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Soal Bhs Inggris

Soal Bhs Inggris



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Published by pi-m

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Published by: pi-m on Apr 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SOAL TRY OUT SMPMATA PELAJARAN BAHASA INGGRIS1.What did Arman write the letter for???a. To ask Reza if she's fine b. To tell Reza if he's just got a letter c. To tell Reza about how to send messaged. To tell Reza that sending message is not very difficult2.For sending message, what should Reza do first?a. Choose the message menu b. Click the word sendc. Search the phone number and click OK d. Choose the message menu and write the message3.Who wrote the letter? ..... did.a. Reza b. Armanc. Arman's brother d. Reza's sister 4.The statements below are true,
.....a. Reza has a new handphone b. Arman can use HP for smsc. Reza can't send message using his new HPd. Reza ca send message using his new HP5.The word .... in the text above means
at last
a. First b. Secondc. Thirdd. Finally6.Arman: Is this new handphone yours?Reza: Yes, my daddy bought it last week as my birthday gift.Arman: Do your parents always buy you birthday gift every year?Reza: Sure. They do love me, you know.Jl. Seruni 82 JombangJanuary, 4 th 2008Dear Reza,How are you today? I hope you are fine.I've just got your letter, and I write you back hurriedly. Okay Reza, I will help you to tell about “Howto send message using your new HP, so you can use it quickly.Actually, it is not difficult. Follow these instructions :First, choose the message menu, then write the message. After that, click the word “
” and the HPwill show you the phone number. Search the phone number that you want to send your message, andfinally just click “
”.It's very easy, right? But if you still find difficulty please contact me again.Good luck!Love,Arman
Arman: ........My parents dom't buy me anything in my birthday.It doesn't mean that they do not love me, but they are not rich like your parents. a. What a pity you areb. How lucky you arec. How lazy you ared. What a jealous parents they are
The Safeway to go 24 hours ServiceWe will serve youPlaza Kb. Jeruk Blok E No. 12Jl. Raya PerjuanganJakarta 11970
530- 74717.The text advertise .....a. Plaza b. Cars servicec. Cars rentald. Jakarta's Safeway8.The word .... in the text is the antonym of the word
a. Safe b. willc. Served. Rent9.The purpose of the text above is to .... the readers to rent a car.a. Entertain b. Debatec. Persuaded. Negotiate10.Tourist: How long have you been a driver in this company?Driver: .......................You speak very quicklyTourist: Okay. Let me slow down. How long have you been a driver in this company?Driver: Okay. I can understand you now. Five yearsa. Very good b. I beg your pardonc. I'm gladd. I am sorry to hear that.11.The following traffic sign means .......a. We may turn around b. We may not turn aroundc. We must turn rightd. We must turn left
1. No smoking2. No eating or drinking3. All passenger must be seated or holding on to a hadrall4. Stand clear of doors5. Bags and parcels must be clear from aisles6. Do not talk to or distract the bus driver 7. Not objects are to protrude outside window8. Not standing on or climbing over seats9. Do not alight from a moving vehicles10. Ticket must be ready for inspection12.What must passengers be ready for inspection?a. Ticket b. Objectsc. Bagsd. Parcels13.From the text above we know that passengers are not allowed to ...... the driver.a. Converse with b. Ask help toc. Look atd. Sit next to14.Read this short paragraph and guess what animal is described.It can fly but it is not a bird. It likes fruit. It never stands on a branch of a tree. It hangs.What animal is it?a. An eagle b. A grasshopper c. A batd. A fly
Wise Water Laundry
- Choose one that has a high water efficiency rating, when purchasing a washing machine.- Choose a front loading washing machine which uses up to 60 percent less water, 30 percent lessenergy and 50 percent less detergent compared to top loading machine.- Delay washing until you have a full load of clothes.- Limit detergent use and choose environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, phosphorus freedetergents.(Sources: www. epa.qld.gov.au)15.“Choose one that has a high water efficiency rating when purchasing a washing machine.”(sentence 1)The underlined word means ......a. Selecting b. Operatingc. Buyingd. Using16.To reduce the use of water when laundering we can do the following, except .....a. Delay washing until we have full load of clothes b. Choose washing machine which uses less detergent.c. Wash whenever we have dirty clothes.d. Choose a washing machine with high water efficiency rating

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