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Using Wikis

Using Wikis

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Published by breilly

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Published by: breilly on Apr 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Teams LX 
is a Blackboard plugin which is available on the UC Riverside installation of Blackboard. Itallows you to create a wiki as part of your Blackboard course. A wiki is a simple tool for creating web content. You can in-clude text, links to websites or other wiki pages and imagesin a wiki, as well as comments. One of the unique features ofwikis is that they can be edited by more than one person, andthey keep a record of edits. This makes them a good tool forcollaborative projects. Wikipedia is a well known example ofa wiki. The Teams LX wikis can be created for use by individ-ual students, for student work groups and for the entire classand instructor.The course wiki, which can be used by the instructor and students (depending on how it is config-ured), is available through the
. Under
Course Tools
, click on
Configure Wiki Tool
. You can set the op-tions for whether or not students cancreate entries or comment on the coursewiki. I’m not sure why an instructor wouldcreate a wiki and not give students ac-cess to it, but that is an option. If you addthe course wiki to the
Course Menu
andit will be quickly accessible to everyone inthe course.If you have students do research online, they could each create a page in the course wiki to reporton what they find. You might specify what kinds of content they should include in their page -- a linkto an external website, an image, etc.
How To: Set up and use a wiki - Instructor
Course wiki configuration in the Control Panel.
How To: Set up and use a wiki - Instructor
In a course content area --
-- click on
(upper right) and then choose
inthe tool menu at the upper right part of thescreen. Click 
to add the wiki.
1. Add the wiki
Add the name of the wiki and provide a descrip-tion of how it will be used.
2. Fill in the wiki form
Select the student group or individual studentswho will create pages in the wiki.
3. Access
How To: Set up and use a wiki - Instructor
Decide when the wiki is available for use and whocan comment on it.
4. Choose your options
If the wiki entries will be graded, you can assign aname, category and the number of points to thewiki assignment. If you don’t plan to grade thewiki, leave this unchecked.
5. Add to Gradebook
Click OK twice to save your settings for the wiki.You can come back later and modify them if nec-essary. The wiki should show up in the coursecontent area where you created it. Click 
 to enter the wiki.
6. Save

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