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Alice Will Pay

Alice Will Pay

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Published by Abbie
In Breaking Dawn when Alice only packed Bella only skimpy things she told herself that Alice would pay. Did you really think she'd forget?
In Breaking Dawn when Alice only packed Bella only skimpy things she told herself that Alice would pay. Did you really think she'd forget?

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Published by: Abbie on Jan 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alice Will Pay!
I stood on the bottom of the steps waiting for Bella to come downstairs.Edward was keeping her prisoner, I heard a laugh upstairs, and I stuck mytongue out.“Come on! We’re going to be late Bella!” I said while Rosalie rolled her eyes atme. She was lazily flipping through a Seventeen magazine. Bella finallypushed Edward away and bounced down the stairs. Her grace was reallypretty and it didn’t surprise me anymore but I always noticed it. Edward had alittle grin. Ugh, sometimes I really hate when he read my thoughts.She asked “Alice, how can we be late to the mall? It’s always open.” I rolledmy eyes.“Do you not know how many malls I have planned for us today? Do you notwant to get back by Friday?” Before she could grumble, “I’d rather not go atall…” I held up my hand and gave her the look. It had been so long. I hadwanted to take Bella shopping years ago but she was such a newbie shecouldn’t control herself. I don’t mean with humans, she did pretty good withthat. I meant Edward. One second they’d be talking and the next…“Why don’t you take Resnesmee?” Bella pouted.I stamped my foot. “Renesmee doesn’t have the self control you have. Now iyou don’t come with me I will not bring you home. Ever. So get in the car!”Edward went to kiss her but I pulled her hand away and she gave this patheticwave to him with her other hand. I almost threw her at the car but she wouldhave hurt my Porsche more than it would have hurt her.I knew that it was harder for them to separate than it was me and Jasper… Iwas trying to remember that but Renesmee was basically grown up. I
to have at least one shopping time with Bella! She was thinking about runningback in the house to Edward but every single plan was clear in my mind. Evenif it was also clear in Edward’s mind I would fight him for her just for today.She got in the car and so did I. Rosalie slipped in the back seat and Bella wasabout to speak when I put the car in drive and zoomed away. She jerkedforward and Rosalie snickered.Bella said, “I thought you said Rosalie wouldn’t come with you which was whyyou needed me?”Rosalie chimed in, “I wouldn’t. You haven’t even gone once and I’ve had to gofor about a century. It’s not that I mind them but… I couldn’t miss this.”Rosalie’s smile became more pronounced.I sighed and pleaded with Bella, “Come on. Even when you and Edward weredating in high school you wouldn’t let me take you shopping. The only reasonwe had your graduation party was that Edward pleaded with you.”
Bella rolled her eyes, “Remember who planned my wedding?” I stuck mytongue out at her. She still was afraid that I would go off the road. I swivelledand she screamed. Rose and I laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. Bellawould have been blushing but she decided to laugh with us.I had to make sure that I had this experience… The future wasn’t as clear as italways was.When we got to the first mall Bella's mouth dropped open, "... Where are we?"I rolled my eyes and replied, "Minnesota, duh." Rosalie mouthed duh behindme and Bella stuck her tongue out at her. I just started throwing clothes atBella for her to try on. She asked me why she had to come out since I couldalready see her coming out but I couldn't until she decided to come out. Ipouted, Bella was being mean."Come on, Bella, just this last onne!" I pleadedBella replied, "You said that almost 10 outfits ago. No, I'm not putting it on." Ipouted when I heard her phone ring and I heard her say, "Okay, you're inMinnesota? Cool. You know where the huge mall is? You wanna meet in thefood court? Fifteen minutes? Okay."I asked, "Who was that? Jacob or Renesmee?"She replied, "Jacob," with a devious smirk on her face. I don't really knowthough why because she was the one stuck at the mall with me... Shewouldn't be able to get me back here. We had to put all the clothes on therack of "didn't want" (even though we bought most of them there were a fewthat didn't fit). I talked at Bella about how beautiful she looked in one of thedresses and Rosalie was just shaking her head. Bella was smiling andlaughing.When we went to the food court Jacob and the pack was all there. I wasconfused but I had Bella at the mall so I mean... She couldn't do anything...Bella hugged Jacob while Rosalie and him had a stare off.I asked, "So are we here to eat?"Jacob said, "Oh, no. We're here shopping here too. We already ate, so wedon't have to eat at the moment." I thought oh and then Bella ran towards astore that looked okay... I was pulled along and I really didn't like it. I wasstarting to get uncomfortable when we reached inside the store. It was a HotTopic. I thought I would die. All of the outfits were neon colors and they didn'tmatch... The shoes didn't either! And there were these purses and hair stuff that wouldn't match anything EVER! I almost fainted but then Bella said,"Come on, Alice, let's try on some clothes!"Even though I was already dead I officially died then. Bella put on a "Bullet for My Valentine" shirt with a green tu-tu. Jacob had ripped jeans on and a pink

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