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Practical Reiki - Cosmic Healing

Practical Reiki - Cosmic Healing

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Published by T. Manohar Rao
This is the first part of a Book on Reiki. It explains the basics of Reiki, and will be extremely useful to all Reiki masters and practitioners.
This is the first part of a Book on Reiki. It explains the basics of Reiki, and will be extremely useful to all Reiki masters and practitioners.

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Published by: T. Manohar Rao on Jan 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T. Manohar Rao,Reiki Grand Master
T. Manohar Rao
In this modern age people have an erratic way of life and live under tension. By the use of instantrelief methods such as allopathic medicines, their bodies are subjected to more havoc than relief dueto its side effects, which are usually felt some time later. Hence more and more people are rejectingthe mechanised medicines for ancient inner ways of healing, or alternate modes of treatment i.e.Herbs, Homeopathy, Massage, Acupuncture, Flower essence, and Psychic healing. These oftensucceed when modern medical systems fail. Reiki, the Universal Energy system is one such method,which is now universally accepted as a mode of treatment. This is a method available at short noticeand can form a part or whole of any other method of healing sickness and diseases.This small book endeavours to highlight certain important aspects of Reiki, its method of treatment,and its use in various situations. This book incorporates the basis of Reiki, definition, chakras(kundalini), and procedures of offering Reiki, i.e. meditation, shielding, and harmonising the healerwith the patient. It gives an idea to the reader about the method of cosmic healing and removes thenotion that this is a type of hypnotic curing.It is an elementary approach to the Reiki method of healing, and interested readers and practitionerscan learn more about the various aspects by going through the recommended readings given at theend of this book. Of course it is assumed that healers have been properly attuned to Reiki, and knowthe basics of treatment. Reiki will flow only to those initiated into it. But it is hoped that theuninitiated who read the book may be interested in becoming Reiki healers.The physical, psychological and mental symptoms of the subject are manifestations of one and thesame problem or principle, differing only according to the level. Hence it is always important to takethe sum total of the native’s symptoms into consideration while treatment is being given. Healthproblems are not due to a singular cause but a consolidated effect of various causes and symptoms.Hence it is very essential to evolve a holistic treatment combining the various organs and systems.For example a simple headache may be caused by many considerations, i.e. climate, stomach upset,eyesight, tension, etc. Hence treatment of one part may not result in healing. So a combinedtreatment on these reflex parts will be a sure way of combating the headache.These problems have also a meaning from the metaphysical point of view - which are not connectedto any physical cause. Explaining these meanings will help the native to overcome the psychologicaland attitudinal problems to a greater extent, by resorting to remedial measures that are in his ownhands. In this way, Reiki is a holistic method of healing, and heals the cause as well as the effect.A novel feature of this book is the description and details of different diseases, the type of Reikitreatment required, as well as the psychological and metaphysical problems behind the disease. Sincemost of the Reiki practitioners may not be doctors, or have any medical or physiological knowledge,this book presents the various ailments and diseases and the parts and systems of the body that areaffected. Efforts have been made to present the diseases/problems in simple language, with medicaldescription when required. Symptoms, causes, general treatment and diet for each of the diseasesare also given, along with Reiki treatment. Information has been collected from doctors, medical andReiki books and literature, along with material from lessons taught in Reiki seminars.After explaining the symptoms, causes and the organs/systems involved in each problem, the methodof cosmic healing (Reiki treatment) has been given, with instructions on the hand positions to beadopted, and the chakras to be treated and balanced. To assist the Reiki practitioners, general noteson the preparation and care to be taken for Reiki treatment and the general effects the native canenjoy with this divine treatment are also discussed. A short note on the meanings of the variousmetaphysical problems has been given against each problem. The various organs involved in thesecases have also been listed to help the healer and the native to understand the problems fully.
T. Manohar Rao
Further an Appendix showing the various parts, important organs and systems of the body are alsoshown. This will help the healers (who may not have a medical background) to understand and locatethe various organs and the reflex areas mentioned in Section 2 on Reiki treatment.I hope the readers and Reiki practitioners may find this book informative, useful as a handbook, andhelpful in their vocation. May Divine Cosmic Energy be with you, bring you health, wealth andhappiness, and make you a Reiki channel.Suggestions and hints to improve the rendering in this book to widen its scope and application will begratefully accepted.Bangalore
T. Manohar Rao,
 Reiki Master/Teacher 
About the author:
The author Sri T. Manohar Rao, a mechanical engineer, has worked inboth private and public sector undertakings. His nieces introduced him toReiki during his visit to Hyderabad. He has completed all the five degreesin Reiki. He has been practicing Reiki treatments for the past seven yearsand has initiated many persons between the ages production function 7to 65 years, into Reiki. Some of his experiences have been given in theCase Histories. His aim is to provide one Reiki channel in every house, sothat people can develop confidence and live a harmonious life.He is also astrologer and combines astrology with Reiki treatments. Hehas published “Practical Astrology – Casting Horoscopes: Indian andForeign”. Other books on astrology are currently under preparation
All care has been taken to provide authentic information about Reiki origins, practices and use.Detailed account of treatment in Part II, along with description of diseases and physiological detailshave been given based on consultation with eminent doctors, and after referring bona fide books onReiki.Any discrepancies or misinformation may kindly be brought to the notice of the author. Queries andtreatment will be taken up also.The author can be contacted at332 1
Floor, 2
Main, 5
Cross,Chennamanne Kaare, Achukutu,Banshankari III Stage III Phase,Bangalore 560 085IndiaPh: 080-2689 2215

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