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the example of writing bibliography

the example of writing bibliography

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Published by angopth

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Published by: angopth on Jan 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Selected Bibliography: English Linguistics
(revised February 2008)compiled by Günther Lampert and Martina Lampert
This bibliography has its focus on recent and accessible titles in English,with a few standard reference works added.* title recommended for purchase
General introductions and Encyclopedias
Aarts, Bas & April MacMahon (eds.) (2006),
The Handbook of English Lin- guistics.
Oxford: Blackwell.Aronoff, Mark & Janie Rees-Miller (eds.) (2002),
The Handbook of Linguistics.
Oxford: Blackwell.Bieswanger, Markus & Annette Becker (2008),
Introduction to English Lin- guistics
. Second edition. Tübingen: Francke (UTB basics).Bloomer, Aileen et al. (2005),
Introducing Language in Use.
London:Routledge.Brown, Keith. (ed.) (2005),
The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics.
14volumes. Oxford: Elsevier.Bußmann, Hadumod (1996),
Routledge Dictionary of Language and Linguistics.
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Lexikon der Sprachwissenschaft.
Dritte Auflage.Stuttgart: Kröner.*Crystal, David (1997),
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
. Second edi-tion. Cambridge: CUP.*Crystal, David (2003),
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
. Se-cond edition. Cambridge: CUP.Fasold, Ralph & Jeff Conor-Linton (2006),
 An Introduction to Linguistics.
Cambridge: CUP.Finegan, Edward (2007),
Language: Its Structure and Use.
Fifth edition.Boston: Heinle.Frawley, William (ed.) (2003),
International Encyclopedia of Linguistics.
Oxford:OUP.Fromkin, Victoria et al. (2007),
 An Introduction to Language
. Eighth edition.Boston: Heinle.Graddol, David et al. (eds.) (2007),
Changing English.
London: Routledge.Gramley, Stephan & Kurt-Michael Pätzold (2004),
 A Survey of Modern En- glish
. Second edition. London: Routledge.*Kortmann, Bernd (2005),
English Linguistics: Essentials/Anglistik und Ameri-kanistik
. Berlin: Cornelsen.Mair, Christian (1995),
Englisch für Anglisten
. Tübingen: Stauffenburg.*Mair, Christian (2008),
English Linguistics
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The Oxford Companion to the English Language
. Ox-ford: OUP.
O’Grady, William et al. (2004),
Contemporary Linguistics.
New York:
BedfordBooks.*Pinker, Steven (1994),
The Language Instinct.
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Introduction to English Linguistics.
Berlin: de Gruyter.Yule, George (2006),
The study of language.
Third edition. Cambridge: CUP.
 Phonetics and Phonology
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Teaching American English Pronunci-ation.
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English Phonetics and Phonology: an Introduction.
Oxford:Blackwell.Celce-Murcia Marianne, Donna M. Brinton & Janet M. Goodwin (1996),
Teaching Pronunciation.
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Practical Phonetics and Phonology.
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Gimson’s Pronunciation of English.
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Morphology and Word-Formation
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Complex Words in English
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formation”. In:
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The Categories and Types of Present-Day English Word-Formation: A Synchronic-Diachronic Approach.
Second edition. Mün-chen: Beck.*Plag, Ingo (2003),
Word-Formation in English
. Cambridge: CUP.*Schmid, Hans-Jörg (2005),
Englische Morphologie und Wortbildung
. Berlin:Erich Schmidt Verlag.
English Grammar
*Biber, Douglas et al. (2002),
Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and WrittenEnglish
. Harlow: Longman [identical with hardcover 1999].Greenbaum, Sidney (1996),
The Oxford English Grammar 
. Oxford: OUP.Huddleston, Rodney & Geoffrey K. Pullum (2002),
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 A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Lan- guage
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English Syntax and Argumentation.
Second edition. Basing-stoke: Palgrave Macmillan.Boerjars, Kersti & Kate Burridge (2001),
Introducing English Grammar 
. Lon-don: Arnold.Gelderen, Elly van (2002),
 An introduction to the grammar of English: syntacticarguments and socio-historical background.
Amsterdam: Benjamins.
Contrastive Linguistics English-German
Gnutzmann, Claus (Hg.) (1990),
Kontrastive Linguistik
. Tübingen: Narr.König, Ekkehard & Volker Gast (2007),
Understanding English-German Con-trasts.
Berlin: Erich Schmidt VerlagMair, Christian & Manfred Markus (eds.), (1992),
New departures in con-trastive linguistics.
2 Bände. Innsbruck: Institut für Anglistik.see also books by Kortmann and Mair from General section.
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Natural Language Semantics.
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Linguistic Semantics
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Linguistic Semantics: an Introduction.
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Second edition. Oxford: Blackwell.
Dimensions of the English Lexicon
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Vocabulary: applied linguistic perspectives.
Second edi-tion. London: Routledge.Cruse, D. A. et al. (eds.) (2002ff.),
. 2 volumes. Berlin: deGruyter.Crystal, David (2001),
Language and the Internet
. Cambridge: CUP.Crystal, David (2006),
Words, Words, Words.
Oxford: OUP.Gramley, Stephan (2001),
The Vocabulary of World English.
London: Arnold.Katamba, Francis (2004),
English Words: Structure, History, Usage.
Secondedition. London: Routledge.see also *Crystal (2003).
Discourse and Conversation Analysis
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Discourse: a Critical Introduction.
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Discourse as Social Action.
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Discourse as Structure and Process.
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Critical Discourse Analysis.
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Second edition. Oxford: Black-well.Schiffrin, Deborah & Deborah Tannen (eds.) (2003),
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Oxford: Blackwell.Schiffrin, Deborah (1993),
 Approaches to Discourse.
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Conversation Analysis: Principles, Prac-tices and Applications.
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The Language of Conversation.
London: Routledge.ten Have, Paul (2007),
Doing Conversation Analysis: A Practical Guide.
Secondedition. London: Sage.Woofit, Robin (2005),
Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis. A Compa-rative and Critical Introduction.
London: Sage.
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Englische Pragmatik.
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Pragmatics and Discourse. A resource book for students.
Second edition. London: Routledge.Horn, Laurence & Gregory L. Ward (eds.) (2003),
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Principles of Pragmatics
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Cambridge: CUP.
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Amsterdam: Else-vier.
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Pragmatics. An Introduction.
Second edition.
Oxford:Blackwell.Verschueren, Jef (1999),
Understanding Pragmatics.
London: Arnold.Verschueren, Jef (ed.) (2003ff.),
Handbook of Pragmatics.
Amsterdam: Ben- jamins.

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