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Mengenal Komponen Dasar Komputer

Mengenal Komponen Dasar Komputer

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Published by ulyssesraquel

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Published by: ulyssesraquel on Jan 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cahz}tmr hmr}z`c`l zor`lto memctraloc` dogot`e y`lg dor`ln`lg ~mn`r` had}e`r, ^o~tmhcahz}tmr tmr~}~}l d`ro ~mk}he`f had}e cahzalml d`l zor`lto y`lg hmhoeoco t}g`~ d`l i}lg~oh`~olg(h`~olg d`l cmh}do`l ~`eolg dof}b}lgc`l hmhbmlt}c ~o~tmh cahz}tmr,Cahzalml zmly}~}l ~o~tmh cahz}tmr d`z`t docmeahzacc`l hml}r}t i}lg~oly` `t`~;@, ]lot Zranm~~ar B, ]lot B}~N, Zor`lto Zmlyohz`lg`lD, Zor`lto O!AM, Zor`lto @lt`r h}c`
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]lot Zranm~~ar bmri}lg~o ~mb`g`o "at`c" d`l "B`d`l" d`ro ~o~tmh cahz}tmr y`lg bmrt}g`~hmhzra~m~ ol~tr}c~o zragr`h% hmlgf}b}lgc`l ~mrt` hmlg`t}r e`e}eolt`~ d`t` z`d` ~me}r}f~o~tmh, Cahzalml zmly}~}l }lot zranm~~ar tmrdoro `t`~;
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Zranm~~ar `t`} NZ] &Nmltr`e Zranm~~olg ]lot/ hmr}z`c`l at`c d`ro cahz}tmr y`lghme`c}c`l zmhmra~m~`l d`l azmr`~o zmrfot}lg`l d`l eagoc` tmrf`d`z ol~tr}c~o zragr`h y`lgdobmroc`l cm cahz}tmr,Nfoz zranm~~ar dob}`t d`ro cmzolg ~oeocal h}rlo ~mbm~`r c}c} k`ro bmro~o r`lgc`o`l tmroltmgr`~od`ro rob}`l folgg` k}t``l tr`l~o~tar y`lg hmlgohzemhmlt`~oc`l i}lg~o d`ro zranm~~ar,R`lgc`o`l zranm~~ar dof}b}lgc`l dmlg`l c`co(c`co y`lg tmrd`z`t do b`w`f nfoz }lt}c k`e}r cah}loc`~o ~oly`e h`~}c d`l cme}`r d`ro r`lgc`o`l,Colmrk` d`ro ~mto`z kmlo~ zranm~~ar bmr`ro`~o d`l dozmlg`r}fo aemf i`ctar(i`ctar bmroc}t;
Cmnmz`t`l Neanc 
Emb`r rmgo~tmr!d`t` b}~ oltmrl`e0
Emb`r d`t` b}~ mc~tmrl`e
C`z`~ot`~ n`nfm hmharo &E0 d`l E2/
]lot Zranm~~ar < Hatfmrba`rd
Hatfmrba`rd `t`} h`ol ba`rd `d`e`f z`z`l ~orc}ot tmrbm~`r z`d` cahz}tmr d`l hmr}z`c`l"B`d`l" y`lg hmlgf}b}lgc`l ~me}r}f }lot z`d` ~o~tmh cahz}tmr,Cahzalml zacac z`d` hatfmrba`rd tmrdoro d`ro;
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Nfoz~mt &Lartfbrodgm d`l ^a}tfbrodgm/
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^ancmt hmhary &^OHH!DOHH!ROHH/
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Yaet`gm Rmg}e`tar 
B`tmrry NHA^Naltaf Do`gr`h Hatfmrba`rd ~`e`f ~`t} zrad}c Oltme;Hatfmrba`rd dobmd`c`l hml}r}t tozm zranm~~ar y`lg dod}c}lg d`l iarh i`ntar &bmlt}c d`l}c}r`l/ d`ro hatfmrba`rd, D`ro ~ancmt!~eat zranm~~ar y`lg tmrz`~`lg d`z`t docmt`f}o kmlo~ zranm~~ar y`lg ~m~}`o }lt}c hatfmrba`rd tmr~mb}t,2
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Hmharo hmr}z`c`l "r}`lg cmrk`" d`ro zranm~~ar }lt}c hmlmhz`tc`l ol~tr}c~o d`l d`t` d`ro zragr`h y`lg ~md`lg doazmr`~oc`l d`l hmlyohz`l cmhb`eo f`~oe d`ro mc~mc}~o zragr`h,Kmlo~ hmharo tmrdoro d`ro;@,RAH &Rm`d Aley Hmhary/B,R@H &R`ldah @nnm~~ Hmhary/
]lot Zranm~~ar < Hmhary < RAH
Hmharo kmlo~ RAH }h}hly` f`ly` d`z`t dob`n` ~`k` d`l bmr~oi`t zmr`lml `t`} lalae`tom&tod`c foe`lg boe` eo~troc h`to/,RAH doz`c`o }lt}c hmlyohz`l zragr`h r}tol }lt}c zra~m~ baatolg cahz}tmr ~mfolgg` d`z`te`lg~}lg do`c~m~ d`l dok`e`lc`l aemf zranm~~ar,Nfoz RAH tmrd`z`t z`d` hatfmrba`rd &RAH BOA^/ d`l bmbmr`z` kmlo~ `d`ztmr n`rd ~mzmrtoodma n`rd% ^N^O n`rd% MODM n`rd d`l bmbmr`z` lmtwarc n`rd,RAH BOA^ z`d` hatfmrba`rd bmro~o mhz`t zragr`h baatolg zacac y`clo;0,ZA^T &Zawmr Al ^mei Tm~t/% }lt}c hmlg}ko `z`c`f cahzalml ~o~tmh bmcmrk` larh`e,2,NHA^ ^mt}z% }lt}c hmlg`t}r loe`o z`r`hmtmr caliog}r`~o ~o~tmh,>,Baat~tr`z ea`dmr% }lt}c hmln`ro d`l hmh}`t ~o~tmh Azmr`~o cm cahz}tmr,4,BOA^ &B`~on Olz}t A}tz}t ^y~tmh/% bmro~o c}hz}e`l zragr`h zmlgmld`eo zor`lto~t`ld`r y`lg do~`eol d`ro RAH z`d` `d`ztmr n`rd }lt}c hmlgazmr`~oc`l zor`lto y`lgtmreob`t `ctoi ~mw`ct} zra~m~ baatolg ~mzmrto halotar d`l cmyba`rd,>

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