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‫‪!Next Time You Think Life is Hard...Think

‫‪!Next Time You Think Life is Hard...Think

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Published by mohamed ahmed

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Published by: mohamed ahmed on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Next Time You Think Life is Hard...Think Again
ركفُت امدنع. . . ةبص َايحل أىرخأ رم رك 
ىلا مويلا ةصق هجأ:
رئسلا برش نع ِُ أ داأ ن ك ل ق تاخلا أ طأ
ر أ داأ ن ك طأ ل ق بذلا غلا
طأ ل ق لا ر ا داأ ن ك 
طا ل ق هع أ هاد ف ح ا داأ ن ك 
طأ ل ق آرلا ظ أ داأ ن ك 
رثكا طا ل ق ا ن بر أ داأ ن ك 
هرمع لجر ويا ةصق 23تساد لمكأ فارطأ ب  ،عةيا-
ل يطخ ة صخ عا ادإ سق نيقلا نيل رِع مويلا ةصق يلا ىعنيطسلا ا اقأ ىع
My name is Nick Vujicic and I was bornwithout limbs and doctors have no
medical explanation for this birth'defect'. As you can imagine, I was facedwith many challenges and obstacles.
مهيدل سيل ءابطو فرطأ نودب تدلو سيجو كي إري ىأا 'يع' دول بط ، ويخ نأ مي ن ديدل تهجو ةيدبل  تابقلو تايدحل
Their firstborn son had been bornwithout limbs! There were no warningsor time to prepare themselves for it. Thedoctors were shocked and had noanswers at all! There is still no medicalreason why this had happened and Nicknow has a Brother and Sister who wereborn just like any other baby.

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