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Thieving Skill Guide

Thieving Skill Guide

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Published by jamie_Dragon101

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Published by: jamie_Dragon101 on Apr 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thieving Skill Guide
Thieving is a Members skill.
Thieving is a skill which can earn you items and money. You can thieve in many ways, frompickpocketing people, picking locks on chests, to stealing from stalls, and disarming traps toget to different areas.Pickpocketing can be used on many non-player characters (NPCs), from a Man all the way toan Elf. You cannot pickpocket other players. Lockpicking doors can help you get into secretrooms with treasure, though getting to the treasure may not be as easy as you thought. Youmay have to disarm traps in places like a staircase, chests, or other things to get to thetreasure. Beginning Thieves at level one must pickpocket Men and Women to increase theirlevel high enough to access other targets.Back to Top 
Picking Pockets
To pickpocket someone, all you have to do is right click on the non-player character (NPC) andchoose the "Pickpocket" option. There is a chance that the NPC you are trying to pickpocketwill catch you and attack you, thereby stunning you. The higher your Thieving level, the betteryour chance of successfully pickpocketing.
MonsterThievingLevelExp GainedWhenSuccessfulLocationLoot
Man18All Around3 CoinsFarmer1014.5Farms9 Coins,infrequentseedsFemaleH.A.M.Follower1518.5H.A.M.HeadquartersVarious itemsMaleH.A.M.2022.2H.A.M.HeadquartersVarious items
FollowerWarrior2526Al-Kharid(male),Ardougneand Varrock(female)18 CoinsRogue3235.5Level 54Wilderness25 Coins, 40Coins,poisoned Irondagger, Wine,8 Air runes,LockpickMasterFarmer3843DraynorVillagesquareVarious seedsGuard4046.5Cities30 CoinsFremennik4565Rellekka40 CoinsBeardedPollivnianBandit4565Pollnivneach(Desert)40 CoinsDesertBandit5379.4Desert BanditCamp30 Coins,Antipoison(1),or LockpickKnight5584.3Ardougne50 CoinsPollivnianBandit5584.3Pollnivneach(Desert)50 CoinsYanilleWatchman65137.5Yanille60 Coins,BreadMenaphiteThug65137.5Pollnivneach(Desert)60 CoinsPaladin70151.75Ardougne80 Coins and 2Chaos runesGnome75198.5GnomeStronghold300 Coins, 1Earth rune,King worm,Swamp toad,Gold ore, orFire orbHero80275Ardougne100 - 300coins, 2 Deathrunes, Bloodrune, Fire orb,Cut Diamond,Gold ore, orWineElf85353Elven city oLletya280 gp, 350gp, Fire Orb,Gold Ore, Jug
of Wine, 2Death Runes,or 3 Naturerunes
Stealing From Stalls
To steal from market stalls go to Ardougne, Rellekka, Miscellania, Etceteria, or the Ape Atoll(note that the Fremennik Trials quest is required to access Rellekka, Miscellania, and Etceteria,and the Monkey Madness quest is required to access the Ape Atoll). Click on a stall to stealfrom it, or right click on a stall and use the "Steal from" option. If when stealing from a stallyou fail, the stall owner may just yell at you, or a Guard, Knight, Paladin or Watchman(Random Event) will attack you. The more valuable the products on the stall are, the morepeople who watch it. You are better off waiting until they are either dead or distracted withsomebody else (if you can not kill them yourself), when you are not in their line of sight. InArdougne, Knights can be lured into nearby buildings and shut in, cutting down on the battles(since they aren't dead, they don't respawn this way).
StallLocationThievingLevelNeededExp GainedWhenSuccessfulLoot
VegetableStallEtceteria*,Miscellania*210Cabbage (16%),Garlic (12%), Onion(23%), Potato(23%), or Tomato(25%)Tea StallVarrock516TeaGeneralStallApe Atoll516.5Hammer, Tinderbox,PotBakersStallEast Ardougne516Cake, Bread,Chocolate cake slice,Meat pieCraftingStallApe Atoll **516Chisel, Necklacemould, Ring mouldMonkeyFood StallApe Atoll **516BananaRock CakeStallGu'Tanoth156.5Rock cakeSilk StallEast Ardougne2024SilkWine StallDraynorVillage square2227Jug, Jug of water, Jugof wine, Grapes, orBottle of wineSeed StallDraynorVillage square2710Various seedsFur StallEastArdougne,Rellekka3536Grey wolf fur

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