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Al Furqan by Ibn Taymia

Al Furqan by Ibn Taymia

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Published by Adon

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Published by: Adon on Jan 20, 2010
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Salim Abdallah Ibn Morgan
 Al Furqan – The Criterion between the Allies of the Merciful and the Allies of the Devil2 
Chapter 1 3Chapter 2 5Chapter 3 14Chapter 4 16Chapter 5 20Chapter 6 22Chapter 7 23Chapter 8 25Chapter 9 27Chapter 10 32Chapter 11 42Chapter 12 44Chapter 13 62Chapter 14 71Chapter 15 93
 Al Furqan – The Criterion between the Allies of the Merciful and the Allies of the Devil3 
Chapter 1
 All praise is to Allah. We seek His aid, ask Him for guidance, and ask His forgiveness. We seekrefuge in Allah from the evil which is in ourselves, and the wicked of our actions. Whoever Allahguides none can send astray, and whoever Allah sends astray, none can guide. We testify thatthere is no deity except Allah, alone and with no partner. And, we testify that Muhammad is Hisslave and messenger. He sent him with the guidance and the way of truth so that He (i.e. Allah)might make it predominate over all other ways, and Allah is sufficient as a witness. He sent himpreceding the Hour (
), as a bringer of good tidings, a warner, and a caller to Allah by Hispermission, and as a beacon light. He (Allah) guided with it those who had been lost, and gavesight to those who had been blind, gave uprightness and order to those who had been followingunbridled impulse, He opened unseeing eyes, deaf ears, and sealed hearts. With it, Heestablished the criterion for distinguishing truth from falsehood, guidance from going astray,uprightness from following of whims, the believers from the disbelievers, the joyous people ofparadise and the miserable people of the fire, and the allies of Allah from His enemies. Whoeverthe Prophet (sas) has attested to as being among the allies of Allah, are the
(friends orallies) of the Merciful, and whoever the Prophet has described as being among the enemies ofAllah, are indeed among the enemies of Allah, and are among the
of the
(devil).Allah has explained in His Book, and in the Sunnah of His Prophet that He has
among thepeople and that
also has his
, and He has differentiated between these two typesof
. Allah said:[Indeed, there is no fear upon the awliyaa' of Allah, nor shall they grieve, those who believe andare ever pious in their actions. To them are glad tidings in this life and in the hereafter. There is nochanging the words of Allah. That, then, is the great success.]Qur'an 10/62-64[Allah is the protector (ally) of those who believe, He takes them out of the darknesses into thelight. As for the disbelievers, their allies are the
who take them out of the light and intothe darknesses. Those are the people of the fire, and they will be in it forever.]Qur'an 2/257[O, you who believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are allies of eachother. Whoever among you puts his allegiance with them, is certainly one of them. Allah does notguide a people who oppress. And so, you see those in whose heart is sickness rushing to (makealliances with) them, saying: "We fear being caught in some unfortunate turn of events". PerhapsAllah will bring victory, or something from Him, such that they come to regret that which they hidwithin themselves. And the believers (will) say: "Are these the ones who swore their strongestoaths that they were with you?" Their works have been invalidated, and they have ended up incomplete loss. O, you who believe, whosoever among you turns back from his way (Islam) Allahwill surely bring another people whom He loves and who love Him. (They will be) humble andmerciful with the believers, strong and firm with the disbelievers; they fight in the path of Allah, anddo not fear the blame of those who blame. This is the grace of Allah, and He gives it to whom Hewishes, and Allah is encompassing, knowing of all things. Verily, your (true) ally is Allah, HisProphet, and those who believe; those who establish the prayer, pay the
, and bow in prayer.Whoever puts his allegiance with Allah, His Prophet, and those who believe, the party of Allah aresurely the victorious ones.]Qur'an 5/51-56[Thereupon the only true alliance is with Allah, the Truth, that is the best in reward, and the best infinal results.]Qur'an 18/44

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