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Why Terrorist Succeed

Why Terrorist Succeed

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Why Terrorist Succeed
Why Terrorist Succeed

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Published by: Khawaja Naveed Haider on Jan 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why Terrorist Succeed?
 The problem is just that they think that they are one and that is true.When they think about blast, they do it within no time before theythink of wastage of time. But if we look our leader on the other hand,they just think and plan and that takes too much time. That thenbecomes very bad for them as some decision needs to be taken veryquickly. I would like to give the example that would I think explainwhat I want to say. Suppose you want to go for robbery. When you gooutside, you will find the people who are engaged in this thing veryeasily as they always think about their self interest. At the same time,when you go for any good work, no body is going to help you. Same isthe case with the terrorists. They go for bad things and they are givenaids from different sources. Like in Pakistan, people think that Talibanare funded by USA and India. USA and India have self interest indestabilize the economy of Pakistan. Just think for while that on everybomb blast, Pakistani leaders say like soon we’ll catch the person. Butthe people of Pakistan are looking for those person and they don’tknow about how they were treated? People of Pakistan has now theperception that behind any terrorist activity, there’s a hand of Pakistanalso as they are also being funded by the US government. Just wait and think for a while about Iran. US tried very hard tothreaten Iran and put blames on it but Iran still says that come andtalks to me directly on my face. The prime minister of Iran, Mr. AhmediNejad once clearly said in the United Nation that USA is the biggestterrorist of the world. If USA gets out from Afghanistan and Iraq, therecould be higher probability of peace in this world.I would like to refer the statement of Iranian Officials about the US andBritian as a terrorist of the world.http://gawker.com/5384657/iranian-officials-blame-us-and-britain-for-terrorist-attack
Now we would like to talk about leaders in Pakistan. There are threemajor political parties in Pakistan. One of them is Pakistan People Partyand the other one is Muslim League Nawaz Group and in the last thereis Muslim League Quaid-E-Azam. The leaders are as followed:1.Asif Ali Zardari2.Mian Mohammad Nawaz Shari3.Choudhary Shujat Hussain There is a political statement that every leader gives is that we areagainst the terrorism and we’ll soon get those extremists and terroristin front of you. But till the today’s date, we don’t know any of terroristor extremist that they bring in front of the general public. Mr. Asif AliZardari recently signed the Karry Loger Bill in which Black Water isallowed to enter in Pakistan and no one has right to take any legalaction against them. this is what our Leader (in your eyes) is doing

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