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Island Eye News - January 22, 2010

Island Eye News - January 22, 2010

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Volume 5 Issue 19
Volume 5 Issue 19

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Jan 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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don’t know how wecould do this if wedidn’t home school,”smiled Theresa Thomas asshe watched her ten yearold daughter, FionaKent, carefully placeanother handfulof bird seed ona short concretepedestal.During the wet winter storm of lateDecember, Fiona,her mother andGirl Scout leaderElizabeth Anderegg,a naturalist withMount Pleasant-based NatureAdventures, sloggedthrough mud and
deantly hacked
away thornythickets and brambles infront of the Poe Library onSullivan’s Island to create apeaceful place for island birdsto rest. The project was oneof the requirements for theGirl Scout Bronze Award, thehighest honor a Junior GirlScout can achieve. To earnthe Bronze Award, Fiona was required to completeseveral steps, the biggest of  which was to conceptualizeand implement a communityproject that would require atleast 15 hours worth of workto complete. With Fiona’spassion for birds alreadytaking her on exploratory
 walks to nd new species,
it didn’t take long for her tocome up with the idea for abird sanctuary on Sullivan’sIsland.Crafted from several
unnished bird houses
left over from aprevious Girl Scoutproject, Fionatook it upon
her to nish
the tiny structures with the help of herdad, and as theycompleted each one,Fiona painted themto look like differentbuildings in a smalltown. There’s aschool house, agrocery store, abird feed store andeven a restaurantcalled “Taste of Seeds”. Nearby, another treerepresents the neighborhooddistrict, with private homesand boarding houses fordifferent types of birds, and inthe distance, a beautiful littleretreat is available by thename of “Balsam MountainInn”. There’s even a solitary,
camouaged bird house
tacked to a palm tree acrossthe library’s open front lawn.Fiona hopes that an EasternBluebird will one day chooseto live there. “They like open
elds,” she explained, then
frowned. “At least, they like
Northern retreats
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Beach House Spa
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New Years greetings
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Inside Island Eye
R S  OR S  NDRD U S  O S  GI  D C HR S  O N , S  C RMI   N O 4 3 7 
Jnury 22, 2010Volum 5 Issu 19
Since May 2005
Sullivn’s Islnd
Isl of plms
got Islnd
Dws IslndFRees
Fiona's birds
on  15
By KristinHacKler
 The Very Reverend John B. Burwell, Rectorof Church of the Holy Cross, opened the
ofcial inauguration ceremony for the new
Isle of Palms Council members with a brief invocation, followed by a presentation of colors by the Isle of Palms Fire Department.Following the pledge of allegiance, CityAdministrator Linda Luvvorn Tucker pointedout the handsome new uniforms being wornby the Fire Department before calling on MarieCopeland to start the swearing in process.In short order, Mayor Dick Cronin and CityCouncil members Barbara Bergwerf, J. MartinBettelli, Alexander D. Stone, III and Douglas
A. Thomas were sworn into ofce, with their
respective spouses holding the Bible as theyrecited the oath. As they left the stand, eachCouncil member gave their wife or husband asweet, brief kiss before taking their seat.Water and Sewer Commission members were sworn in following the Council, with
Marie Copeland reading the oath of ofce to
new Commission members John Ferrell and Jay Leigh.“I was told a couple of weeks ago thatevery inauguration its either cold, raining orboth,” smiled Mayor Cronin as he opened the
ofcial Council meeting. “Tonight is about
citizens working toward the greater good of a community. Those who have come forwardare committed to keeping our island the trulyincredible place that it is, and I look forwardto more stepping forward in the future.” The Mayor went on to thank “Team IOP”,comparing the inner workings of the City
staff to a nely tuned symphony and City
Administrator Linda Tucker as the multi-talented maestro. “Each employee and eachdivision knows their part and each helpseach other,” he said. “It is truly a symphonyin action when you see the City in action.”Mayor Cronin also thanked the Water andSewer Commission, noting with a laugh that,“You bring it to us and you take it away.”After remarking that the inauguration was very uplifting, setting the groundworkfor a great future, Mayor Cronin motioned to
afrm the Committee assignments as read
at the previous meeting: Ways and Means – Entire Council; Personnel – Marty Bettelli,Ralph Piening and Doug Thomas; PublicSafety – Barbara Bergwerf, Marty Bettelli andMichael Loftus; Public Works – Brian Duffy,Sandy Stone and Doug Thomas; Recreation – Barbara Bergwerf, Ryan Buckhannon andBrian Duffy; and Real Property Committee – Dick Cronin, Michael Loftus and SandyStone. The assignments were approved with
2 January 22, 2010
on  3
Isl of plms municil inuurtions – Jnury 5, 2010
(above) Mayor Cronin thanks the IOP staff for a great 2009. (left) Congratulatory cake for the
new elected ofcials.
Dear Editor,Who's the knucklehead whodecided to run the photo of theoffensive Tiger Woods getup?Don't the comedy showsalready have enough fodderfrom South Carolina? Let's notgive them more.Mic Smith
Isle of Palms, SC ________________________ 
Dear Editor, The person wearing the TigerWoods costume and "Where arethe white women?" sign at thePolar Plunge smacks us in theface and reminds us that racial wisecracks and caricatures stillpersist. That someone felt comfortableshowcasing that kind of uglyhumor at a public event isstunning. That
The Island Eye 
 News ran the image in a galleryof photos from the Polar Plunge"presenting it as if it hadan acceptable place at thecelebration" shows abysmal judgment. My husband andI talked about this with ourchildren while looking overthe
Island Eye 
at Sullivan'sas we waited to eat. Wehope we made it a teachablemoment. Maybe all of us canlearn something from themistake.Susan Smith
IOP resident 
Council members Buckhannonand Stone voting against.Cronin then motioned thatthe Boards and Commissionsappointments be accepted asread at the previous meeting:Accommodations Tax AdvisoryCommittee – re-appointment of Margaret Miller; Board of ZoningAppeals – re-appointment of Arnold Karig and Tom Miller;Code Board of Appeals – re-appointment of Ann Sherill;and Planning Commission – re-appointment of Ron Denton andthe appointment of Noel Scott,Diane Oltorik and Bev Ballow. The assignments were approved with Council members Bettelli,Buckhannon and Stone votingagainst. The appointments of the City’s
legal ofcials – City Attorney
Sterling Halverson, City Judge Jeanette Harper, AssistantCity Judge Barry Holden andLivability Judge Michael Molony – were approved unanimously,followed by Council memberMarty Bettelli being appointed toserve on the CARTA board, MikeLoftus to serve on the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Councilof Governments, and MayorCronin to serve on the CHATScommittee.Before closing the meeting,Mayor Cronin took a momentto run through several of theIsle of Palms’ accomplishmentsover the past year, including thecompletion of the public safetybuilding, the marina bulkheadreplacement, the 41
and PalmBlvd. demonstration movingto a permanent arrangement,the beach restoration project,enforcement of the beachdebris ordinance, the MunicipalAssociation Award for the City’se-newsletter, and the island’srecognition as one of the top 10beaches of the south by
Southern Living 
magazine. “And need Imention,
magazine?”Cronin asked in reference to theIsle of Palms being rated one of the Sexiest Beaches in America. The room burst into laughter.Finally, Cronin noted that theFire and Police departments’ annual reports highlight the manyactivities that both departmentsare actively participating in tokeep the island safe and secure.“Reading [the reports] makes youproud of those serving on ourbehalf,” said Cronin. “They’re veryrevealing and I encourage you toread them and see what’s going onaround our island.” He also notedthat the Building Departmentshave had a stellar year andthe Recreation Department“continues to keep the young andnot-so -young entertained andhealthy.” He concluded by statingthat he and the Council are proudof the City staff for such a stellar2009.
The complete list of the Isle of Palms’ 2009 accomplishments,as well as the department annual reports, are available on the City’s website, www.iop.net.
 January 22, 2010
from  2
Isl of Palms886-6428www.iop.nt
Tuesday, January 26
City Council
6pm1207 Palm Boulevard
Wednesday, February 3
Public Works Committ Mting
4pm1303 Palm Boulevard
Thursday, February 4
Ral Proprty Committ
8:30am1207 Palm Boulevard
Liability Court
5pm1207 Palm Boulevard
Sullian's Island883-3198www.sulliansisland-sc.com
Monday, January 25
Spcial Council -
Community Commercial District 
6pm2520 Middle Street
Wednesday, January 27
Tr Commission
6:3071610 Middle Street
Monday, February 1
Committs of Council
6pm1610 Middle Street
Tuesday, February 2
Municipal Court
10am1610 Middle Street
Civic Calendar 
Rcycl -
Wednesday, January 27 -
 Letters to the Editor...
Lynn pirottipublishr 
Kristin Hcklr editor 
Swn Richrdsgrhic Dsinr 
ali akhyriassistnt editor 
Lori Dltonadvrtisin
Chls Lnnadvrtisin
elli Smithgrhic Intrn
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Lucky Dog Publishingof SC, LLC
Publisher of the
Island Eye News 
The Island Connection 
The Folly Current 
th id e n,  ho od bd- o lk Dog Pbhg o soh collc,   , dpd pp pb-hd  o k d  o d boh i o Pm, s’ id, Go idd D id. cop  md  o hg o   mbox  o og d  o b   bd b bpo o o-d. sbp-o  $30 p  o o-d d b b dg  hk o lkDog Pbhg, llc, P.O. Box 837, s’id, sc 29482. cobo o omo,p d   omd d d odg o p mo d  d o b d xp b pq. O do o  pmddd o h  o dbo; d p op o  b ho  o h hid e n mk. Op-d  do o
necessarily reect the opinion of 
lk Dog n, o  . a dg   d :.d.omd “dg”.
Dear readers,I would like to apologize for the recent picture of a Tiger Woods costume run as part of our coverage of this year's Polar Bear Swim on Sullivan's Island. I did not intend to insult or imply anything by running the picture. At the time, the topic was such a social issue that I did not think twice before including it among the many pictures of this year's Plunge. The responsibility for running the picture was entirely mine, as our  publisher, Lynn Pierotti, was unable to preview it before we went to print.Again, I deeply apologize if I caused any offense and invite anyone who would like to speak with me further about the issue to contact me directly at kristin@luckydognews.com.Sincerely,Kristin Hackler 
managing editor

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