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Friend Me- Although We Have Never Met

Friend Me- Although We Have Never Met

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Published by Daniel Abshear
Excellent advice from a legal agent I had never met who emailed me this information after I contacted him about my restraining order abuse ordeal presently.
Excellent advice from a legal agent I had never met who emailed me this information after I contacted him about my restraining order abuse ordeal presently.

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Published by: Daniel Abshear on Jan 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As some know, I've been going through hell right now due to domestic issues.There are those on certain social websites who never met me who are aware ofmy pain. Carey Stronach is one of them. He reached out to me recently to offera friend of his in my time of need, and he is clearly is an excellent legal agent.This is character. This is what we do when no one is looking. This is how we actwithout the slightest possibility of receiving something in return. Thank youCarey. And I thank your friend who wrote the following:Dear Dan,My heart goes out to you. Unfortunately, it is the same story I hear a hundredtimes a year -- but the names are different. Your specifics certainly sound asthough your ex was "trained" on how to use (actually "abuse") the system. Whysettle for half in a divorce when you can get it all and not even have to gothrough a divorce trial?There has been a disturbing change over the past 30 years in the US, and theworld, for that matter -- whereby "the rule of law" and the sanctity of familyhas given way to new social engineering schemes, unintended consequences ofgood intentions, deluded political ideology and sometimes outright viciousselfishness.Over the years, the latter have manipulated themselves into the system,garnering $100K-$250K per year each in taxpayer funded salaries and increasedtheir numbers by the thousands, with like-minded individuals whose solepurpose is to protect and increase their salaries by wildly exaggerating aminuscule problem and tweaking the laws to eviscerate the Constitution andbankrupt men to keep them from mounting adequate legal defense.Part of the scheme is to paint you as unstable, dangerous and to emotionallyand financially devastate you so that their false allegations appear to be true.It is hard to appear sane and rational when the full weight of the governmentand free lawyers with unlimited taxpayer funds allocate every single resourceto terminate your natural and Constitutionally protected rights.Sadly, the evolution of this travesty has included "federal incentives" to theStates to comply and aggressively pursue this unconscionable course of action.The family destruction machine that now exists is practically unbeatable unlessyou have substantial financial resources and even then, success is not alwayscertain. Even if you are successful, the damage done to the child(ren) isirreversible.Without funds, you will be forced to compromise yourself and admit to
falsehoods merely so you can be allowed to be a "visitor" in your child's life andin so doing, become an indentured servant to the very machine that destroyedyour, and your child's life.My advice to you is to bail. Get out of the jurisdiction. Get out of the countrybefore they revoke your ability to flee their slavery and cancel your passport.They already have you and there is no winning and there is no escape.This is not "abandoning your daughter." This is the only thing you can do to saveyour relationship with your daughter and preserve any assets that you might beable to assist her with in the future.Child support is the only form of transfer of funds to a fiduciary, trustee orguardian where there is no requirement that the funds be spent for theirintended purpose, no accountability, no penalty for misuse and no penalty forthe outright theft of the funds.The woman that you will have to pay has already demonstrated that she doesnot have one ounce of comprehension or care for "the best interests of thechild." Why on earth would you assume that she would suddenly start caringwith regard to money you send for the child?She won't. This is not to mention all the other expenses you will incur attendinganger management classes, probably substance abuse classes, probation fees,court costs, etc. Thousands of leeches depend upon your family's destructionfor their livelihood.If you extricate yourself from the situation and get out of the jurisdiction, youcan save money for your daughter and her needs. It is the only way you can beassured that the money will go to her instead of lawyers, social workers andthe ex.You already know that she will not stop dragging you through the system untilyou are obliterated. You have to get out. One example is Mexico, where I live.The cost of living is low, technology is high and they can't touch you here.My standard of living is substantially higher than in the US, but at a fraction ofthe cost. And, my weather is the best in the world.Now, the good news. Kids are smart. They see what is going on around themand have an inherent sense of right and wrong. Your daughter will one day seethe vicious nature of what her mother did -- all on her own.She will figure it out. Make sure you never point it out. She will figure it out.Women know how other women are. You need to only point to the system andhow they make mistakes and that you wanted to protect her and her assets

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