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Published by spela
Yey, i had problems with this document. i had it on the Apple and i couldn't get it on my computer and blah, blah, blah... you like?
Yey, i had problems with this document. i had it on the Apple and i couldn't get it on my computer and blah, blah, blah... you like?

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Published by: spela on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BPVHello, I'm Isabella Marie Swan. I am 17 and I live in a great world.Lie! Let me explane. I am a vampire killer. Yes, it is true. Can't helpit, it just is. Vampires live all around us. It could be that beautiful girlfrom last night or that amazing guy that you saw in the corner.Maybe that scary woman who was spying on you through the otherwindow or the man who you saw tonight sneeking around thestreets. And sometimes those are the last things you see. How Idiscovered that? I don't even know. It came to me one night when Ismelled a vamp in the air-I knew it was a bloodsucker. I jumped outof the window and headed to the vamp. I pulled daggers fromsomewhre and soon the vamp was in pieces and burned. I didn'tknow how I did it, it was natural. To me. Still is. I had a dream lastnight that I was a Killer. I know it sounds scary but it isn't, a Killer issomeone who protects good people. Or should I say beings. Theworld is full of monsters that you tought that live only in yourimagination. Some are good, the others are their opposite. And I,my friends, I am desinged to kill the opposites. To protect the goodbeings from all their danger. And guess what, nobody knows what Ido for all the people. Why? Because they would kill me if they wouldknow, sent me somewhere where everybody would think I'm crazy.And I don't want that. I would rather kill and do good in silence thanbe killed or inprisoned with everyine thinking I'm crazy. There arefour Killers in the world. One for Vampires, one for Werwolfes, onefor Shadows and one for Elfs. Yes, I know the Elfs sound weird butthey are very dangerus. They bite you and you go through pain likeno other and then die. They live of human meat. Each Killer has acreature to defend people from. Each creature is afraid of oneelement that a Killer can control. Vampires-Fire, Werewolfs-Water,Shadows-Earth and Elfs-Wind. That makes me control Fire. I willcome to that when I will reach 18 years. Until then I have to behappy with fighting them with knifes. Oh, well. So, now for the notso heroick part of my life. As I said I am 17. That means that I willget married soon and my father has already chosen my husband. Jackob Black. Grose. I had a lot of man waiting for me. I had aKiller's beauty and my father was well known and rich. How joyful!Not really. And my father had to choose Jackob Black. I will nevermarry this man. Never! I sensed a vampire around and jumpedthrough my window and onto the other roof. And I begun my chase.I smelled him close and for sure as hell he smelled me too. Hestaryed running and I was on his tail. He ran to this door and openedit. I broke through it and continued my chase. We ended up in a bigroom ful of vampires. He turned around and saw that I was rightbehind him. I tackled him to the ground. He smiled and pushed meoff. I was on the floor pretending to be hurt. He started to laugh.»Well, well, well. Looks like we have some brave little human here. I
can't wait to suck you dry.« I smiled sweetly and said: »Lets get thisshow on the road.«EPVI started laughing at how patetic she was and said: »Well, well, well.Looks like we have a brave little human here. I can't wait to suckyou dry.« She smiled sweetly and I was lost in her smile. Edward,focous. Then she said: »Lets get this show on the road.« She raisedup like nothing had happend and pulled sime kind of knifes fromunder her dress. She looked dangerous and beautiful. That mademe want her blood even more, to touch her with my lips. She and Ifighted for a long time. She could hurt me with the knifes! After anhour or so she got me on the ground and she was on my back. Iasked: »What the hell are you?« Her anwser was very simple. »I'mthe Fire Killer. And you, are my target.« I shivered as her lipstouched my ear. She then turned her back to me and disappered. Aknife appered on the flor just by my ear. I got it out of the floor andread: ”TO EDWARD FROM BELLA” There was a kiss above it and onthe other side it said: ”UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN“. And I hope we will.BPVI knew the solution. I would ”kill” myself. I will stop aging when I willbe 17, so I just won't breath for a while until the funeral was over.Perfect. I would die in two months. ”Isabella!” my father called. Itook a deep breath and went downstairs knowing what will happen. Jackob will engage. And I was right. He was standing in the middleof the living room with y father on his side. I knew that I must sayyes and so I did. He gave me a pretty ring. I hated him for doing thisbut he was my reason to kill myself and nobody would wonder. Ispent the next few days preparing the wedding. Like I would bethere. At the end of the week there was another vampire, I mean,the same vampire that I had to trace down. I was running behindEdward Masen. What is wrong whit that guy, can't he be like othersand eat when I can't sense him. We were in a dark alley when hefinally stopped and turned around to confront me. We fought for half an hour when I heard a human aproching and again I had to stopand give him another knife. I hate when things get like this. I can'tkill him because a human is close. This time I remember looking inhis eyes. He had beautiful eyes, even if they were red. The weddingis in two months thanks to my mother who had the wedding plannedbefore I even get engaged. Just a little time. I need to write thegoodbye letters. I started with my mom:
Dear mother,You are the most wonderful mother that will ever exsist. I amalways greatful for your love. Don't be sad because I will be gone

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