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Chaotic Paramour Chapter 2

Chaotic Paramour Chapter 2

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Getting to know angelo!
Getting to know angelo!

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Published by: Tierah (Jaden Brown) on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I awoke in a small, dark room to the smell of him,overwhelming me. I was in a small bed with silk sheetsthough it was so dark I couldn't tell what color they were. Isat up and scanned the room for anything I could see but allI could see was a small open window across the roomwhere Angelo was standing. He was facing me but all Icould make out was his silouette in the moonlight.
"Good evening love" 
he said sweetly
"Where are we?"
I coughed out with my morning voice.
"We....are at my house... in my room... and you,sweetheart,......are in my bed." 
he said in a sly toneMy mind was murky. I recalled everything that happenedbut it couldn't possibly be true. I am in a heavenly bed withan angel perched by a moonlit window? Yeah...right. Am Isleeping still? No way, It's all too real. I grabbed his pillowand buried my face in it to inhale his sweet scent. I havenever been able to smell in my sleep before...but now Ican...so I can't be sleeping.
"Am I...dead?"
I asked with uncontrollable enthusiasm .Angelo began to giggle like a gossiping cheer leader.
"It's not a joke I am serious!"
he sped across the room ina blur and was suddenly sitting on the bed next to me.
"oooooookaaaayyyyy. I told you I was dead."
I said indisbelief of what I had just seen him do"your not dead" 
"How the hell do you know? you could be dead with
He put his hand up by my face and caressed my browbone with his thumb.
"Well then...I am in heaven and I don't care whether I amdead or not" 
he whispered to me and leaned in for a kiss. Itried to resist, after all...I had seen some pretty weird thingsfrom him recently but I decided that I was dreaming. Weirdthings happen in dreams all the time, besides kepolo wasn'there and my angel was, how bad could it be to just enjoy ituntil I woke up? so I gave in. My heart tripling in speed. Iwas nervous and excited all at the same time. After only asecond he pulled away. That's it? It's my dream and all I getis a peck? I felt like a spoiled teenager who wasn't gettingwhat she wants. I huffed a little and then yawned.Ok I'll play along
"What did you do to me at the school?Why am I so drained?"
"I'll explain everything in the morning, but right now you need to sleep and so do I" 
Then he got up and started towalk towards the door that I could slightly see now that myeyes had adjusted.
"Where are you going?"
I asked in a sweet tired tone
"I am going to sleep on the couch. The living room is right outside this door if you need anything just yell" 
He explainedas he stepped out the door and closed it behind himI awoke the next morning with him sitting on the bed nextto me looking deeply into my sleepy eyes
"Good morning sweetheart" 
"Oh hey"
I said. Too unreal, it's not a dream. It can't be. Iam still here.
"hey darling did I wake you?" 
"Don't laugh but i'm kinda nervous to talk to you"
"why? don't be, hunny, i'm just an everyday person in fear of his life for this worlds oblivious extinction" 
who talks likethat? Who the hell is this guy? I thought.
"ok, Who are you?"
I responded in total confusion 
"I am different from the other people of this planet individualizing my single existence of a dying breed for I amthe only and last of my kind" 
he responded. My mind notquite grasping it's meaning....is he speaking metaphorically?or is he telling me he is a whole new species? Either wayhe's gotta be crazy. Guys don't speak in metaphor's...andHe has lost his mind if he thinks I'm going to believe all thatstuff from last night really happened. I don't know how I gothere but It is too far fetched to believe what I had seen. Soi'll go with metaphor...
"You make me speechless"
I admitted...I didn't knowwhat else to say.
"Why do I make you speechless?" 
"because guys are not deep...they are shallow simpleminded creatures that are only interested in cupsize...so when you say things that reach deeper thanskin it surprises me and I don't know what to say...I

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