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Unknown and human extinction

Unknown and human extinction

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Published by Turchin Alexei

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Turchin Alexei on Jan 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unknown and human extinction(Parapsychology and the end of the world)
Alexei Turchin, Russian Transhumanist Movement To complete the range of topics related to global disastersand non-traditional areas of science that I began in my articles,"UFOs as global risk
"and "Risk from extinct civilizations”, it is necessary to embark onshaky ground of esoteric and try there to catch fish in thetroubled water. (Incidentally, I have not yet covered subject of conspiracy theories about world government and alternativephysics.)Here, I will not attempt to determine the specific mechanisms of hypothetical parapsychological phenomena, nor attempt to proveor disprove the fact of their existence.In religions we have "positive end of the world" - very roughlyspeaking, God comes and takes away with him all the good in thegood kingdom. This may be done in simulations - with the transferof all who was there, in another simulation.Global catastrophe is entirely secular event. Religion canadvocate "for the end of the world", but it is unlikely support the"all-out nuclear war."Ways to save the world with the help of psychic effects There are several practically important parapsychological effects(assume further that they exist objectively, that still need toprove), and each of them can be used to save the world.1.
. It is alleged that there extrasensory perceptionof the future. Obviously, it is interesting to apply it, if notimpossible, to assess the risks of global catastrophe. In thetraditional religion and esoterics such a tendency exists in theform of prophecies. However, the prophecies have a fatalisticnature - it is not clear what to do with them.
More productive would be prediction by intuition. A more precise -the creation of "telepathic observatory”, where a group of specially trained people could have foreseen as the mostdangerous trend in global terms, and specific threats in thecurrent situation (where the terrorists hid)2.
. It is alleged that the simultaneous meditationmillions of people will increase the chances for peace in all theworld. In the solipsistic universe of New Age responsibility isshifting to each individual. He raises his thoughts and selects oneuniverse among many. Thus, the original method of influence - isthe choice of one universe from the Multiverse, where thedisaster not happens. In its pure form is nothing else to do, but just to be as "clean" (but if you be too clean, there would benothing important to you, and then a global catastrophe will be just as beautiful fireworks for you) so that it automaticallychooses the positive universe. In a crude form, this means acorrection of the impending danger by power of prayer (I was tolda few such cases: one woman had a vision that her son wouldbreak skiing. She prayed all night. Then he learned that he reallyterrible fall, but was not hurt.) Examples: in the presence of theBuddha supposedly 50 miles around all became peaceful.Shaman eliminates drought through the drum (which I myself sawin Moscow. The summer was very dry. At the end of the summer Iwent to a concert of African shaman, causing rain. And, indeed,whether the same evening, whether to the next downpour flooded. I interpreted it so that the shaman's drum work only in thepresence of "subject-observer", otherwise in the world in generalthere was no drought.) The second level of influence - is the attainment of enlightenmentand transformation in superbeing, semi-god, establishing yourauthority on the Earth and holding a wise policy. It is easy to seehere the analogy with the theory of Friendly artificial intelligence,and with the age-old fears of the Antichrist.Add also exist an option of coming into contact with friendlyspirits. Something similar happened in the dreams of Nazimystics. But Tibetans didn’t help them. That is: if a superbeingtaking over the world be easy, it would have long done.
Consequently, it or has already occurred, or impossible, orpossible only for I-subject to the solipsistic world. In addition,regardless of the method used to establish power and its nature,is always the problem of "friendlyness" - that is the problem of establishing a system of goals which is people-friendly. The third level of influence is a direct point-impact, such aspsychokinesis, in some dangerous places (missiles), or, especially,to influence other people. For example, the suggestion is someideas of the rulers, or the impact on the crowd. It also includes aremote murder. (Groups in the USSR existed, which focused onthe image of Stalin in order to kill him.) The fourth level of influence is a demonstration of miracles.Miracles are themselves useless like curved spoons of Uri Geller. The proof of the reality of the spiritual world, bringing all becomekinder, and less concerned about the struggle for power on Earth.World peace. Doubtful.It is clear that each level of influence is weaker than the previousone and gives less results.Immediately, we should note that the influence is dangerous anduseless without precognition. That is, the possibility of knowledgeshould anticipate the possibility of action. Just as we usually seefarther into space than we can do the steps - and if not, it isrunning in the dark.In addition, the influence is senseless and dangerous withoutwisdom - that is, knowledge, why and what is worth doing.3.
. Parapsychology also promises access to a speciallevel of intuition and holistic knowledge, which can make the rightdecisions under uncertainty.4.
. You can try to use methods of healing, tried andtested for the treatment of the human body, for healing theplanet. (Reiki). These methods may be necessary for survival in apost-apocalyptic world.5.
. Esoteric Entertainment aka "enlightenment"may be superdrug and divert people from the world. But it may

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