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Grace After Meals

Grace After Meals

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Published by Jewish home

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Published by: Jewish home on Apr 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ii aEW§A zFl£rOd xiW:min§lŸg§M Epi«id oFI¦v z©aiW z` dPx Ep«pFW§ lE Epi«¦R wFgU `¥lOi f` :d¤N«` m¦r zFU£r©l ii liCbd miFa Exn`Ÿi f` :mignU Epi«id Ep«O¦r zFU£r©l ii liCbd:ab«P©A miwi¦t`©M Ep«zi¦aW z` ii d¨aEW :Ex«Ÿvwi dPx§A d¨rnc§A mi¦rxŸGd rx«Gd KW«n `UŸp dŸk¨aE K¥li KFld :eizŸOª l` `UŸp dPx§a `Ÿai `ŸA
Shir ha-ma’alos, beshuv Adonoyes shivas tziyon hayinu ke-cholmim.Az yimalei sechok pinu ul’eshoneinu rinaaz yomru va goyim higdil Adonai la'asos im eileh.Higdil Adonoy la'asos imanu hayinu semeichim.Shuva Adonoy es shivi’seinu ka-afikim ba-negev.Ha-zorim be-dima be-rina yik’tzoru.Haloch yeileich u'vacho nosei meshech ha-zara,bo yavo ve-rina nosei alumosav.
A Song of Ascents. When God brought Zion out of captivity, we were likepeople in a dream. At the time, our mouths were filled with laughter and ourtongues with cries of joy. At the time it was said among the nations, "Godhas done great things for them." God had done great things for us; we werehappy. Let our captivity, God, be a thing of the past, like dried-up streamsin the Negev. Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. The one who weepsas he trails the seed along, will return carrying his sheaves in joyous song.
Grace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After Meals
.Kx¨ap izFAx :onfnd.m¨lFr c©re dY©rn KxŸan ii mW idi :oiaeqnd.m¨lFr c©re dY©rn KxŸan ii mW idi :onfnd Kx¨ap izFAxe op¨Axe opxn zEUx¦A .FNXn Ep§l«©k`W (Epi«d÷`).Epi«ig FaEh§aE FNXn Ep§ l«©k`W (Epi«d÷`) KEx¨A :oiaeqnd .Epi«ig FaEh§aE FNXn Ep§ l«©k`W (Epi«d÷`) KEx¨A :onfnd :FnW KEx¨aE `Ed KEx¨A
Leader: Rabosai nevareich.Others: Yehi sheim Adonai mevorach mei-ata ve-ad olam.Leader: Yehi sheim Adonai mevorach mei-ata ve-ad olam.Bir’eshus, maranan ve-rabanan ve-rabotai, nevareich(If ten men present add: Eloheinu) she-achalnu misheloOthers: Baruch (Eloheinu) she-achalnu mishelo uvi-tuvo chayinu.Leader: Baruch (Eloheinu) she-achalnu mishelo uvi-tuvo chayinu.Baruch hu u’varuch shemo.
Wash the Mayim Acharonim (after-waters).When three or more men have eaten together,one invites the others to join in Grace After Meals:
Psalm 126
Grace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After Meals
 lFrd j¤ l«n Epi«d÷` ii dY` KEx¨A FaEh§A FNªM m¨ lFrd z` oGd mingaE cA oA .FCqg m¨ lFr§ l i¦M xa l¨ l m¤ l ozFp `Ed Ep«¨ l xg `÷ cinY lFcBd FaEh§aE .c¤re m¨ lFr§ l oFfn Ep«¨ l xqgi l`e lFcBd FnW xEa£A  lŸ l qptnE of l` `Ed i¦M oFfn oi¦knE lŸ l aihnE .`A xW` eizFIA lŸ l :lŸMd z` oGd ‡ii dY` KEx¨A Epi«zFa`©l Y§l«gpdW l©r Epi«d÷` ii L§ N dcFp Ep«z`¥vFdW l©re .d¨agxE d¨aFh dCng ux«` mic¨a£r zi¥An Ep«zic§tE mi«x§vn ux«`n Epi«d÷` ii Ep«xU§a¦A Yn«zgW Lzix§A l©re Ep«YcO¦NW LzxFY l©reEp«Y§rcFdW Li«Tg l©reEp«YppFgW cq«ge og miIg l©re cinY Ep«zF` qpx©tnE of dY`W oFfn z© li¦k` l©re :d¨rW l¨k§aE z¥r l¨k§aE mFi l¨k§A
Baruch ata Adonoy, Eloheinu melech ha-olam,ha-zan es ha-olam kulo be-tuvobe-chein be-chesed uve-rachamimhu nosein lechem le-chol basar, ki le-olam chasdo.Uv-tuvo ha-gadol, tamid lo chasar lanuve'al yechsar lanu mazon le-olam va’ed.Ba'avur shemo ha gadolki hu El zan umi-farneis la-kolu-meitiv la-kol u-meichin mazonle-chol beriyosav asher bara.Baruch ata Adonoy, ha-zan es ha-kol.Blessed are you, Lord our God, Sovereign of the world, who provides food for theentire world in His goodness, with grace, kindness and mercy. He supplies bread forall living beings, for His kindness is everlasting. Because of His great goodness, wehave never lacked food, nor will we ever lack it on account of His great name. For Heis God who nourishes and sustains all, and is good to all, and who supplies food forall His creatures which He created. Blessed are You, God, who provides food for all.Nodeh lecha Adonoy Eloheinu al she-hinchalta la-avoseinueretz chemda tovah u-rechava, ve-al she-hotzeisanuAdonoy Eloheinu mei-eretz mitzrayim uf’disanu mi-beis avadim,ve-al beris’cha she-chasamta biv’sareinu,ve-al Toras’cha she-limadetanu,ve-al chukecha she-hodatanu,ve-al chayim chein va-chesed she-chonan’tanu,ve-al achilas mazon sha-ata zan um’farneis osanu tamidbe-chol yom uve-chol eis uve-chol sha'ah.We thank You, Lord our God, for having given an inheritance to our fathers of a lovely,fine and spacious land, and for having brought us out, Lord our God, from Egypt, andfor rescuing us from slavery, and also for Your covenant which You sealed in our flesh,as well as for Your Torah which You taught us, and Your laws of which You told us, andfor the life, grace and kindness that You have granted us, and for the food which Yousupply and provide for us constantly, every day, every season, and at every hour.
Grace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After MealsGrace After Meals
Epi«d÷` ii lŸMd l©reKzF` mi¦kx¨anE K¨l micFn Epg«p` .c¤re lF l cinY ig l¨M i¦A LnW Kx¨Azi Y§kx¥aE Y§r«¨aUe Y§l©k`e aEz¨M©M.K¨l oz«p xW` d¨aŸHd u`d l©r Li«d÷` ii z` :oFfOd l©re ux«`d l©r ii dY` KEx¨A
zi«rW zFn lOd l©re zFrEWYd re zFxEaBd re owRd re miQPd l©r .dxi¦Ad oWEW§A xYq`e i©kCxn ini¦A .dGd onG©A mdd minI©A Epi«zFa`©lmicEdid M z` A lE bŸx l cinW l WA .rWxd ond mdi¥ l£r crM WŸg `Ed xr mipW WŸ l xr dWFlA cg` mFi§A miWpe sh owf c©re x©rpn z` Y§l«w§lwe Fz¨v£r z` Yx«©td mi¦Axd Li«ngx§A dY`e .fFl m¨ l¨ lWE xc` .u¥rd l©r eiA z`e FzF` Elze FW`ŸA FlEnB FN zF«aWde FY§aWgn
On Chanukah, add:On Purim, add:
Vi-al ha-kol Adonoy Eloheinuanachnu modim lach umi-var-echim osachyis’barach shimcha bi-fee kol chai tamid li-olam va-ed.Ka-kasuv, ve-achalta ve-savata u-veirachtaes Adonoy Elohecha al ha-aretz ha-tova asher nasan lach.Baruch ata Adonoy, al ha-aretz vi-al ha-mazon.So for everything, Lord our God, we thank You and bless You -- may Your name beblessed by the mouth of all living beings, constantly and eternally. As it is written:"And you shall eat, and be satisfied, and bless the Lord your God for the goodland that He gave you." Blessed are you, God, for the land and for the food.
On all days, continue:
zi«rW zFn lOd re zFrEWYd re zFxEaBd re owxªRd re miQPd r eiaE i`pFnWg lFcB oM opgFi o¤A Ed«izYn ini¦A .dGd onA mdd minA Epi«zFa l iTgn mxi¦r lE L«zxFY mgi¦MW l l`xUi Lr r rWxd oei zEk§ ln dcrM z` YC m¨aix z` x mzv z¥A m l Yr mi¦Axd Li«ngA dY`e .LpFvx mi`nhE mirn cA mi¦Axe mi Ng cA mixFAB Yqn .mznwp z` Ywp mpiC  lFcB mW zi«r L§ lE L«zxFz iwqFr cA micfe miwiv cA mi¦rWxE mixFdh cA M x`e .dGd mFiM owtE d¨ lFcb rEWY zi«r l`xUi L lE L« lFr§A WFcwe zFx§vA zFxp Ewi«¦ lcde L«WCwn z` Exdhe L«¤ l¨kid z` EP¦tE L«zi¥a xi¦a l Li«a E`«¨A .lFcBd LnW§l l¥ N lE zFcFd§ l EN«` d¨Mpg ini zpFnW Er§awe LWcw

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