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Alternative Healing Dictionary

Alternative Healing Dictionary



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Published by Dr. Jarrel

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Published by: Dr. Jarrel on Jan 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alternative Healing Dictionary
A help for you and me
Sometimes when reading about healing and otheresoteric arts I come across words that I would like toknow what they stand for. I have now tried tocompile a dictionary/glossary that includes differentforms of healing, esoteric words, religions andinformation about the organs in the human body. This is by no means a complete alternative healingdictionary and some of you might even have anobjection to my interpretation of certain words. Feelfree to let me know your views and also if you wouldlike to add a new word.Send me an e-mail.A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZAAbsent healing (distant healing, remote healing): Aform of healing that involves the projection of healing energy over a distance.Acupressure: A treatment that involves the surfacestimulation of acupoints digitally, manually, or withtools held in the hand.Acupuncture: An ancient Chinese medical systemover 5000 years old, recently revived in China andbecoming popular in the West. It deals with subtleenergy flows (chi) in the body related to the cosmicprinciples of Yin and Yang. The balance of theseenergies in the human body affects health and
disease. Acupuncture therapy alters these energyflows by inserting fine needles at key pressurepoints, for varying periods of time. Anesthesia forsurgery can also be effected by acupuncture.Adept: An individual highly experienced andproficient in a particular magical craft ie. an esotericmaster.Adrenal glands: Each kidney has an adrenal glandlocated above it. The adrenal is divided into an innermedulla and an outer cortex . The medullasynthesizes amine hormones. The cortex secretssteroid hormones. Stimulation of the cortex by thenervous system causes the "fight or flight" response.Aikido: Spiritual discipline and self-defense methodthat uses grappling, throws, and non-resistance todebilitate opponents.Alexander Method: A means of integrating one'smental, physical, and spiritual aspects. According toits theory, maintaining alignment of the head, neck,and back leads to optimum overall physicalfunctioning. Fredrick Matthias Alexander concludedthat faulty posture was responsible for diversesymptoms.Amulet: An object charged with personal energiesthrough ritual or meditation, often used to ward off acertain force or person.Angel: A spiritual being, especially in Persian, Jewish,Christian and Islamic theologies, that is commonly
portrayed as being winged and as serving as God'smessengers. The spiritual guide of an individual.Archangel: An angel of high rank.Aromatherapy: Herbal medicine, use of essential oilsfrom plants, flowers, trees and herbs to achievehealth, vitality and rejuvenation of the body, mindand spirit.Astral Plane: A plane parallel to the physical world,traveled through by the astral body duringprojection.Astral Travel: The experience, whether spontaneousor induced, of traveling through the astral realm inthe form of the astral bodyAstrology: An ancient system of divination that usesthe position of the planets, moon and sun in thetwelve Zodiac positions at the moment of one's birthto gain knowledge of the future.Atlantis: A legendary island/continent said to havesunk beneath the ocean. It was located straddlingthe Mid-Atlantic Ridge and was broken up as a resultof continental drift or a major natural disaster. It issupposed to have had a highly advanced civilization.Alternative Medicine: Any form of medicine orhealing other than the type approved by medicaldoctors and hospitals.( A question worth thinking about is why ModernWestern Medicine—which is five hundred years old at

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