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Muslim Christian Dialogue

Muslim Christian Dialogue

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Published by saadkaf
The discussions were polite,pleasant, friendly, and constructive without the slightest intention of hurting the religious feeling of any Christian It is provocative, and a challenge to Christianity. It is indispensable for those looking for the truth
The discussions were polite,pleasant, friendly, and constructive without the slightest intention of hurting the religious feeling of any Christian It is provocative, and a challenge to Christianity. It is indispensable for those looking for the truth

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Published by: saadkaf on Jan 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Peace and salutations be on all the Prophets.(Adam, Noah, Jacob, Ismail, Isaac, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus,and others, and the last and final prophet, Prophet Muhammed (Pbut).
FOREWARD.The Qur’an in chapter 16, verse 125 exhorts the Muslims:“Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and fairexhortation, and reason with them in the best way. Lo! ThyLord is best aware of him who strays from His way, and He isbest aware of those who go aright.”
This book has been written as the result of dialogues I had withChristian clergy as well as laity. The discussions were polite,pleasant, friendly, and constructive without the slightestintention of hurting the religious feeling of any Christian. It isprovocative, and a challenge to Christianity. It is indispensablefor those looking for the truth and those studying ComparativeReligion.As religion is a contentious issue, it would perhaps beappropriate to ask people of all faiths to put aside their dogmaticbeliefs and consider this book with an open mind, withoutprejudice.An earnest appeal is made to Muslims to buy extra copies, and togift them to non-muslim friends, colleagues and neighbours, sothat they can also benefit from this “Dialogue”. This injunction isin the Qur’an: chapter 103 that we have to
exhort towards thetruth
I pray that God, Most Gracious, accepts this humble effort, tomake our Christian brethren to at
least study the Qur’an afterreading this book
. To accept or reject the message of Islam is anindividual decision, as is stated in the QUR’AN time and again
ie: “There is no compulsion in religion.” 
Then whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve.” 
 Individually we will have to stand before the SOVEREIGNLORD on the Day of Judgment to answer for our own belief anddeeds.Anybody interested in comparative religion will find in thisbook many surprises that challenge what many once believed tobe absolute truths.
.As a result of his study of Christianity, and the Bible over a four-year period, Dr. Baagil, a dedicated Muslim, learned not onlythat Christians differ in their basic beliefs (Trinity, Divinity of Jesus, etc.), but they are also not aware that
Church doctrinecontradicts the Bible numerous times and that the Bible evencontradicts itself
! His conversations with Christian clergy andlaity during this period of study have provided the impetus forthis publication
“Christian-Muslim Dialogue
”.The reader will be surprised to learn that in the Bible, Jesus(pbuh) never claimed to be God, that Jesus never died on thecross; that the miracles performed by Jesus were also performedby many other prophets, and even by disbelievers; and that Jesushimself prophesied the advent of the Prophet Muhammed(pbut). All of this plus much more is detailed from clear concisepassages of Bible scripture. The
questions that obviously
must beraised after witnessing such clear contradictions are:
 Is the Bible God’s Word as it stands today
? The effort here byDr. Baagil is to ask the intelligent followers of Jesus (pbuh) tostart looking into the authenticity of the Bible as it is printedtoday, and to read this booklet with an open mind. The intentionin writing this book is to point out the false charges,misrepresentations and outright lies against God and HisProphets. These are grave sins and a mockery to God as well asto the pure chosen souls, (the Prophets of God) which is a mostodious thing.We are living at a time when Science and Technology reignsupreme, and the human mind has been freed from the shacklesof superstition and unscientific beliefs. The worshipping of idols(graven images) has also largely been abandoned and eradicatedthroughout the world. The realization has dawned on theintelligent people of the world that idol worship cannot benefitor harm in the least. The goal is to eradicate the worshipping ofidols and false gods as every Prophet taught the worship of ONETRUE GOD alone
. Even in the Hindu scriptures it clearly statesthe following:
There is no image of HIM! HE is bodiless andpure!” (Yujurved. Chapter: 32-3. & 40:8). Further in theUpanishads chapter 6:2:1 & Chapter 4:19 it clearly states:“There is no likeness of HIM, & HE is ONE only, without asecond.” The responsibility now rests on the Hindu Pundits topreach this truth to their flocks, and to inform them that idolworship is forbidden in their own religious Scriptures. ThePundits will be held responsible if they fail in this duty anddid not convey the message.
MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN DIALOGUE also makes clear the Islamicviewpoint in these matters, and shows how the Qur’an, revealedto the Prophet Muhammed some 600 years after Jesus, (pbut)

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