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Sur Name Group s

Sur Name Group s



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Published by genealogy1
Search 8,000 surnames in genealogy groups.
Search 8,000 surnames in genealogy groups.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: genealogy1 on Jan 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Surname Group Searchhttp://webspace.webring.com/people/ug/genealogy1/surnamegroups.html=========================================================The Preserving Our Heritage group is no longer accepting members. This group closed in October 2009, whereas the data here was collected in September 2009.For questions concerning this database:genealogynetwork@gmail.comgenealogywebspaces@gmail.com=========================================================AAbbe Genealogy Club 1Abbot(t) Surname and Variants Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAbbotson UK Genealogical ResearchersABBOTT Genealogy Club 1Abbott Ancestor HuntersAbbott California Genealogy ClubABEL/ABLE/BROD/BRODE/BRODT/RINGHOFF/MALESKI/BONDZINSKI Genealogy Research ClubABERNATHY Genealogy Club 1Abernathy Ancestor HuntersAbernathy Surname and variants Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsABERNATHY\, Ella May Surname ForumAbles Genealogy Club 1Abraham/Abrahams California Genealogy ClubAbraham/Abrahams California Genealogy ClubAbsher Ancestor HuntersAchurch Genealogy Club 1Acon California Genealogy ClubActon Ancestor HuntersAcuna-Romero Family Tree Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAdair\, Ader\, Anderson\, Angell\, Bailey\, Beal\, Bernell\, Bertaut\, Bertheaud\, Beutelspacher\, Beverly\, Bieber\, Birchfield\, Black\, Blue\, Burke\, Cambick\, Cave\, Childress\, Clow\, Coonfare\, Cooper\, Cory\, Cram\, Crow\, Curts\, DeFrance\, Dobbi Genealogy Research ClubAdams Ancestor HuntersAdams Genealogy Club 1Adams Genealogy Club 1Adams California Genealogy ClubAdams Genealogy Club 1Adams Genealogy Club 1adams Native American GenealogyAdams\, Calloway\, Cox\, Eldreth\, Fox\, Gentry\, Greer\, Grogan\, Hardin\, Hodges\, Holman\, Houck\, Howell\, Lawrence\, Lewis\, Moore\, Owens\, Parsons\, Ray\, Royal\, Shepherd\, Tracy\, Treadway\, Wilcox\, Wood\, Woodie\, Worley\, Wyatt Genealogy Research Clubadamson UK Genealogical ResearchersAdamson Surname Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsADAY Ancestor HuntersAday Genealogy Network NINGAddison Genealogy Club 1Addison Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsADDY Surname ForumAden Ancestor HuntersADIE Genealogy Club 1Adkinson Ancestor HuntersAdolphson\, Adolfsson\, Aronson\, Holmberg\, Eklund\, Lageson\, Gauthier\, Sipes\, Stinson\, Magnuson\, Quick\, Evenson\ , Rempel\, Ewert\, McClinchy\, Fahey\, Genealogy Research ClubAdshead Genealogy Network NINGadshead Genealogy Research ClubADSHEAD\, John William Surname ForumAffleck Surname Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAgar Family Genealogy Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAGCAOILI Ancestor HuntersAGNEW Australian Genealogy ResearchersAguillard (Pointe Coupee Parish): Aguillard, Major Louisiana Genealogy Blogs
Ahnert Genealogy Club 1Ahrendt Ancestor HuntersAiken Genie AngelsAIRD\, Robert J. Surname ForumAkers Genealogy Club 1Akers Genealogy Club 1akers Ancestor HuntersAKIN Genealogy Club 1Alabama - Florida - North Carolina - Lambeth\, Ray\, Benton\, Donahue\,Holley\, Adams\, Duncan\, Kever\, Dickerson\, Suber\ , Sears\, Arnold\, Williams\, Preserving Our Heritagealbert voiers Louisiana Genealogy BlogsALBERTY Genealogy Club 1Albronda Australian Genealogy ResearchersAlder Genealogy Club 1Alderman Surname Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAlderton Genealogy Network NINGAlexander Ancestor HuntersAlexander Ancestor HuntersAlexander Ancestor HuntersAlexander Ancestor HuntersAlexander Genealogy Club 1Alexander Genealogy Club 1Alexander California Genealogy ClubALEXANDER\, William Surname ForumALEXANDER\, WILLIAM HENRY Surname ForumALHORN\, Charles Surname ForumAll from Bohemia/Czechoslovakia to IL Holik\, Brouk\, Rataj\, Schubert\, Tregler\, Kokoska\, Kokaska\, Zajicek\, Cerny\,Priban\, Rezac\, Hammer. From Lithuania - Urban. From Italy - Fratto Preserving Our HeritageAllain Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAllain,Bourg, Trahan, LeBlanc ,Babin,Daigre, Dittman, Torregrossa, Gautier, Landry , Arbour Daigre,Louis, Lewis Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAllain,Le Blanc,Hebert, Arbour, Daigre, Trahan, Gaudet, Bourg, Brun, Bush, Torregrossa, Dittman Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAllaway Genealogy Network NINGAllee - Allee / Alley Surname Group Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsALLEN Australian Genealogy ResearchersALLEN Genealogy Club 1Allen Genealogy Network NINGAllen Genealogy Network NINGAllen Ancestor HuntersAllen Ancestor HuntersAllen Ancestor HuntersAllen Genealogy Club 1Allen Genealogy Club 1Allen Louisiana Genealogy BlogsALLEN \, Lovina ; father William mother Phoiebe Bartow Surname ForumALLEN or ALLAN Ancestor HuntersALLEN\, David (Captain) Surname ForumAllen\, Emeline Martha Genie AngelsALLEN\, Martha Surname ForumALLEN\, Rachel Surname ForumAllensworth Genealogy Club 1Alley Ancestor HuntersAlley - Allee / Alley Surname Group Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsALLISON Genealogy Club 1Allison Ancestor HuntersAllison Ancestor HuntersAllison Ancestor HuntersAllman - Allman Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAllmen - Allman Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsALLOTT Families Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAllsman\, Hansen Genealogy Research ClubAllyn Ancestor HuntersALMSBAUGH\, Mary Surname ForumAlso researching Louisiana old West Florida Parishes of East Baton Rouge, Livingston, East and West Feliciana surnames of FORBES, DUNN, CARTER, SCOTT, DeARMOND, EVANS, RICKS, BROWN, GAINES, CURRY, PATTERSONANDREWS. Louisiana Genealogy Blogs
also,BLOODWORTH,GIBSON,JORDAN, Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAlston Family Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAlton Ancestor HuntersALTSCHULER Ancestor HuntersALTSCHULER Genealogy Club 1Altschuler Genealogy Network NINGAmber California Genealogy ClubAMBER\, William Surname ForumAmbrose Genealogy Network NINGAMBROSE\, Anastasia Surname ForumAMBROSE\, Thomas Surname ForumAmburgey Ancestor HuntersAmeigh Genealogy Network NINGAmes Ancestor HuntersAmes Ancestor HuntersAmparan Romero Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAmtrim Family Genealogy Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAncalade, Encalade, Hingle, Rodi, Dennis Louisiana Genealogy BlogsANCHOR(S)\, ANKER(S)\, ANCKOR(S) Genealogy Club 1anders Ancestor HuntersAndersen Ancestor HuntersANDERSON Genealogy Club 1ANDERSON Genealogy Club 1Anderson Genealogy Club 1Anderson Genealogy Club 1Anderson Genealogy Network NINGAnderson Ancestor HuntersAnderson Ancestor HuntersAnderson Ancestor HuntersAnderson Ancestor HuntersAnderson, Bollier, Brangato, Clermont, DeSoto, Flores, Gagne, Guerrero,Howell, Lacobee/ Locaviche, Laffitte/ Lafitte/ La Fitte, Latham, Long,Maillieux/ Mayu/ Mayou, Prudhomme, Quinterre, Rambin, Robleau/ Roblo, Smith, St. Denis/ St. Denys, Toups, Vowell, Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAnderson\, Worden Genie AngelsANDERSON\,John Webb Surname ForumANDERSSON Australian Genealogy ResearchersANDERSSON Genealogy Club 1ANDERT Ancestor HuntersANDERT Ancestor HuntersANDERT Genealogy Club 1Andert Genealogy Network NINGANDERT\, ALTSCHULER\, GERARD\, MEKEN Genealogy Research ClubAndrain California Genealogy ClubANDRESS\,Ruluf & Azuba Surname ForumAndrew & Catherine Dixon Louisiana Genealogy BlogsANDREWS Genealogy Club 1Andrews Ancestor HuntersAndrews Genealogy Club 1Andrews Genealogy Club 1Andrus Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAndrus Surname Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAngelle Genie AngelsANNEAR Australian Genealogy ResearchersANNETT Australian Genealogy ResearchersANNETT Australian Genealogy ResearchersANNIS\, JESSE MASLON Surname ForumAnsaldo/Celentano Group Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsAnthony Ancestor HuntersAnton Surname Genealogy Wise Surname GroupsANTONAT (aka Antonaitis\, Anton)\, John (aka Jonas)\, Francesca\, Witant (Joseph)\, Helen\, Feletzia (Florence) Surname ForumApollon Louisiana Genealogy BlogsAPP Genealogy Club 1Appleby Ancestor HuntersAppleby Genealogy Club 1Appleby Genealogy Network NINGAppleton Genie Angels

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