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Psychic Self Defence

Psychic Self Defence

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Published by Anurag Chand

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Published by: Anurag Chand on Jan 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psychic Self-Defence
By Dr. Tan Kheng KhooIs there such a thing as an auric or psychic attack? The answer is a definite‘Yes’. The attack is basically at our subtle bodies, the seven auric bodies.These bodies are seen as layers of vibrating energies one on top of the other immediately adjacent to the physical body. We have at least 7 of these subtlebodies. They interpenetrate each other including the physical body. Thephysical is the 8th and is the densest and the slowest in vibration. The nextlayers are the etheric, astral, mental and four more subtler spiritual bodies.Each body is vibrating more rapidly and is larger than the one beneath. Theseauric bodies start to develop from the day we are born. In the first year of our life, they continue to develop and grow until it is fully mature at the age of two.From then onwards, these are our own suits of armour which protect us fromassaults, insults and deliberate attacks from humans, spirits and elementals.These assaults are hurled at our auric bodies, but it is the astral (emotional)body that bears the brunt of the attack. The attack may be deliberate or accidental, and usually ends up with physical, emotional and mentalconsequences. It is mostly the physical effects that tell us that something iswrong, at which time we seek for help.Normally, we are protected by our aura (the entire 7 bodies). We normallyprotect and upkeep our aura with enough sleep, food and exercise, and we tryto limit stress to a minimum. Although some people are more sensitive thanothers, illnesses and loss of material assets or loved ones may damage our auric defence. This lowers our defence, and consequently we become muchmore susceptible to auric attacks. Psychics, mediums and healers are alsomore prone to these attacks. When it comes down to who else is vulnerable,the businessman, the counselor and even the housewife may have to protectthemselves during their daily chores. The businessman because of competition and jealousy; the counsellor or welfare worker because their ‘hungry’ clients suck their energy; and the housewife spends a fair amount of the money in buying goods for the home, and the salesman may use morethan just a sales pitch to sell. Lastly, the ‘holy’ meditating vegetarian is alsomore susceptible than the oily, meat-eating businessman who is activelypursuing money, power and sex.
 An attack can be human or non-human, occult or non-occult, and finally either intentional or accidental.
 Under this category, the attack may be intentional or accidental. In theintentional variety, it can be occult or non-occult. Many of the forms to bedescribed here are of the intentional variety. However, it is the accidental onesthat we hardly know about. For instance, when we scold our children whenthey are naughty, the negative, angry energy we transmit to them could verywell turn into an auric attack. This is not our intention, but nevertheless ithappens. This form of reprimand to our staff and our relatives, especially our spouses, quite often becomes an auric attack. So beware! Then the petty jealousy and envy we cultivate towards our competitors could also end up asan attack.Majority of human auric assaults are non-occult. They include all the abovevarieties of accidental cases. Most of the intentional cases are also not of theoccult type, because there are very few occultists left in our modern,developed societies. However, there are still few occultists left in this field, whowill carry out your wishes for a fee. But majority of the occultists do not practicefor mercenary gains.About 10 years ago, I tried to disentangle a friend from his young mistressduring my meditation. I imagined them enveloped within one ‘sarong’, and I cutthe ‘sarong’ asunder. It was an amateurish attempt, and I end up getting rather ill. The young mistress’s mother had the expertise of occult Siamese charms,and I was no match compared to her prowess.
 Malicious Human Action may be initiated by:
 (a) Hypnotic Telepathic Suggestion(b) Conscious Suggestion and Autosuggestion(c) Reinforcement of the suggestion by invisible agencies like(i) Thought Forms(ii) Artificial elements
(iii) Mental concentration(iv) Ectoplasm(v) Jinni(d) Physical Points of Contact:(e) Magnetic links--- like talisman, wax and wooden dolls, ointments and drugs,and contaminated food.(ii) Possessions of victim’s nail clippings, hair, blood (including menstrual),sperms, urine, stool, metal watches, rings, bracelets etc.In the cases of malicious human action, the first thing to do is to eliminatephysical and mental diseases. Doctors and psychiatrists can rule out neuroticdiseases and insanity. The perpetrator may practice (a) hypnotic telepathicsuggestion if he is very adept at it. However, it is much more efficacious if he (b)consciously suggests to the victim that he is about to aurically attack him.Invisible agencies like thought forms, artificial elements, mental concentration,ectoplasm and Jinni may reinforce these suggestions. Thought forms areconcocted by the occultist and made real by intense mental concentration.This process is repeated until the thought form becomes seemingly solid andmobile to terrorise the victim. This process can be further reinforced by thesorcerer using elemental forms created by the mind with ectoplasm, which canbe ensouled by the creator to have a distinct life of its own. However, this‘creature’ is not everlasting as energy leaks from it, and it will lose its viability indue course.I knew an old Siamese lady occultist who adopted a daughter. This youngdaughter’s parents-in-laws used black magic to viciously attack the daughter inlaw. The hard-boiled egg given to her for breakfast when broken up wouldshow dark blood elements. Many other methods were used. She stayed withthe in-laws, and therefore it is easy for magnetised hairs or nail clippings to beobtained from her. The motive for eliminating her was money. Nevertheless,the old occultist friend of mine was having a battle royal with the in-laws’sorcerers. It was a 24-hour affair. My friend’s instruction to her own realdaughter, with whom she is staying with, was not to open their main door,while she is asleep. This instruction was carried out for months meticulously.However, one morning the daughter decided to just open the door for 15seconds to retrieve a bottle of water just outside her door. This was enoughtime for the enemy to get into the flat while the old lady was asleep. Theassailing force pummelled the old occultist into unconsciousness. The

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