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The Date

The Date



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Published by goaliehead4
This is after the date in My Boyfriend's a WHAT? In Edward's p.o.v. when he goes home before going back to Bella's house.
This is after the date in My Boyfriend's a WHAT? In Edward's p.o.v. when he goes home before going back to Bella's house.

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Published by: goaliehead4 on Jan 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I just really wanted to create the scene with the Cullen’s after Edward gotback from the date before leaving for Bella’s again. Umm, thanks for all thesubscribing and everything. It means a lot. And I have noticed all the time that I ampractically the only person with out a little message that says I don’t own thecharacters or anything. So here it is:Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in my stories or StephanieMeyer. I don’t own Twilight.
Edward’s p.o.v.I hummed to myself happily as I practically skipped to my car anddrove off. Bella loves me, Bella loves me, Bella loves me. Bella Swan lovesEdward Cullen. I like the sound of that. She accepts what I am and never wants to leave me, and isn’t the slightest repulsed that I drink blood. Did Imention she loves me?The house came into view as I flew down the gravel driveway.Emmett was looking at me through the window expectantly. And I heardhim holler to everyone else that I was home. I parked in the spacious garageand proceeded into the living room where my family was gathered.They started assaulting me with questions as soon as I entered theroom. I just fell into the couch with a grin on my face and my head in theclouds.“Dang, I haven’t ever gotten these waves from Edward before. Love,”Jasper said in awe and I just shook my head at him, a smile still on my face.“She loves me,” I sighed and Esme rejoiced, hugging me tightly. Ihugged her back and kissed the top of her head.“Oh Edward that’s wonderful!” She said happily.
“Ooh Eddie, did ya get some?” Emmett asked me eagerly and Ifrowned at him.“Ignore Emmett, I do,” Jasper told me and joined the spot next to meon the couch.“So how did she say it?” Esme asked me dreamily.I hesitated at that part and my head was pulled back to reality. This isgoing to be hard…“Um, this is going to be shocking but,” I paused “she knows what weare,” I said and rubbed the back of my neck. I gauged their reactions. Shock,surprise, nothing unusual.“You told her?” Carlisle said in confusion.“No. She figured it out with someone’s help.” I explained.“Those stupid mutts! I will kill those werewolves, they broke thetreaty!” Emmett roared.“No, no, no!” I waved my hands frantically for him to calm down. Iturned to Jasper “I know this is going to take you by surprise, but your girlfriend’s physic. She can tell the future, or see things if she looks for them,” Jasper stared at me for a long time and then finally nodded inunderstanding and took a deep breath.“And how did she help Bella?” Jasper asked in a strangely calm.“Bella told me that Alice had a vision about seeing three boys thatdrank animal blood and had eyes that changed color. She also said that wewere immortal, fast, and strong. Alice never saw our faces, but Bella hadenough information to guess who the strangers were,” I told them.“Alice is a very good physic for a human,” Carlisle noted. “Think of how powerful she might be is she was a vampire.”
Jasper suddenly snarled at Carlisle and tried to lunge at him. Emmettand I got to Jasper in time to hold him down.“Don’t even think about her that way. She will not be changed just to be a science experiment!” He spat out angrily.Carlisle was clearly taken aback and moved a couple steps cautiouslyaway from Jasper. He was clearly the best fighter in the family. Jasper couldfind every weakness and use every right move against you, no matter how big, small, or heavy you were.“I didn’t mean to imply it that way Jasper,” Carlisle apologized.“I know,” Jasper said, a little calm “I just don’t want to change my precious Alice without her say. If she wants it, then she can have it.”Jasper’s shoulders slumped.I stared at him in shock. He was willing to turn Alice into one of us tokeep her forever. But would I do the same for Bella? Would I change her into a blood sucking monster to keep
forever too? And if I didn’t, shewould eventually die…and so would I. I can never live in a world with outher. My family would never help kill me, maybe I’ll go pester thewerewolves and get them to kill me. But now, I have the choice. Change her or let her lives a full human life.“Enough of the bad talk,” Esme said with finality. “Let’s move ontolighter and more happy topics. “How did Bella say she loved you?” Esmeasked me again.Emmett let go of Jasper as soon as he was sure Jasper wouldn’t killCarlisle and also listened. Carlisle walked back over and claimed a spot onthe arm of the couch closest to us. I gave Esme a small smile.“She had told me she knew what I was and I asked why she even bothered to stay. She told me she stayed because she loved me.” I sighed.

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