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Camping Trip (All Human) Part2

Camping Trip (All Human) Part2

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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
its short but i had to continue while i had the idea :)
its short but i had to continue while i had the idea :)

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Jan 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Camping Trip (All Human) Part2
I know I jumped into it before but I thought it wouldmake an interesting change
ok so I'm skipping aday here and all you missed was that Alicerearranged the tents and they had another camp fireand more sex, le gasp imagine saying all that in onego.
BPOVI woke up in Edward’s arms, Alice had rearranged thetent so Rosalie and Emmett were in the middle, seeing asthey were both heavy sleepers in more ways than others.Alice and Jasper had one side, and Edward and I had theother side of the tent, and of course we moved our luggage from the middle bit. I got up and just grabbed adressing gown and a towel, I would come back to getdressed. I walked to the shower and jumped in, myshower yesterday was the best one ever but I reallywanted a quick shower so I could be with Edward again –without waking him. I turned on the hot water and jumped in as my muscles visibly relaxed, I washed myhair with my strawberry shampoo then I washed my body with my freesia body wash, (A/N: amazing shower or what) then I just had an urge to sit down and enjoy thewater. Suddenly I got this feeling in my stomach like itwas all being pulled in and turned around, then the lastthing I expected happened I threw up (A/N: le gasp, Iwander why? >:D) I quickly washed myself again andhopped out, I dried my self and brushed my teeth to getthe foul taste out of my mouth, I put my dressing gownon then my towel in my hair. I walked outside still notfeeling good, to find Alice puking her guts out by a tree,I quickly ran over to her to see if she was alright,
suddenly Rose burst out of the tent with a hand on her mouth and she threw up by the tree, great so we’re allsick, then I felt it again, that awful stomach cramp, and Ithrew up as well. It took us about 10 minutes before westopped and went to brush our teeth… again. The boyscame out to see what the commotion was all about, wetold them we weren’t feeling to well but now we feel better after puking our guts out. We kept reassuring themwhen suddenly Alice looked like she had an idea and youcould just see the light bulb go off above her head, shesuddenly became very happy, at this point we had allshowered and were sitting around the morning fire,“EEEPP” she squealed then she asked if she could haveEmmett’s car keys and she would be back after a while,me and Rose looked at each other confused more thanever.When Alice came back she chucked Emmett his keysthen took us to the toilet, she finally took out what shehad in her bag….. 6 pregnancy tests, then it hit me, it allmade sense, I don’t think any of us used protection, Iwent last then once we got the first results back positivewe took the other test, just to make sure. Positive again!We all screamed in joy, and ran out to the boys, Isuddenly got nervous, “Edward, I'm pregnant” I said stillnervous, but all my nerves vanished when I saw a bigsmile cover his face, he gave me a big hug lifting me off the ground. Rosalie and Alice told Emmett and Jasper atthe same time, they had the same reaction as well, atleast we didn’t have to worry about protection anymore(A/N: always look on the bright side of life, do do, do do,do do, do do doooo, sorry Monty python moment
) Ireally did love Edward, I didn’t care how long I had
known him for, I knew I loved him, and I was finallygoing to be a mum, I don’t care if I’m 18, I'm going to bea mum! After our boyfriends congratulated us the boystook it in turns to give each other warnings, my actual brothers went first, “Edward, if you ever leave my sister,you will get a beating” the threatened, “then a goodspanking” Emmett boomed at the end, trust Emmett tosay that, then Jasper (pretending to be Rosalie’s brother)and Edward went to Emmett, “break her heart,emotionally and we’ll break yours physically” they said,“awww I don’t get a spanking” Emmett whined, thenEmmett (pretending to be Alice’s brother) and Edwardwent to Jasper, “ you dump her, we dump you… in aditch” they threatened, “then you get spanked” Emmettadded on the end proudly, us girls were all on the floor laughing at how funny the warnings were.The girls and I went to get dinner ready while the boyssaid they had to go out somewhere, they looked nervousthough, “do guys know what's gotten into then?” Rosaliequestioned, “I was just about to say the same thing!” meand Alice exclaimed and the same time (or if you want,call it unison) “soooo… they’re acting nervous but theyare happy that we are prego, which can only mean onething” Alice chirped, “they’re going to propose” shesquealed, that made sense as well, well I knew I wasgoing to say yes, “I think we should make spaghetti andmeat balls for them, it would be romantic and we can doit!” I chimed, they both agreed and we got ready hastily,once dinner was ready and was just being kept warmabove some of the embers, we went to get dressed, Iended up wearing a sapphire blue dress, with black leggings and sapphire blue peep toe shoes, Rosalie and

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