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1 The Field Forces

1 The Field Forces

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Published by Mad_Max_HJ

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Published by: Mad_Max_HJ on Apr 18, 2008
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The Field Forces
[Document Public Domain - Theory]TempicElectricMagneticIf the field forces are studied in reverse then understanding may become evident.Most get to the second and this is where our logic breaks down, and then the wild theories begin.Wilbert Smith identified them for us, and stated all that is in the universe must comply.
This is the three dimensional force and corresponds to a volume in space. It is the shortest range force and field intensity drops off as afunction of distance cubed. Much is already taught about magnetism, however I will now focus on what has not been taught at this point. Thenature of 
field coherence
Field coherence,
is achieved at the Electron shell. When more then one Electron shell of a magnetic material comes into alignment at veryclose distance, then a single coherent field develops in the merging. The center or blotch wall of the field shifts.
The four poles now mergeinto two poles
, and the two atoms share the single magnetic field in a state of field coherence. This causes an expansion of the field muchfurther outwards then normally present without field coherence.Electron contains dual spin, the two spins repel one another, but in the orbital configuration they are not balanced, one is stretched around theatom and the other remains spinning oppositely. We end up with two magnetic fields overlapped and in opposition, one particle and oneorbital, so the field balloons up and expands to the donut we are familiar with. One overpowers the other in this orbital mode, pushing oneinside the other. This make magnets possible. The two opposing flows that are set up between magnets now interact diamagnetically to somedegree because they are always in repulsion of one another. To establish
field coherence
they must merge to the point where both opposingflows are moving through both atoms.A good demonstration is to take a long iron pipe and place a strong neo magnet inside one end. Take a compass down the pipe and watch thepolarity of the field. The magnet will extend its own field to several inches and all the domains in the pipe will take on the
polaralignment over this distance becoming a
part of the one primary field, loosing their individual poles and blotch walls. Now atseveral inches down the pipe one will discover a
reversal of the field
and a new set of poles and blotch wall setting next to the other oneflipped into
. This point along the pipe where the poles flip is one reason the Electrons orbits are regulated by the complexdiamagnetic field which has both attracting and repelling fields present at different distances. Where a small piece of metal is slowly movedaway from a magnet, there is found this magical point of distance where its poles flip and it takes on a separate set of poles from the field itwas inside and its own new blotch wall. The interaction causes the poles to flip into repulsion of the original field and interact with it. This isthe true nature of Electrons setting in orbits of iron atoms.When dealing with a
coherent magnetic field
, it can be treated as a
single unit
or a
quantum field
. As it breaks down it must be treated asindividual interacting fields. Wilbert Smith stated, the point where both fields overlap over half their reality they become coherent, and can betreated as a single field.At this point we realize that a great many explanation of resonance effects at the atomic level or the domain level can be dropped for anunderstand of coherent magnetic fields. What ever effects a part of the field effects the whole field for coherent Electron magnetic fields,which are the only ones emerging from the atom to any practical distance. The Protons magnetic fields are contained inside the atom and donot become coherent. The Protons coherence is with the Torsion fields.
This is the two dimensional force and corresponds to an area in space. Electric potential is stored in capacitors that are large flat plates veryclose to one another, with a dielectric insulator between them. Electric force field density drops off as a function of distance squared, so whileit is a planar type force, its effective reach is further then magnetism. Electric force is not as flexible or cushioned as magnetism, and in orderto establish a
a magnetic field is always necessary. Electrons must move between a capacitor and an inductor, you cannot resonatetwo pure capacitors or two voltages. It is an inflexible force.
Field coherence
in the electric field is the Electron, however since it is in motion at slightly less then light speed there is no purely 2dimensional force ever found standing alone we can call an electric field with no magnetic field present. Electrons can be treated as thoughthey were static charge from the physical perception and in this view we create the electronics found today. Mentally picturing static chargesand charge in motion as the
field. The field of electronics is well established and needs no further discussion other then to point outthat
is not what we have perceived from the physical. Induction and the
diamagnetic fields
involve also Proton and Neutron forceconnections as well to operate, and the
magnetic field
is what operates the atom, together with the electric field in attraction.The field of NMR is beginning to expose us to the Protons magnetic level of understanding.
The physicist is supposed to explain the atomic models based on experimental observations, and yet none presently can explain why light isnot bent by a magnetic field, as magnets fields are bent. If Light were an EM wave having a magnetic component then it should be, howeveronly strong gravity will bend light. In two opposing magnets we see the magnetic field is not only bent to the extreme but reaches out nowfurther in opposition then without opposition, proving that magnetic fields do not cancel but expand along their tempic vector. Light is atempic modulation, Gravity is an electro - tempic one.The nature of the one dimensional force is not well comprehended today. It is related to
light speed
.If observed from the physical it is seen as
, and the zero point of torsion is stillness or zero motion.If viewed as though one were riding a beam of light, then the tempic field is ones true velocity of perception or C.
All atoms are light traveling in small circles
, and this is the nature of the tempic field. It is found in
light speed spin
. Since light speed isnot fixed, the tempic field determines, gravity, time flow rate, light speed velocity, and the forces that connect us all in the backgroundAether. The tempic field is normally a coherent field and connects us all together, forming the Aether. Altering the tempic field effectsgravity, time flow rate, and light speed, it is the
prime force
. As a gradient it is sensed as a torsion field which is normally always coherent inour world but can be altered, and in many of our devices this can be directly sensed.When one pulls on the background Aether to create a gravity field in space, it forms a well or sink in the Aether and alters the light speedconstant, lowering it. The atomic motions of matter are seen to be very slightly slower then light speed of a photon and in the difference of velocity is found the nature of these connecting Aetheric forces.The tempic force is a
field density force. It drops off as a function of distance to the normal background level, and therefore has thegreatest reach of any of the other forces, though is little perceived from the physical and most are unaware of its operation. Its Zero point liesin the Neutrons balance operating to pull all forces to the center of our density. The Zero point of our density is not "Zero" on the consciousside, and allows for density travel by shifting its Zero point.
Torsion is coupled through matter at the Proton shell
and at this level it becomes a
coherent field
.Torsion is coupled and transferred
through a magnetic field
. This can be seen from holding a magnet near a spinning copper cylinder, andthen holding a nonmagnetic bolt near the same spinning cylinder. There is no other path present within the atom to transfer nuclear torsionbut the Protons magnetic field. It is present in all matter and why each element has a unique NMR signature.The Main Torsion center on the atom is the nucleus, and if there were no magnetic coupling between the nucleus of atoms then the torsionfield would collapse and matter would not be coupled into the local time flow rate, it would disconnect from all outside references. Thiscreates a different possible time sheer effect where a craft my disconnect from gravity and the local torsion field. This can be done bybreaking the torsion link at any point, but inside the atoms torsion must disconnect between Proton and Electron shells. In a diamagneticliquid it may happen between molecules. Or it may be done psychicly as with party levitation at the conscious level of the diamagnetic field.
The mirror symmetry of Light:
Forces viewed from the physical reference appear to interact opposite as they do if viewed from the perception that we are the light or ridingthe light beam of the field force. This is from the Spiritual perception.An example is two magnets placed into opposition. Where we would expect opposing forces to cancel, in the physical we see two magnetsmove together and stop one another when the equal force of repulsion and compression is achieved on the physical perception side. Howeverthe actual interaction creates an expansion of the field on the invisible side, setting between them along each ones tempic spin motions. Thetempic vectors representing only two of their volume expand, rather then canceling at the level of their field force. The invisible magneticforces do not cancel but increase in volume of two dimensions while compressing the third. The three dimensional force is not lost onlyshifted into another tempic vector component of its field in space. The field balloons outwards increasing its physical reach in space. Either
space is now altered or the velocity of the magnetic field. If we reduce this to tempic vector interactions we discover that in the magneticfield, opposing spin vectors cause an expansion rather then a reduction of their physical dimensions. Since the same energy is now reachingfurther, one must become aware of the possibility that the fields velocity may now be higher.When observing the
tempic field
, the same is true, only the elastic shifting between dimensions is lost. If we place two oppositely spinninggyros near enough to exchange torsion, the field interaction between them increases the light speed constant of the tempic field expandingtime itself. Time flow rate is altered in the upwards direction. The nature of the one dimensional force as perceived from the light perceptionside. If we now add a 90 degree torque to the axle of the oppositely spinning gyros they begin to exchange Tempic fields at a greater fieldintensity and the interaction becomes stronger. The Torsion fields expands the light speed constant operating between them. This forcespreads out as a function of linear distance to form a well in Space against the background field of 3rd density. This is the model of 
and can be applied either at the device level or at the atomic level in the atoms of the AG materials.
The Model of Light:
Light or a
was intuitively discovered in the Creation document, however now it becomes more obvious. Light is not ElectroMagnetic as we are familiar with it. It is a
vibration or loop which has no
field until it hits an atom able toabsorb it into its electron shell adding back the EM components of its wave. Light is not bent by a magnetic field or an electric field becauseit does not have one in itself to be interactive with, it is only bent in a gravity field where we see stars bending the light from objects passingbehind them. It is the smallest pure tempic field vibration we normally encounter. Much like the torsion waves we see Protons emitting in thescalar coils, they can not be measured or detected using EM sensitive equipment, until they hit a system designed to move the energy back into the normal EM fields.
Light does not loose energy as it propagates
, the value of Planks constant shows us that it is a quantum energypacket that does not experience any loss as it travels. Torsion waves also exhibit this quality.Light can be polarized, it only fits one direction through a narrow slit smaller then its wavelength. It is a flat loop traveling along its edge.This is the same model for tempic waves or torsion fields. The longitudinal wave is moving through the tempic field not the EM fields, animportant distinction.Light becomes an interference pattern only after it interacts, study the two slit experiment to see how this operates. Light is operating insidethe one dimensional force at its most basic level of primary spin. It is an alteration of its velocity back and forth as it moves through space.Wilbert Smith got the answer to, what is light?, "It simply is". It is the first possible vibration operating on the prime force of nature thetempic field. Thus the torsion field is also this type of manifestation, completely void of EM. This is why scalar waves may pass right throughsolid objects such a Faraday cages, if these waves are not responsive to the wavelengths of the matter.The tempic field receiver. Two coils placed in quadrature will rebuild the electric component of a torsion wave. Only after the Electric field isreestablished will a magnetic field form, from its movement, and we discover all sit at 90 degrees to one another.

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