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Economics_Review 2009

Economics_Review 2009



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Published by John Siraut
What Colin Buchanan Economics did in 2009
What Colin Buchanan Economics did in 2009

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Published by: John Siraut on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Transport economics
Identiying and assessing the wider social and economic impacts otransport investments and policies is where CB Economics is at theoreront o innovation and practical application in the UK. Theseskills were widely applied and received considerable publicity in2009.
Paul Buchanan
directed a study or the British Chambers oCommerce quantiying the economic impacts o hub airports in theUK and hence the economic impact o building Heathrow Airport’sthird runway. With a press conerence launch, the study was widelyreported in the media with a ollow-on article in The Times. Theresults were also presented at separate seminars to key sta withinDT and TL. Other airport work saw an assessment o the economicimpact o Waterord airport in Ireland on the regional economy onbehal o the airport operator.We continue to be asked to advise on Crossrail related matters. Thishas included updating the Wider Economic Benefts (Agglomeration)element o the economic case or the whole project and advisingon the regeneration impacts o additional stations along the route.A longer term project has been the development o the case and justifcation or seeking £300m in S106 contributions towardsCrossrail rom developers. This included
 John Siraut
providingevidence to the examination in public o alterations to the LondonPlan.Building on our Crossrail expertise, Paul and
Kieran Arter
undertookthe economic appraisal o the DART Underground programme inDublin including the frst application o Wider Economic Benefts inIreland. This showed that the wider benefts o DART Undergroundwould be substantial, signifcantly boosting the case or the scheme.Adding to previous work, we undertook a detailed economicassessment o trafc signals or GLA Economics with the resultspresented at a packed conerence at City Hall which was describedas “a ascinating presentation” by the Guardian which showed theoverall economic benefts o trafc signals are signifcant but thereis also an economic case or removing or switching o some trafcsignals at less busy times. The same conerence also heard about ourrelated work or London First on the economic impacts o road workswhich sets out alternative ways o incentivising utility companies andhighway authorities to reduce the time taken or road works therebyreducing the associated congestion disbenefts.Having advised in 2008 on the wider economic and social impactso the Humber Bridge tolls, this year saw a similar exercise beingundertaken in relation to the tolls on the Mersey Road Tunnels by
Ryan Emmett
.Other transport economic work o note included the economicappraisal o the Olympic Route Network and the Tottenham HaleGyratory which led to a successul unding application to centralgovernment. In addition we contributed the transport and economicinputs to a Policy Exchange research project examining the potentialto enhance passenger services on the River Thames (launched in theNew Year by Boris Johnson) and work or Newham setting out theeconomic case or Eurostar international services calling at Stratord.
Public realm
Our ground breaking work on valuing enhancements to the publicrealm and the economic appraisal o walking and cycling continues tolead to new work.The year saw
Chelsea Dosad
conclude a three year evaluationproject or One NorthEast capturing the impact o quality o placeinvestments across the region (these include a range o investmentsin cultural acilities, streetscapes, parks and other public realm).Whilst or London Parks we developed a methodology to assist theprioritisation o capital and maintenance spending based on thebenefts to park users. For Canary Whar Ltd we investigated theeconomic and fnancial easibility o new Isle o Dogs erry services.Despite the economic downturn CB Economics continued to successully deliver high quality and innovative projects to a wide range o clients.Some o the year’s highlights are set out below.

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