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nca self assessmentCollege

nca self assessmentCollege

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Published by: antiochpapers on Apr 18, 2008
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Antioch College
A Campus Self-Study1852-2002
150 Years of Innovation in the Liberal Arts
Prepared for The Higher Learning Commission of theNorth Central AssociationReaccreditation VisitSummer 2002
liberal arts education is an academic course of study that is intended to offer students a generalknowledge of the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. It emphasizes the development of intellectual skills and enables students to take courses in a number of disciplines. Students develop anunderstanding of their particular area of interest only after gaining a broader understanding of how allthese areas compliment each other.There are eight main features that distinguish an Antioch education: an interdisciplinary education; flexiblegeneral education requirements; a required cross-cultural experience; oral language proficiency in a secondlanguage; the opportunity for a global education; a tripartite education; and a senior seminar that requiresstudents to develop a senior project that will propel them into the field of their choice.Antioch’s distinctive vision of a liberal arts education is realized in three interrelated education arenas: theacademic curriculum, the cooperative education program, and the campus community structure.The general education program provides students with a broad-based education in the liberal arts andsciences. It is a flexible program, requiring students to complete six courses from the eight majors offered,one of which must include either Physical Sciences or Environmental and Biological Sciences. With thepossible exception of those students specializing in education or sciences, there is ample opportunity totake elective courses beyond those that fulfill general education or major requirements.The cooperative education program, alternating terms of study and work, provides life and workexperiences that develop independence, confidence, self-motivation, and enhances classroom knowledge.Learning through experience is valued at Antioch. The campus community structure offers studentssignificant responsibility for the social, cultural, financial, and policy issues that govern college life.Antioch students are expected to reach beyond conventional learning and receive a global education.There are numerous opportunities to work and study abroad. Antioch Education Abroad takes students toIndia, Japan, Europe, West Africa, and Brazil. The cross-cultural experience places the student in anenvironment where learning is accomplished through active interaction with a different culture, either within the United States or abroad. In addition to this, Antioch students are expected to be orallyproficient in a second language. This ability allows students and graduates to interact effectively andresponsibly in the world, to sharpen their values and life philosophies, and to understand the experiencesand cultures of others.Our students interact with their professors on a personal and individual basis. Classes are generally smalland interactive and students receive narrative evaluations rather than grades. These evaluations address thestrengths and weaknesses of each student in the hopes of offering them ways to continue to improve their own work and enhance their learning environment in the future.An Antioch education culminates in the production of a senior project. Graduating seniors work closelywith their faculty advisor and peers in their chosen field during senior seminars to pull together a body of work on a topic within the student’s major. Antioch focuses on helping their students become problemsolvers while maintaining a global and cross-cultural perspective. After graduating, students are able topursue graduate education or enter the field of their choice armed with an education that has helped themto think critically and read and write analytically.

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