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English - Yr 8 - Unit 2 - LA Task Long - Harry Potter

English - Yr 8 - Unit 2 - LA Task Long - Harry Potter

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Published by: Bendigo South East College on Jan 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name: ________________________Learning Team: ________________
Part 1 – Individual Work 
Task 1 – Whilst Reading Activity
Whilst reading ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’, complete the following
Part A
Make a list of the characters as you meet them.Put them under the heading of the chapter they appear.
Maintain this list for every chapter.Part B
Write a reflection at the end of each chapter detailing what you liked about the chapter, whatyou did not like about the chapter and why you think that chapter is important to the story
Criteria for whist reading activitiesVeryHighHighMedLowVeryLowNotShown
Understanding of the characters, themesand issues of the novelUse of detail and examples whereappropriateMechanics of language – punctuation,spelling, grammar etcAdherence to presentation guidelinesCompletion of all activitiesComments
Task 2 - Brochure
Using the information from chapter seven of the book, complete
of the following
two options
Construct a brochure advertising the virtues of the system of school houses at Hogwarts. Tryto entice prospective students and parents to select Hogwarts with your brochure thatcontains text and graphics.
Prepare a magazine article explaining the sorting process into the four different houses atHogwarts and the characteristics of students in each of those houses. Images and text wouldbe required in your article.
Remember: use information and descriptions from the text – particularly the Sorting Hatsong, the method of sorting students, and Harry’s experience of being placed in a House. You may wish to draw on your additional knowledge of the school houses gained fromreading any of the Harry Potter books.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Novel StudyPage 1 of 5
‘Harry Potter and thePhilosophers Stone
By J.K. Rowling
Once you have completed your brochure you will need to present it to the class. Your presentationshould be about two minutes.
Criteria for oral presentation / brochureVeryHighHighMedLowVeryLowNotShown
Engaged audience – ie. spoke clearly, loudlyand kept eye contact with audienceEffective use of body language The presentation was appropriate length The presentation provided useful andappropriate informationListening to other presentations withrespectComments
Task 3 – Reflection: extended writing tasks
Choose 2 of the following questionsAnswers need to be a minimum of 20 lines per question. (Use the TEEL structure and template forplanning)
Quirrell tells Harry that "There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those tooweak to seek it" (p. 291). Do you agree with this? Is this true throughout the book or is itonly true for Quirrell and Lord Voldemort?2.What were some of the advantages to Harry not having known how special he is beforehe starts school? Disadvantages? What are some instances when Harry acts more like abumbling Muggle than a great wizard?3.Consider the professors at Hogwarts including Dumbledore, McGonagall, Quirrell andSnape – what does each character stand for? What does Harry learn from each one?4.The Harry Potter series is the most popular children’s book series ever written. Why doyou think it is so popular? Why do you think adults and kids both like it?5.What are your first impressions of Hogwarts schools?6.What does Harry see in the Mirror of Erised (Desire)? What does Dumbledore tell Harryabout the mirror? (pages 156-57) Why is Harry able to get the Philosophers Stone out of the Mirror?
Criteria for extended writing tasksVeryHighHighMedLowVeryLowNotShown
Understanding of the themes and issues of the text (depth of knowledge andcontention)Spelling and expression (evidence of proofreading and appropriate language)Effective use of paragraphingUse of TEEL format (within paragraphs)Responses were of a satisfactory lengthComments
Task 4 – Research task 
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Novel StudyPage 2 of 5
Use the Library and internet to research one of the following that is mentioned in the novel –-British School System (on which Hogwart’s system is based)-London (where the novel is set)-Albania (where Lord Voldermort lived)
English Soccer-JK Rowling
Remember to source your information. ie. Record where you gathered the information from,including all books and website locations.
 You may choose to present your research in one of the following ways, or alternatively choose adifferent method, however, discuss it with your teacher first
web page
children’s book
Criteria for reportVeryHighHighMedLowVeryLowNotShown
Evidence of planningContentEffective use of paragraphingUse of TEEL format (within paragraphs)Spelling, expression and punctuation(correct grammar, clarity of writing)Presentation (following the PresentationGuidelines)Wow factor! (choose one aspect of yourwork that you are proud of and would likeyour teacher to take special notice of. Insertyour ‘Wow factor!’ here:………………………………………………………..Comments
Task 6 – Glossary
Create a glossary of magical words used within ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.’ Documenta definition for 15 words used in the novel
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Novel StudyPage 3 of 5

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