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Oxygen Sensor Simulator_Jumper

Oxygen Sensor Simulator_Jumper

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Published by Brianssrt4

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Published by: Brianssrt4 on Jan 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oxygen Sensor Simulator 
The oxygen sensor simulator as built on a protoboard. Note the cigarette lighter plug used for  power source. The adjustment knob is at the left, and the switch is on the right. The redindicator LED is in the middle. Only use red, because the voltage drop of the LED is part of the circuit!The schematic diagram for the simulator. Closing the switch engages the simulator. Turningthe knob clockwise simulates a lean condition, turns the LED off, and the car should startrunning rich to compensate. The big "V" is a digital voltmeter(not shown in the pictures).Using a smaller value for C1, perhaps 4.7 uF, will make the circuit oscillate faster and might be more like a real oxygen sensor(a new sensor switches more often than an old one).
The adapter cable. Note the connector recycled from an old oxygen sensor. Hard to see under the black tape: 100K resistor.The schematic diagram of the adapter cable and oxygen sensor. Note the heater is shown as aresistor, mine measured about 7 ohms.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:Will you build one of these for me, or sell me the one you built?A:No, I won’t do that. If there is a community college or high school near you with anelectronics class, you should contact the instructor and ask if there are students looking for a small job. This project is simple enough it should not pose a problem.Q:I built the project but I have to fiddle with the knob all the time.A:The car eventually will get too rich or too lean because it isn’t using the oxygen sensor anymore. This is a diagnostic aid, not a long-term replacement for an oxygen sensor. Q:I do racing on the weekends with my street car. Will this project help me tune the car todifferent conditions?A:If you do drag racing, yes. The races are short enough you can set a mixture and it willhold long enough. Each time you start the car it will go to the mixture you set. Other formsof racing take too long, and the mixture will creep towards very rich, you’d have to adjustthe knob while driving. Q:Is this thing legal to use in California on the road or at the track?A:I am not a lawyer, but I would guess it is legal as a diagnostic aid, for emergency use, andfor off-road use. If it’s really important to you, consider it not legal or get a lawyer’sopinion. It is not a computer under NHRA general regulations section 9:1 so it should belegal for drag racing at any track in the US.http://www.bobblick.com/techref/projects/o2sensor/o2sim/o2sim.html
O2 Sensor Bypass
Tired of getting those pesky CELs because you don't have a catalytic converter or your 2nd O2 sensor isfailing?Here are the steps to follow to eliminate the sensor entirely.1.The first part is to eliminate the actual sensor part of the O2 sensor.This is how our circuit will more or less be, note that we won't have the O2 sensor at all anymore.Here's our schematic:2.Take the 1Mohm (that's 1,000,000 ohms) and the 1
F (micro-farad) capacitor and solder the twotogether in parallel.3.Remove the front seat from your car and detach the two O2 sensor harnesses from each other.You want to work on the harness side that is attached to the O2 sensor (it's easiest). Cut all 4 wiresleaving about 2.5-3" of wire. You should now be able to remove the harness piece from the car.4.Strip
" of insulation off of the blue and white wires. Solder your two components onto the blue and white wires.5.Tape/heatshrink everything up and make sure that nothing is shorting against anything else.6.Now we'll eliminate the heater element of the circuit. You'll need a resistor of ~12 Ohms.
Thisheater element flows around 1 Amp of current so you'll need resistors that can dissipate at least 12 Watts of current.
Don't scrimp here as under-rated resistors could set your car on fire.
 7.Strip the two black wires, solder the resistor in between the two wires. Tape/heatshrink everythingwell.8.Plug the harness back into the other ECU side of the harness and put your seat back in.That's it, you're done!
O2 sensor simulator

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