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minutes Food Systems 02 21 2008

minutes Food Systems 02 21 2008

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Published by jsantana

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Published by: jsantana on Apr 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meeting Minutes
Action Team Name:
Food Systems
Meeting Date:
Allison Harris
 Note Taker name:
Ann Rojas
Telephone #:
215-386-5211 ext. 108
:Brown, Linda (Awbury Arboretum)Bryant, Brenda (West Phila Consortium,PARCC, Monumental Efforts CDC)Byrnes, John (Penn State Coop Extn.)Cornfield, Shana (The Food Trust)Cotton Sr., Russell (Sayre Morris RecCenter)Gibson, Taraya (Phila Dept. of PublicHealth)Harris, Allison (The Food Trust)Ingram, KarlMsomi, Nomfundo (The Food Trust)Parrot, Mary Clare (Penn State Extn./LaSalle Univ. student)Rojas, Annie (White Dog CommunityEnterprises)Santana, Abbie (Thomas JeffersonUniversity)Weidman, John (The Food Trust)Weiss, Norman (Weavers’ Way Co-op)
Agenda ItemDiscussion: Main PointsFollow-up Actions/StatusResponsibilityDeadlineIntroductions
AnnouncementsParticipants introduced themselves and madeannouncements
Karl- looking for diesel auto to convert to biodiesel
Annie- White Dog Community Enterprisesfundraiser- The Brewer’s Plate is March 9Interested persons can contact Annie,(annierojas@whitedog.com) she will forwardyour email to Karl.Interested persons can contact Annie(annierojas@whitedog.com) Not applicableNot applicable
: List examples of synergy provided at meeting
John Weidman met with Brenda during pre-meeting networking. He will arrange FoodTrust presentation for West Phila Consortium
Patrick from the Food Trust made a goodconnection with Mike Basher at Shop Ritethat will help with Fresh Grocer project atProgress Plaza Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Previous Meeting Follow-up
CommunityEngagement/presentationsWebsiteWork planThank you for suggestions of community groups.Staff has begun to make presentations. We areworking with evaluation team to determine if questions, polling etc. are an option. Looking into PUFFA.org, but have other namesreserved. We need a communications intern toassist with developing content and posting it.A draft of the work plan was reviewed. Wediscussed assessment process briefly. AssessmentPlease forward names of groups/organizationsthat need to be engaged in process to Annie(annierojas@whitedog.com
)Anyone with access to a communications internor other volunteer expertise in websitedevelopment, please contact Annie. Not applicableAllAll Not applicableMarch 15, 2008ASAP Not applicable
Agenda ItemDiscussion: Main PointsFollow-up Actions/StatusResponsibilityDeadline
Review of food system visionwill inform planning process.Minutes from the last meeting were distributed andreviewed including definition of a food system andthe preliminary discussion of group vision for foodsystem. Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable
New Topics
Sayre Morris RecreationCenter- presentationRussell and Nomfundo presented an Overview of nutrition efforts at the Recreation Center. Nomfundo heads the youth portion of the HealthyCorner Store Initiative at Food Trust. This summer she worked on exposing youth through photography to their relationships with foodsystem. Sayre was one of the project sites. Shewas able to source local snacks for the rec center once a week. Russell has been involved in thiscommunity since 1979 and has been volunteeringat rec center since then. He was tired of seeingchildren eat “microwave” food and has embracedthe opportunity to have nutrition programming atthe center. The program has helped to exposechildren to good food and inspired them to reportabout their food to peers and their family– cooking program, newspapers etc. are all in the works.Program is currently once a month, ideally itwould be more frequently so that a real differencecould be made. Russell said doing it every week would make good nutrition part of their life, but atleast every two weeks so that the taste of thehealthy food stays with them. Recreation center runs a summer camp too. One field trip included alocal farm. Children got to pick veggies, learnwhere the veggies come from, and bring themhome to eat. Program has been a valuable additionto the center. Recreation Center and Russell arethankful for the work of the Food Trust. Another  program at the center was the Healthy Times paper run by Marion Ulhman that gave children a chanceto do interviews and research articles around foodand nutrition Not applicableNot applicableNot applicableFood Trust corner store work- presentationThis fall Nomfundo worked on a communitycorner store mapping project that walked kidsthrough their community to assess what was foodwas available. They discussed what they saw and Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable
Agenda ItemDiscussion: Main PointsFollow-up Actions/StatusResponsibilityDeadline
made a map of the community food outlets. Mapwas distributed to help kids make healthy snack  purchases. She is currently working in schools onHealthy Corner Store Initiative. This has youth inschools and corner store owners working todevelop marketing materials that develop medialiteracy skills and youth leadership whilechanging the environment in corner stores. FoodTrust research shows that in Phila young people between the ages of 8-12 are getting a majority of their caloric intake from snacks (25% of caloriesfrom corner stores). Kids spending money hasincreased- a majority of that money goes to snacksand fast foods. Nomfundo shared materialsdeveloped during 2004-2006 initiative at 3 storesincluding Snack Smart Comic books. Programwas successful at educating youth on readinglabels and making healthier choices. Currentlyworking with four schools and “good neighbor”corner stores. The project encourages stores togive more shelf space to water, give more singleserving packages and stock fresh fruits andvegetables. During the months of March and Aprilinitiative will develop marketing to promote fruitsalads in good neighbor stores. Marketing varieswith store site/features. Stores were selected after surveys of stores indicated what was available.Community involvement beyond youth has beenminimal, but it is being developed.AH: This is good example of how to engage youthand how the policies that we focus on our plan cansupport programming

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