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Dr. Liara M. Covert

Dr. Liara M. Covert

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Published by miltonwcraft
The Spiritual Bookshelf with Dr. Liara M. Covert
The Spiritual Bookshelf with Dr. Liara M. Covert

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Published by: miltonwcraft on Jan 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modern shamans have diverse origins, but they all aim to guide you to your own creative and healing powers.These spiritual teachers urge you to take responsibility for your feelings and perceptions. As sages, they steer  you to align with your intention. As you become more conscious and deliberate, you discover what you can doto cope better with life as you perceive and understand it. You begin to realize psychic development comes as you strengthen intuition. Learn to listen to your higher self. As you slowly dissolve your inner critic, youawaken dormant abilities you have always had. Without insight, you do not rediscover your true nature.
 ~Dr. Liara M. CovertAnyone who knows me knows that Dr. Liara Covert is one of my favoriteauthors. She has moved me to tears, changed my thinking, and made me leapfor joy simply by reading the words she writes so eloquently from her heart.Her words are conceptual, applicable, and worthy of contemplation. Her voice,while consuming and strong, are at the core filled with TRUTH. It is this corefoundation of truth that has prompted my own deeper connection with the guruwithin and heightened of awareness to the magic of the infinite field. For thisreason, I humbly share my interview with Dr. Liara Covert with each of you asshe talks in-depth about her newest book,
Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within
The Infinite Field Magazine page 95 
Synolve: Why did you write this book?Dr. Liara:Self-Disclosure writes itself. It is the vehicle I use to remember, to explore, confront, and detach from emotions bubbling up inside, to reframe challenges and uncertainty. The more things change, the more things seem to stay thesame until you are willing to recognize ingrained patterns and move beyond them. This book is an exercise. Ichoose to take new levels of personal responsibility for my life and ultimately choose lessons in love and acceptanceto grasp purpose in feeling fear and rejection. Life experience teaches me the way we change our outer world isthrough being willing to get-to-know our inner world and realizing certain mental habits need to change. As I growand shift, my sense of the truth changes. I realize that change is perpetual and I can choose to accept and surrender or resist and experience other things. Each one has a purpose.Synolve: What is your main objective for this book and for the readers?Dr. Liara:The dialogue that unfolds in this book is perceived by readers in different ways. Some people sense it is a dialogueinvolving the author and a conscience. Other people begin to sense one voice is their own and another is the higher self, divine energy or pure consciousness. People are encouraged to be open to what is unfolding. The quotes by145 mentors set the stage. People tell me they do not always read this book cover to cover right away. They like toskim the table of contents or end-of-book questionnaires. Some people say they read it and then refer to sectionsrelevant to particular periods of their lives. I encourage people to read it earnestly. It is based on life experiences.Synolve: Who are you trying to reach with this book?Dr. Liara:This book invites people to be aware of their fears and reluctance to change. I invite people to view themselves notas the person they resist or dislike, but who they truly are. As people realize that their life is the cause and how theyfeel is the effect, they are empowered to change their thoughts, feelings, and circumstances in their way at their  pace. It is the kind of book that comes into the scope of awareness of people ready to be more honest withthemselves, ready to reclaim inner power, innate wisdom and pure joy.Synolve: Why do you believe the themes and lessons in this book are so important today?Dr. Liara:More and more people are recognizing fear, discomfort, and negativity offer meaningful messages. Yet, they are notalways clear how to decide what to do about them. Humans are conditioned by society to search outside themselvesfor guidance rather than turn inward and trust their own intuition. People are not conditioned to believe self-honestyis easy. They are taught to conceal their feelings, to think with the logical, judgmental mind, rather than feelunconditionally with the heart. They forget self-disclosure not only enables them to transcend fear, it opens them tonew degrees of fulfillment and satisfaction. How would you like to know that you literally attract to you what youthink about? This goes further than the law of attraction and material things. It brings up karma, dormantsupernatural abilities and many other issues explored in the book.
The Infinite Field Magazine page 96 
The Infinite Field Magazine page 97 
Synolve: Can people really change their lives, if so how?Dr. Liara:Change begins with the thought and recognizing the power of personalintention.
Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within
is set up in so that lessonsframe each chapter and the many sections end with questions. Readers areinvited to journal their own answers to add context in their own lives. At theend of the book, readers are offered questionnaires they can fill out in the book or photocopy to share or exchange with loved ones. This exercise can be usedalone or to build trust and strengthen relationships.Synolve: Why is self-discovery so important?Dr. Liara:People forget who they are. It is never too late to awaken to the power of this moment. To realize what you forgetenables you to tap into limitless potential.Synolve: Is self-discovery more important than being swept up in the illusion of religion?Dr. Liara:To answer this question draws attention to the word, ‘importance.’ When you reach a mental place where nothing ismore important than anything else, then you master the ego and tame the judgment that is known to emerge fromillusions such as insecurity. Of course, not everyone exists from this place as of yet.Religion has different meanings for different people. It is often associated with some kind of external belief systemwhich is imposed to control how you think or behave. When you reconnect with your true self, you begin toreclaim your inner power. This means you move from adopting external beliefs, to peeling them away as yououtgrow them. This is part of a process of self-discovery. Moving toward greater self-acceptance means detachingfrom anything that urges you to believe you are something you are not. As you choose to stop living by other  people’s standards or expectation, you create presence. You choose to live in the now. Fear does not exist. Love isa timeless companion.Synolve: Why do you believe people are hurting so much and so deeply? Why are people experiencing so much pain in their lives?Dr. Liara:People invite into their lives not what they want but what they are or reflections of how they feel. I sense people aregrowing more conscious of discomfort because they are allowing themselves to be aware of being disloyal tothemselves, their intuition and what feels right. This acknowledgement is very courageous. Some people begin tosense they attract to them what they do not want as part of the process of moving closer to experience what they do.All pain is linked back to denial of the present, of where people are at this moment. Negativity only lives in a senseof the past or is imagined in a hypothetical future. To realize this is to remember you have choices to collectwisdom.

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