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i6681308General Studies Previous Paper 2005

i6681308General Studies Previous Paper 2005

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Published by pratyo

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Published by: pratyo on Jan 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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According to Census 2001, which one of the following Indian States has themaximum population in India after UttarPradesh?a.
West Bengalb.
Tamil Nadu2.
Itaipu Dam built art the River Parana isone of the largest dams in the world.Which one of the following two countrieshave this as a joint project?a.
Brazil and Perub.
Paraguay and Ecuadorc.
Brazil and Paraguayd.
Colombia and Paraguay3.
Consider the following statements:1.
There are 25 High Courts in India2.
Punjab, Haryana and the' UnionTerritory of Chandigarh have acommon High Court.3.
National Capital Territory of Delhi hasa High Court of its own.Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?a.
2 and 3b.
1 and 2c.
1, 2 and 3d.
3 only4.
Which one of the following cities is not aformer capital of the given country(Country given in the brackets)?a.
Karachi (Pakistan)b.
Auckland (New Zealand)c.
Kyoto Japan)d.
Brisbane (Australia)5.
Consider the following statements:1.
Total land area of Earth isapproximately 1475 lakh squarekilometres.2.
Ratio of land area to water area of Earth is approximately 1 : 4.3.
Maximum percentage of Earth's wateris in the Pacific Ocean.Which of the stateinents given above is/ are correct?a.
1 and 3b.
2 and 3c.
1 onlyd.
3 only6.
Consider the following statements:1.
Kyoto Protocol came into force in theyear 2005.2.
Kyoto Protocol deals primarily withthe depletion of the Ozone layer.3.
Methane as a greenhouse gas is moreharmful than carbon dioxide.Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?a.
1 and 2b.
1 and 3c.
1 onlyd.
3 only7.
Which one of the following pairs is notcorrectly matched?a.
Seikan Rail Tunnel: Chinab.
Petronas Towers: Malaysiac.
Appalachian Trail : United States of Americad.
Rogun Dam : Tajikistan8.
Which one of the following is the correctsequence of the given Continents in thedecreasing order of their percentage of Earth's land?a.
North America - Africa - SouthAmerica – Europeb.
Africa - North America - SouthAmerica – Europec.
North America - Africa - Europe -South Americad.
Africa - North America - Europe -South America9.
Match items in the List - I with List-II andselect the correct answer using the codesgiven below the lists:List-I(Country)A.
C.S.E-Pre 2005
 2 of 17(Name of Parliament)1.
States General3.
Supreme Council4.
SejmCode:A B C Da.
4 1 2 3b.
2 3 4 1c.
4 3 2 1d.
2 1 4 310.
For which one of the following countries,is Spanish not an official language?a.
Republic of Congod.
Who along the following is not a recipientof the Bharat Ratna Award? .a.
Us tad Bismillah Khanb.
Satyajit Rayc.
Lata Mangeshkard.
Raj Kapoor12.
Match List-l with List-II and select thecorrect answer using the codes givenbelow the lists:List-I(National Park/ Wild-life Sanctuary)A.
Sondla Wildlife SanctuaryB.
Kangerghat National Park C.
Orang SanctuaryD.
Ushakothi Wildlife SanctuaryList-II(State)1.
TripuraCode:A B C Da.
2 1 5 3b.
4 3 2 1c.
2 3 5 1d.
4 1 2 313.
Which party was founded by SubhashChandra' Bose in the year 1939 after hebroke away from the Congress?a.
Indian Freedom Partyb.
Azad Hind Faujc.
Revolutionary Frontd.
Forward Block 14.
Who among the following is the Presidentof the FICCI?a.
Sunil Mittalb.
Brijmohan Lal Munjalc.
Onkar S. Kunward.
Vivek Burman15.
Consider the following statements:1.
During the year 2004, India's foreignexchange reserves did not exceed the125 billion US. Dollar mark.2.
The series of index numbers of wholesale prices introduced fromApril, 2000 has the year 1993-94 asbase year.Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?a.
1 onlyb.
2 onlyc.
Both 1 and 2d.
Neither 1 nor 216.
Consider the following statements:1.
Anhydrous sodium carbonate iscommonly known as baking soda.2.
Baking soda is used in fireextinguishers.3.
Bleaching powder is manufactured inHasenclever plant.Which of the statements given above is/arecorrect?a.
1, 2 and 3b.
2 and 3c.
3 onlyd.
1 and 217.
Consider the following statements:1.
A geostationary satellite is at anapproximate height of 10,000 km.2.
FM transmission of music is of verygood quality because the atmosphericor man-made noises which aregenerally frequency variations can dolittle harm.Which of the statements given above is/arecorrect?a.
1 onlyb.
2 onlyc.
Both 1 and 2d.
Neither 1 nor 218.
What is the order of magnitude of electricresistance of the human body (dry)?a.
 3 of 17c.
Consider the following statements:1.
The axis of the earth's magnetic field isinclined at 23½° to the geographic axisof the earth.2.
The earth's magnetic pole in thenorthern hemisphere is located on apeninsula in northern Canada.3.
Earth's magnetic equator passesthrough Thumba in South IndiaWhich of the statements given above is/ are correct?a.
1, 2 and 3b.
2 and 3c.
2 onlyd.
3 only20.
Which one of the following is thelandmark performance of Dr. V. MohanReddy, an Indian born doctor working inU.S.A., during February, 2005?a.
Research on human stem cell which islikely to revolutionise treatment of deadly disease like cancerb.
Successful open heart procedure calledarterial switch performed on an infantc.
Research on genetic engineering whichcan help in treatment of deadly diseaselike AIDSd.
Successful brain surgery to revive thefunction of nearly dead brain of apremature born infant21.
Pneumoconiosis afflicts the workers whowork mainly in:a.
Coal mining industryc.
Glass industry22.
Who among the following was not acontemporary of the other three?a.
Gautama Buddhac.
Consider the following statements:The Government of India Act, 1935provided for1.
the provincial autonomy.2.
the establishment of Federal Court.3.
All India Federation at the centreWhich of the statements given above arecorrect?a.
1 and 2b.
2 and 3c.
1 and 3d.
1, 2 and 324.
Consider the' following statements:1.
Warren Hastings was the firstGovernor General who established aregular police force in India on theBritish pattern.2.
A Supreme Court was established atCalcutta by the Regulating Act, 1773.3.
The Indian Penal Code came intoeffect in the year 1860.Which of the statements given above arecorrect?a.
1 and 2b.
2 and 3c.
1 and 3d.
1, 2 and 325.
Which one of the following is the correctchronological order of the battle fought inIndia in the 18th Century?a.
Battle of Wandiwash - Battle of Buxar- Battle of Ambur - Battle of Plasseyb.
Battle of Ambur - Battle of Plassey -Battle of Wandiwash - Battle of Buxarc.
Battle of Wandiwash - Battle of Plassey - Battle of Ambur - Battle of Buxard.
Battle of Ambur - Battle of Buxar -Battle of Wandiwash - Battle of Plassey26.
Which countries played in the LawnTennis Davis Cup Final in the year 2004?a.
Switzerland and United States of Americab.
Spain and United States of Americac.
Australia and Argentinad.
Sweden and Belgium27.
Where do the Sahariya tribals, who wererecently in the news, live?'a.
Andhra Pradeshb.
Whose autobiography is the book "MyMusic, My Life"?a.
Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharmab.
Ustad Amjad Ali Khanc.
Pandit Ravi Shankard.
Ustad Zakir Hussain29.
Consider the following statements:

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