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Basic English Chapter10

Basic English Chapter10

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Published by chaouen

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Published by: chaouen on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How are you feeling ?
Vocabulary : Parts of the Body
head eyes noseears mouth lipsteeth tongue chinneck shoulder armelbow wrist fingersnails chest stomachwaist hip behind/bumthigh leg kneeshin toes backankle heel belly button
Class Activity :
Play a version of “Simon Says” to practice the new vocabulary.First, the teacher goes over all the body parts with pictures to ensure that everyone knowsthe body parts. Then, the class can play “Simon Says”. If the teacher says, “Simon says,touch your knees”, the students must touch their knees. But, if the teacher simply says,“Touch your knees.” the students must not follow touch that part. The students can also bethe leaders. Once the students feel comfortable, the leader can speed up the commands
Feelings/ Emotions
happy sad excitednervous surprised anxiousexhausted sick coldtired sleepy frustratedhot hungry thirstyangry mad hung overdisappointed shyfrightened/afraid
Class Activity:
Feeling Charades. Prepare a setof cards with the entire feeling vocabulary on them.Then students, one by one, select a card and act out their cards in front of the class.Variation: The students can try to describe the feeling without using its name. Another variation to this activity is to cut out pictures from magazines and have the studentsdescribe the feeling they get from the pictures. Finally, you can use music in the classroomto evoke emotions or feeling. Have the students listen to a selection of different types of music. Then have them describe how the music makes them feel. You can also discussclimate and how it affects people’s moods.
Write it !
Write a sentence for each of the feelings below.Start each sentence with “I was/felt _________ when ...Ex.
I felt excited when I got the job. or I was sad when he said goodbye.
 1. (sad ) ______________________________________________ 2. (happy) ____________________________________________ 3. (embarrassed) _______________________________________ 4. (nervous) ___________________________________________ 5. (mad) _______________________________________________ 
Reading Comprehension :
Health Insurance in the United States and in Canada
 In the United States, there is no national health insurance exceptMEDICARE. However, this is restricted to senior citizens (62+for women and 65+ for men) Medicare is federally funded. It isa system of paying for all medical services and supplies. Thepatient chooses his/her doctor and the hospital, if necessary,and the government will pay for it. Most people have some formof health insurance which is provided by either their companiesor contracted privately. Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of thebiggest insurance companies in the United States. There is alsoSocial Security, which is a type of national pension plan forworkers who retire after making contributions for their entireworking life.In Canada, the system is entirely different. There is universal health care whichmeans that every citizen is provided with medical insurance. Each province has adifferent name for it. For example, in Ontario it’s called OHIP which stands forOntario Health Insurance Plan. Each province manages their fund. Most servicesare covered under this insurance. In other words, hospital bills, visits to the doctor,some specialists etc... Are covered under this plan. However things like cosmeticor plastic surgery not deemed necessary for the individual’s health is not. TheCanadian Pension Plan, or in Quebec, The Quebec Pension Plan, provides monthlyincome for retirees who have paid into the plan their whole working life much likethe Social Security in the United States. You must be 65 years old or over to beeligible.

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