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Published by naman
A term paper on organizational ethics
A term paper on organizational ethics

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Published by: naman on Apr 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An introduction to EthicsPrepared byProf.K.PrabhakarKSR College of Technology,Tiruchengode-637209
"A moral or ethical statement may assert that someparticular action is right or wrong; or that some actions of certain kinds are so; it may offer a distinction between goodand bad characters or dispositions; or it may propound someprinciple from which more detailed judgements of these sortsmight be inferred - for example that we ought always aim atthe general happiness or try to minimize the total suffering of all sentient beings, or ... That it is right and proper foreveryone to look after himself. All such statements express firstorder ethical judgements of different degrees of generality."J L Mackie 1977
Young engineer graduating from university has many career choices. He or shecan choose to be an entrepreneur, join a small firm or a multinational organization. Eachof these organizations operates in business environment that is totally different beforetwo decades. In a globalized era the frame work in which organizations work also haveundergone a lot of change. The product life cycles are shortened, downsizing, and leanand mean manufacturing, outsourcing has become some of the competitive strategies of organization. Organizations have no more stable and predictive environment. In thisscenario, the young engineer is faced with many dilemmas.A simple example is should I leave present employer and go for another in a2
foreign country for better salary and perquisites. If I stay here, what is the guarantee that Iwill be offered continued employment? The course on ethics will not provide any yes or no answers to these questions. It provides an inside compass that will empower anengineer to take appropriate decisions. This write up is meant for teachers who are planning to teach course on “Engineering Ethics”. The framework for the write up is inthe context of organizations. Therefore, the student trained in ethics, which joins anorganization, which has an established policy of ethical governance such as Tata Motorsor a start up organization, will be comfortable with both. While he will understand andappreciate the Tata Motors commitment, he will be in a position to provide inputs on the path that organization has to take in the direction of ethics. No originality is claimed for  providing the write up. Many sources are consulted to provide the write up, the author isthankful to all and provided bibliography at the end and no originality is claimed for authorship and an eclectically approach has been undertaken. However, for all themistakes and error the author is totally responsible and will be thankful if they are sent tohis email. (kprksr@gmail.com)If we examine the current literature on ethics, the focus is on guidelines given by philosophers, academics and social critics. However, leaders, managers and engineersrequire more practical information about managing ethics. Managing ethics in theworkplace holds tremendous benefit to all including engineers, managers, organizationsand society. This is particularly true today when it is critical to understand and managehighly diverse groups, with different values in the workplace and operating in globalizedeconomic conditions.The most frequent forms of business ethics literature today typically include:a)philosophical, requiring orientation and analysis; b) anthologies requiring review and integration;c) case studies, requiring analyses to synthesize; andd) Focus on social responsibility, which includes many examples of good and badactions taken by organizations.However, if we do not attempt to study ethics at undergraduate level, we mayexpose our engineers to myths about ethics, e.g., "Ethics is simply to do what's right" or saying just “do good”. Some times many engineers may believe ethics is irrelevant because in business we cannot talk of ethics and training in ethics may avoids the real-to-life complexities in leading organizations.
What is ethics?
Ethics involves learning what is right or wrong, and then doing the right thing -- but "the right thing" is not nearly as straightforward as conveyed. Most ethical dilemmasin the workplace are not simply a matter of yes or no. For example Azim Premji tells allhis employees whatever that is, “
Grey is Black” 
. That means even if there is some kindof doubt about a transaction, do not go for it. We have to answer a question is there arealways a right thing or ethics depend on situation?3

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