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Basic English Chapter8

Basic English Chapter8

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Published by chaouen

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Published by: chaouen on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Office Vocabulary :
Paper clips file folders pad of paperpencils liquid paper receptionisterasers desk briefcasepens tacks rulermessage pads staple staplerclip board three hole punchindex cards remover photocopierlabels filing cabinetcomputer diskettesswivel chair clippencil sharpener adding machinedirector boardroommanager business cardspayroll tapepersonnel coffee cupscissors boardroom overhead projector
Circle the words above that relate to the pictures.
 Identify the office vocabulary in the pictures below
1. ___________________________ 2.____________________________ 3.____________________________ 4. ___________________________ 5. ____________________________ 6. ____________________________ 7. ____________________________ 8. ____________________________ 
Conversation Practice : Telephone Messages
Secretary : Good morning, Lewis and Lopez LanguageSchool for Business.Mr. Rivera : Hello. May I speak with Silvia Lopezplease? Secretary : I´m sorry. She´s not in the office at themoment. May I take a message ?Mr. Rivera : Yes, please. This is Mr. Rivera.Secretary : Could you spell that for me, please ?Mr. Rivera : Sure, it´s R-I-V-E-R-A and my telephonenumber is 345-6565.Secretary : Thank you. I´ll make sure she gets themessage.Mr. Rivera : When do you expect her back in the office ?Secretary : I´m not sure. She said she had a meeting with some important clientsat 2 p.m. so she should be back between 3:30 and 4 p.m.Mr. Rivera : Great ! I really need to talk to her today, if possible.Secretary : Don´t worry sir, as soon as she comes in, I´ll give her the message.Mr. Rivera : Thanks a lot. It´s concerning a possible new client.Secretary : Oh, she´ll be happy to here that. Thank you for calling.
Practice the conversation above and then repeat it with some personalchanges
 Fill out the following message pad using the conversation above and then fill out another using your own information.
Messages Messages
Date : Date :Time Time :From : From :To : To :Phone no.: Phone no. :Concerning Concerning

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