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GMAT Critical Reasoning

GMAT Critical Reasoning

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Published by corperSHUN

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Published by: corperSHUN on Jan 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reading Comprehension / Sentence Correctionand Critical Reasoning
GMAT Reading Comprehension
14 Questions
GMAT Sentence Correction
17 Questions
GMAT Critical Reasoning
10 Questions
GMAT Reading Comprehension
Questions 1- 4 are based on the following passage.
The cutting-edge science is ringing alarm bells. Avian flu virus picked up by pigs can swapgenetic materials with another flu virus already in the pig and become a new, hithertounknown flu virus for which no person, no animal has preexisting immunity. The kind ofvirus causes a pandemic because it spreads from human to human.
If you took a peek into history, it turns out that previous influenza pandemics have similarscenarios. The greatest influenza pandemic in 1918 caused more than 20 million deaths ofsoldiers stationed in France. The last influenza pandemic was in 1968, known as the HongKong flu (H3N2). Thousands of deaths and millions were infected worldwide.The other examples are the Nipah virus and Japanese Encephalitis virus, which find pigsto be good hosts. With JE, the virus circulates in the blood of infected pigs. When infectedpigs are bitten by Culex mosquitoes, the virus replicates in the mosquito's gut. The nexttime the mosquito bites a human, the virus is passed on. The pig doesn't get sick as such.The Nipah virus causes pneumonia symptoms in pigs. In humans, it causes encephalitis,and humans catch it only with direct contact with infected pigs. Symptoms range from mildheadache to permanent brain damage, and can be fatal.
It's merely a phenomenon of nature that the pig is the "mixing vessel" for the new germ.But make no mistake, the pig is not the villain, neither is the chicken. It's actually us, andour horrible farm practices, outdated agricultural policy and, most of all, reckless disregardof our ecology and environment. "Hygiene and management can control what eventuallyhappens," says Lam. "Good farming practice will prevent serious outbreaks and infectionto humans." Despite knowing that, animal diseases and the possibility of transmission tohumans are becoming quite alarming. Of the 35 new emerging diseases in the last 20years, more than 70 per cent involved animals.
In fact, what we may have done is unwittingly create the perfect launch pad for aninfluenza pandemic that will likely kill large numbers of people across the globe. Althoughscientists say it's impossible to predict the odds that the virus will alter its genetic formradically enough to start leaping from human to human, the longer H5N1 is out there killingchickens, the higher the chances are.
1. Which of the following statement can be inferred from the passage?
(A) New emerging diseases causes more deaths of human than animal.(B) Animals are the villain for most flues.
(C) Hygiene and management can not control the spread of viruses.
(D) The current bird flu epidemic may be a launch pad for the next influenza pandemic.
(E) The influenza pandemic is always a regional phenomenon.

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