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Published by: CoolerAds on Jan 19, 2010
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Mount Olympus, Canyon Rim, Millcreek & East Mill Creek\u2019s own Community Paper
A Monthly Publication
Year 6 Issue 1
January 14, 2010
\u00a92010 The Valley Journals
County o\ue001\ue000cials ask Millcreek neighborhoods to write wish list \ue001or local projects
Millcreek Township residents may have one
more expense this year \u2013 a public sa\ue000ety \ue000ee
By Karyn Crandall

The Uni\ue000ed Police District, which came into be- ing Jan. 1 and is composed o\ue001 the sheri\ue001\ue001\u2019s department and various cities around the valley, will not change any services. However, to \ue001ul\ue000ll its part o\ue001 its contract with the district, the county council is considering im- posing a public sa\ue001ety \ue001ee on residents o\ue001 the unincor- porated county.

Some residents are not happy about it. Almost 100 people came out to oppose the \ue001ee at a public hearing on Jan. 6 with some saying the \ue001ee is just a \ue001ancy word \ue001or a tax.

In the past, law en\ue001orcement services \ue001or the un- incorporated areas were paid through the county\u2019s municipal services \ue001und. The \ue001und largely consists o\ue001 sales tax revenue and since sales tax was down 30 to 40 percent last year over the previous year, the county had to look at new ways to \ue001oot the bill o\ue001 $21.5 mil- lion \ue001or law en\ue001orcement services. The sheri\ue001\ue001\u2019s de- partment had already trimmed 6 percent compared to last year\u2019s budget be\ue001ore joining the district.

\u201cWe had to \ue000gure out what to do,\u201d Kerri Nakamu- ra, council advisor to Jim Bradley said. \u201cAs a county, we could not have done a property tax increase \ue001or the municipal services \ue001und. This would hit property own- ers really hard so we started looking to the \ue001ee.\u201d

As Bradley\u2019s advisor, Nakamura has invested a lot time into working on this issue with him. She present- ed the \ue001acts about the proposed \ue001ee to attendees at the Jan. 6 meeting.

Nakamura said residents would have to pay about $18 a month with a property tax increase. The \ue001ee will be less at $14.50 a month per single \ue001amily residence.

Cutest BaBy Contest
Monthly winners and a trip to Disneyland for the
yearly winner will be awarded in Jan. 2010.
Visit our website atwww.MyMillcreekJour nal.com
Continued page 11 \u201cWish List\u201d

Stacy Norton holds a sign protesting the public sa\ue001ety
\ue001ee at a public hearing with Salt Lake County members
o\ue001 the Uni\ue000ed Police District board on Jan. 6.

By Crystal Liechty, JM Martin and Karyn

A\ue001ter several delays, the outdated, 15- year-old Millcreek General Plan is moving \ue001orward. The County Council voted to adopt the plan dra\ue001t in early December. A \ue000nal vote is expected to take place in late January.

A general plan is a long-range plan \ue001or the physical development o\ue001 a community. During the process o\ue001 creating the new plan, each area in the township was and will be given more opportunities to spell out what kind o\ue001 development they want considered in the \ue001uture.

\u201cWhat\u2019s di\ue001\ue001erent about this plan is
that we have involved the community \ue001rom

View our other
regular columns
and additional
articles online at

Business Spotlight\ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue0008
Classifed Ads\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000 10-11

Pro\ue001essionals\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000 9 School News\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue000\ue0005 Senior News\ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue0009 Sports\ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 \ue000 3-4

See Inside...

Follow us on Twitter by going
to MLJ Goings. Regular
updates on road construction
and breaking news.

When Salt Lake County re\ue000erred to 3900 South as a \u201ccorridor\u201d in the general
plan dra\ue000t, East Mill Creek residents became concerned that the designation
would encourage high density growth along the road.

\u2022\ue000 Mayor\u2019s\ue000message:\ue000
\ue000 Salt\ue000Lake\ue000County\ue000
\ue000 making\ue000efforts\ue000to\ue000
\ue000 connect\ue000with\ue000its
\ue000 citizens
\u2022\ue000 Life\ue000and\ue000Laughter
\ue000 by\ue000Peri\ue000Kinder
\u2022\ue000 Dodgeball\ue000
\ue000 tournament\ue000is\ue000a\ue000hit
\u2022\ue000 Skyline\ue000swim\ue000coach\ue000receives\ue000
\ue000 national\ue000recognition
This can be paid $ 43.50 quarterly or in a yearly lump
sum o\ue001 $174.

The \ue001ee allows the county to require entities which traditionally don\u2019t pay \ue001or public sa\ue001ety services to chip in. This includes hospitals, churches and larger businesses.

\u201cSome businesses and type o\ue001 businesses demand more public sa\ue001ety,\u201d Nakamura said. \u201cThose who use more ought to pay a little more. We are asking them to pay a little more i\ue001 they demand more o\ue001 the service. This lowers the impact on residents.\u201d

\u201cOur entire goal was to try to blunt the impact on our small businesses and hold it down on residential,\u201d she said. \u201cThe bottom line is residential and small business should not have to pay. We shi\ue001ted the de- mand cost to where the demand cost belongs.\u201d

The \ue001ee hits some people harder in the pocketbook
though, especially with the tough economy.

Gordon Palmer owns an apartment complex in Millcreek. With the \ue001ee, he will be charged per unit, totaling a bill o\ue001 $74,592 annually.

\u201cThis doesn\u2019t take into account vacant apart- ments,\u201d Palmer said. \u201cI have more vacancies now than ever.\u201d

Nakamura said that i\ue001 the economy improves, the county could look at reducing the \ue001ee, but she thinks that people will like seeing how their money is being used.

The \ue001ee has nothing to do with the new Uni\ue000ed Police District, she said. Without the new department, the county would still need $21.5 million to pay \ue001or police services.

Continued page 11 \u201cSa\ue001ety Fee\u201d
Find Rover and you could win one o\ue000 our
\u201cNight Out\u201d packages \ue000or two! Includes
break\ue000ast and stay at the Castle Creek Inn.
See page 9 \ue000or details and entry \ue000orm.
Millcreek Journal
January 14, 2010
Page 2
The Millcreek Journal is an independent newspaper

wholly owned by The Valley Journals, Inc. Reproduction in whole or any part is strictly prohibited without the writ- ten consent o\ue001 the publisher. We assume no responsibil- ity \ue001or errors in advertisements or unsolicited writer\u2019s materials, including, but not limited to, letters to the edi- tor, announcements and classi\ue000eds. These materials may not refect the opinion o\ue001 the publisher. Because o\ue001 space limitations, letters to the editor will be printed on a \ue000rst in, \ue000rst printed basis until space is \ue000lled. Lengthy letters to the editor and announcements over 75 words may be edited at editor\u2019s discretion due to space limitations. The Valley Journals reserves the right to re\ue001use to publish any article or advertisement at its sole discretion.

Please contact our circulation manager to stop delivery, \ue001or vacation holds, or i\ue001 your newspaper was not delivered to your porch. As always, recycle your newspaper. We use recycled paper and o\ue001\ue001er a paper/cardboard recycling program at our o\ue001\ue000ce - 584 W. 8360 S.

The Valley Journals is proud member
of the following associations
P.O. Box 1084, Riverton, UT 84065
Of\ue000ce (801) 254-5974 \u2022 Fax (801) 254-9507
Linda Petersen..... (801) 254-5974 ext. 17
Jeremy Butler..........(801) 971-3940
Glen Petersen. . . . .(801) 254-5974 ext. 20
Dave Acocks...........(801) 245-0730
.........................Boyd Petersen
Staff Writers................Karyn Crandall,

Mary Lynn Ferguson,
Mary Kaelin, Crystal Liechty,
Jennifer Martin, Tiffany Pyper

Graphic Designer...........Shelly Staker

\ue000ciency by providing emergency shelter, employment and li\ue001e skill programs and eventually getting the \ue001amilies into a\ue001\ue001ord- able apartments.

The organization relies on a network
o\ue001 area congregations that open their doors
By Karyn Crandall

For the last 15 years, Christ United Methodist Church has partnered with Fam- ily Promise, a national inter\ue001aith alliance, to provide temporary housing \ue001or \ue001amilies who otherwise would not have any other option but to live on the streets.

The congregation does this on a quar- terly basis \ue001or three weeks at a time with the most recent stay taking place in De- cember.

Family Promise has a goal to help
homeless \ue001amilies achieve lasting sel\ue001-e\ue001-
Christ United Methodist Church keeps homeless
\ue000amilies \ue000rom being le\ue000t out in the cold
Barbara Hake and her son Zach play with Play-Doh during their stay with the Family
Promise program at Christ United Methodist Church in December.
East Mill Creek Community
Council gets new chair

deserves a break, the exceptional job she has done as chair o\ue001 the committee will be hard to duplicate, according to \ue001ellow councilmember and Riddle\u2019s replacement, Blake Keithley.

\u201cThe di\ue001\ue001erence between where we were two years ago and where we are to- day is night and day,\u201d he said. \u201cLeslie is all about transparency and being open. Her big issue is communicating with the public. The outreach e\ue001\ue001ort [to the commu- nity] has more than quadrupled since she\u2019s taken over as chair.\u201d

Riddle \ue000rst joined the council at the
By Crystal Liechty

Leslie Riddle recently resigned as the East Mill Creek Community Council chair but she didn\u2019t get \ue001ar. Shortly a\ue001ter step- ping down and helping the council elect a replacement, Riddle was nominated to \ue000ll a vice chair position, which she agreed to do on a limited basis.

Being a member o\ue001 the East Mill Creek Community Council is a volunteer job. Heading that council can be a \ue001ulltime job. Riddle served as chair \ue001or two years be\ue001ore stepping down in December to ded- icate more time to her business and \ue001amily, though she plans to remain on the council.

\u201cWhen I took on the chair job a couple o\ue001 years ago, I had absolutely no idea that it would be so consuming\u2014in both time and energy,\u201d she said. \u201cI was \ue001ortunate enough to be able to take essentially a two- year sabbatical \ue001rom my business to work \ue001ulltime on a pro-bono basis \ue001or our com- munity. But my partners need me to \ue001ocus on our business projects \ue001or a while.\u201d

Riddle added that her husband, James Riddle, also deserved a rest \ue001rom \u201csupport- ing a partner that works late into the night on community council issues and then lays awake nights brainstorming ways to move community initiatives \ue001orward.\u201d

Though none o\ue001 the other community
council members disagree that Riddle

New East Mill Creek Community
Council Chair Blake Keithley with
\ue001ormer Chair Leslie Riddle

Continued page 11 \u201cVoice Heard\u201d
ESTIMATEplusan additional
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Sponsored by the Heart Failure Prevention and
Treatment Program at the Heart Institute at
Intermountain Medical Center.

Continued page 11 \u201cHomeless\u201d
Millcreek Journal
January 14, 2010
Page 3
H\ue000Sports H

included: Sydni Johansen, \ue000rst place in the 200 \ue001ree, Maria Amirkhanashvili, second in 200 \ue001ree, and Angela Bennion, second in 100 \ue001ree.

Boys top \ue000nishers included Pizac, \ue000rst place in 100 butterfy and second in 200 in- dividual medley; David Amirkhanashvili, second in 50 \ue001ree; Smith, second in 100 \ue001ree; Burbidge, second in 100 butterfy; and Hiro Yoshigi, 10, second in 500 \ue001ree.

The Eagles competed with rival Hunter High School Jan. 7 in a \u201cPink Meet\u201d \ue001und- raiser event. The teams sold eco-\ue001riendly water bottles at the meet, with all proceeds going to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Skyline will \ue001ace number one-ranked Brighton in a 28-year-old \u201cBattle \ue001or the Paddle\u201d competition at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center Jan. 19 at 3:30 pm. The Eagles \ue001ace West Jan. 21 be\ue001ore competing in the Region 2 championships Jan. 30 at Murray Park and the 5A state \ue000- nals at BYU Feb. 12-13.

By Mary Kaelin

Skyline\u2019s swim team battled through nine matches to complete the \ue000rst part o\ue001 its\u2019 season, with the perennial championship girls\u2019 team 8-0-1 and the boys\u2019 team earning a 5-4 record. \u201cWe have a lot o\ue001 young kids,\u201d said head coach Joe Pereira, whose team is made up o\ue001 mostly underclassmen. \u201cWe have had a lot o\ue001 teaching to do.\u201d

The girls\u2019 team is currently ranked third
in state, and the boys are in sixth place.

\u201cThe kids are going \ue001ast,\u201d said Pereira. \u201cThey have had a 45 percent improvement in per\ue001ormance. But we are still learning to compete. They have to want it more than the other team.\u201d

Skyline took \ue000rst place against both Alta Dec. 15 and at the Granite District champi- onships Dec. 18, and set 96 new best times and \ue001our new best relay times between the two matches.

At the district championships, the girls 200 \ue001reestyle relay and 400 \ue001ree relay teams both took \ue000rst place (Sydni Johansen, 11, Maria Amirkhanashvili, 12, Angela Ben- nion, 12, and Natalie Bennion, 10,) and the 200 medley relay team took second (Erin Hayes, 12, Britni Johansen, 9, Keti Amirkha- nashvili, 11, and Rachel Locke, 12.)

The boys\u2019 400 \ue001ree relay team \ue000nished \ue000rst, (Douglas Pizac, 12, David Amirkha- nashvili, 9, Ian Smith and Howie Burbidge, 12) and the 200 medley relay team took second place (Amirkhanashvili, Smith, Bur- bidge and Travis Mitchell, 9.)

Individual results \ue001or the girls\u2019 team
Skyline swimmers learn
to compete
Swimmers clear the block as Skyline competes against
Mountain Crest in a pre-season home meet Nov. 19.
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Boys Events:
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Second\ue000place\ue000in\ue000200\ue000free\ue000(Shawn\ue000
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Sixth\ue000place\ue000in\ue000100\ue000butter\ue001y\ue000(Felipe\ue000
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Ninth\ue000place\ue000in\ue00050\ue000free\ue000(Ryan\ue000
\ue000 \u2022\ue00011th\ue000place\ue000in\ue00050\ue000free\ue000(Mike\ue000
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Eighth\ue000place\ue000in\ue000100\ue000free\ue000(Jarom\ue000
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Ninth\ue000place\ue000in\ue000100\ue000free\ue000(Ryan\ue000
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Fi\ue000th place in the boys\u2019 200 medley

relay (Tyler Averett, senior;
Andrew Dun\ue000ord, junior; Reyes,

Freshman Shaylee Howard was also a signi\ue000cant contributor \ue001or the Titans, \ue000n- ishing \ue000rst in both the 200 IM and the 100 \ue001ree. \u201cShe is the \ue001astest swimmer in state in those events,\u201d Go\ue001\ue001e said. \u201cShe has bro- ken several school records.\u201d

Go\ue001\ue001e said the Titans also have the best relay teams they\u2019ve had in years. \u201cThey are ranked \ue000\ue001th or sixth in state,\u201d he said.

\u201cI thought we did really well at the meet,\u201d Go\ue001\ue001e said. \u201cThere are some very strong teams in the district; we were the only 4A team there. The others were mostly 5A.\u201d

The Titans will compete Jan. 23 at Toole \ue001or the region championships be- \ue001ore \ue000nishing the season Feb. 5 and 6 at BYU at the 4A state championship meet.

By Mary Kaelin

Olympus High School was well rep- resented at the Granite District Swimming Championships, held Dec. 18 at the West Valley Family Fitness Center, placing \ue001ourth in overall combined team scoring, with the girls\u2019 team \ue000nishing third and the boys\u2019 \ue000\ue001th.

\u201cThe team is doing well,\u201d said coach Brad Go\ue001\ue001e, who has been coaching at Olympus \ue001or all 16 years that they have had a team. The girls\u2019 team has won all their dual meets, and is ranked second or third in state.\u201d

The girls\u2019 team, led by senior captains Sara Ference and Bailey Bowthorpe, racked up \ue001our \ue000rst place \ue000nishes to contribute to the Titans\u2019 team points. Key \ue000nishes \ue001or Olympus are listed below.

Girls events:
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Third\ue000place\ue000in\ue000200-yard\ue000freestyle;\ue000
third place 500 \ue001ree (Emily Ference)
\ue000 \u2022\ue000First\ue000place\ue000in\ue000100\ue000backstroke;\ue000\ue001rst\ue000

place in 50 meter \ue001reestyle, with the
\ue001astest time in the state at 25.33
(Rachel Spencer \u2013 junior).

\ue000 \u2022\ue000Fourth\ue000place\ue000in\ue000200\ue000IM;\ue000\ue001fth\ue000place\ue000
in 100 butterfy (Melissa Ho\ue001mann \u2013
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Second\ue000place\ue000in\ue000the\ue000200\ue000free\ue000relay\ue000
(Howard, Ho\ue001mann, Ference,
\ue000 \u2022\ue000Fourth\ue000place\ue000in\ue000the\ue000200\ue000medley\ue000

relay (Emily Ference, sophomore;
Madelyn Parker, junior; Mallory
Syphus, junior; Hannah Froerer,

Olympus swim team makes good showing
Andrew Dun\ue000ord, junior, swims the 100 yard butterfy \ue000or Olympus.
First annual community event including
silent auction, entertainment & dinner
Date: Feb. 17
Time: 6 p.m.
Place: Olympus High School,
4055 South 2300 East
Details to \ue001ollow in February issue.
Olympus Baseball
Fundraiser \u201cTake me
out to the Ballgame\u201d

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