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Digital Visions

Digital Visions

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Published by api-26003901

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Published by: api-26003901 on Jan 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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During the last decade, we’ve seen social and digitalmedia move from being purely the domain of tech-savvytypes into a mainstream phenomenon. All you need todo is consider one statistic: Twitter was mentioned ontelevision nearly 20,000 times in 2009, according toSnapStream. As a result, companies are investing in itand – slowly – seeing results.Given the hype, much attention has turned to guessingwhat will become “the next Twitter.” It’s ample fodderfor tech and marketing pundits, the media and clients- especially at the beginning of a new year and a newdecade.However, in many ways this is the wrong question to ask.Where once it was hard to sleuth out emerging platformslike Twitter, YouTube and Facebook before they grew, nowthey just seem to surface out of nowhere. You’ll know thenext Twitter when you see it. The bigger opportunity for clients, we believe, is to identifythe global societal and technological trends that arereshaping how we think, act and buy - and to pivot intothem early. Trends today tend to develop more slowlyand are harder to see, allowing clients to take a morethoughtful, thorough and systematic approach.
In the following pages you will find 10 essays on suchtrends written by some of the smartest thinkers in digitalmarketing. These ideas, when looked at together, revealfour key themes:
The shift to digital technologies by both consumersand marketers is now global and pervasive across allaspects of our life and growing daily.
Our engagement with each other is migrating rapidlyfrom computer to handset.
Companies (and organized interests) are justbeginning to wake up to the engagement imperative- and how to fund and develop it over time.
And finally, the future is about carefully using the datapeople generate to make smarter decisions, whileadhering to concerns over privacy.We hope you enjoy our 10 ideas for the new decade. Wewelcome you to challenge us on our thinking. After all,that’s the only way we can grow.Steve RubelSenior Vice President, Director of Insightssteve.rubel@edelman.comJanuary 4, 2010New York, NY

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