed in a beaker of water, as shown in the diagram below.What is the best explanation for this phenomenon?(1) The water is warmer than the air.(2) Light travels faster in water than in air.(3) Light is reflected at the air-water interface.(4) Light is refracted as it crosses the air-water interface.32 The diagram below represents a wave.What is the speed of the wave if its frequency is 8.0 hertz?(1) 48 m/s (3) 3.2 m/s(2) 16 m/s (4) 1.6 m/s
33 The diagram below represents straight wave fronts passing from deep water into shallow water, with a changein speed and direction.Which phenomenon is illustrated in the diagram?(1) reflection (3) diffraction(2) refraction (4) interferenceBase your answers to questions 34 and 35 on theinformation and diagram below.A student standing on a dock observes a piece of woodfloating on the water as shown below. As a water wave passes, the wood moves up and down, rising to the top of awave crest every 5.0 seconds.34 Calculate the frequency of the passing water waves.[Show all work, including the equation and substitutionwith units.]35 Calculate the speed of the water waves. [Show all work,including the equation and substitution with units.]36 The diagram below represents a transverse wave, A,traveling through a uniform medium. On the diagram, drawa wave traveling through the same medium as wave A withtwice the amplitude and twice the frequency of wave A.Base your answers to questions 37 through 38 on theinformation below.A periodic wave traveling in a uniform medium has awavelength of 0.080 meter, an amplitude of 0.040 meter,and a frequency of 5.0 hertz.37 Determine the period of the wave.38 On the grid below, starting at point A, sketch a graph of at least one complete cycle of the wave showing itsamplitude and period.39 Calculate the speed of the wave. [Show all work,including the equation and substitution with units.]40 Which form(s) of energy can be transmitted through avacuum?(1) light, only(2) sound, only(3) both light and sound(4) neither light nor sound41 A tuning fork vibrating in air produces sound waves.These waves are best classified as(1) transverse, because the air molecules are vibrating parallel to the direction of wave motion(2) transverse, because the air molecules are vibrating perpendicular to the direction of wave motion(3) longitudinal, because the air molecules are vibrating parallel to the direction of wave motion(4) longitudinal, because the air molecules are vibrating perpendicular to the direction of wave motion.42 Radio waves and gamma rays traveling in space havethe same(1) frequency (3) period(2) wavelength (4) speed43 The spreading of a wave into the region behind anobstruction is called(1) diffraction (3) reflection(2) absorption (4) refractionBase your answers to questions 44 and 45 on theinformation below.A transverse wave with an amplitude of 0.20 meter andwavelength of 3.0 meters travels toward the right in amedium with a speed of 4.0 meters per second.44 On the diagram below, place an X at each of two pointsthat are in phase with each other.45 Calculate the period of the wave. [Show all work,including the equation and substitution with units.]

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