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The Whigs Are Back

The Whigs Are Back

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Published by William Cerf

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Published by: William Cerf on Jan 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The WHIGS Are Back 
Why on earth does anyone think that the Modern Whig Party, which was founded byveterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, and continues to be recognized for its commonsense, rational solutions ahead of partisan bickering or ideology be any moresuccessful than the Reform, Natural Law, Libertarian, Green, Unity08 and other effortsto dislodge the two party duopoly? I believe that there are two reasons why the ModernWhig Party will succeed where the others have failed. One, we are thoroughlygrounded in common sense, rational solutions to real problems and are deeplycommitted to ending the division, bickering and ideology that has plagued our politicalsystem for years. The second reason is timing. Timing is everything in politics and NOW people are ready for the answer folks to come along with common sensesolutions. People are beginning to finally wake up and see that our political system isfailing. It is up to us – We the People, to use a hackneyed term, to come up withsolutions. No one else is going to do it for us! Gandhi once said that we need to be thechange we want to see in the world. The Modern Whig Party is composed of peoplefrom all walks of life and all political ideas who are committed to finding commonsense solutions, to being The Answer People. We are Republicans, Democrats,Independents of all kinds, Decline to State and folks who haven’t registered or voted inyears, who are energized by our collective efforts. We hope that YOU will look at our website, see what we have to say and consider joining the Modern Whig Party in theeffort to reclaim America.See http://www.modernwhig.orgFor New York Residents see:http://www.nywhig.orgWilliam Cerf 439 East 21
Street, 1
Floor Brooklyn, NY 11226-6003Phone: 718-928-3860e-mail:william.cerf@gmail.com

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